Novel Name : I Met the Male Lead in Prison

I Met the Male Lead in Prison - Chapter 71

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Chapter 71 – Guests are coming to the prison (4)         
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After meeting Lenag, I came out to inhale some fresh air and have some time to think alone. At the same time, I tried to get information from the guard attending to me, but I didn’t get that much.
So I ended up thinking that I should just spend my remaining time like this in peace and tranquility. However, I decided to end my time enjoying the garden and go inside, as suggested by the guard.
Back in the lounge, there were a few aristocratic prisoners who took a rest. Among them, Baron Paladis, one of my closest friends, found me and waved his hand.
“Iana, here!”
I had no reason to ignore him, so I walked towards them and joined the group. The group included Baron and Sally, as well as female prisoners whom I had spoken several times.
“Where have you been?”
“Long time no see, Miss Iana.”
“I found you, Iana!”
“Oh, yes, yes. Where have I been? On my bed? Hello, Miss Roana. Hello, Sally!”
One of the people who greeted me with a wave was from a fancy priestly quarter. Her face didn’t ring a bell even when we’re wearing the same striped clothes.
I roamed my sight in the area, and a strange excitement was evident in every face that I looked at–like a child before a picnic.
Not only I nor the flock I’m with, but the entire lounge was strangely scattered.
I tilted my head.
I remember seeing this exciting crowd last time, but at that time, it was because of the shocking news about the bombing of the Bunton Art Museum and the suspicion that Chaser was the culprit.
“Well, I feel like everyone was a bit excited today. What’s the matter?”
“That’s right, of course. Oh, my Iana. I told you about it before. Did you already forget about it?”
“Oh, did you?” What I only remember was that I was lost in thoughts and lost track of what others said at that time.
I sneaked a smile so that they won’t hate me.
“Oh, my God, where the hell did your mind wander to?”
“It’s been two days since she became like this. An absent-minded woman.”
“That’s true. Well, anyway, the special visiting day is coming soon.”
“Visiting day?”
“Yes, that would be the day after tomorrow! For three days!”
Instead of asking them, I shrieked. There was something I remembered.
“A three-day event in prison that happens once a year! That’s the day when a noble prisoner was allowed to have tea time and have visitors.”
“But it’s hard to dress elegantly.”
“A simple cloak or robe is allowed, but what about you, Iana?”
Come to think of it, I’ve heard of this before because it wasn’t long since I opened my eyes in this world. At that time, this guy, Baron, explained it to me excitedly then.
Only in Kambrakam, a noble prisoner was allowed to have a large-scale visit once a year, allowing them to act like free nobles for a day.
As seen in a drama’s cell visitation, it was not like having a meeting with a hole between them or a telephone for conversations. It was a great pleasure for noble prisoners to be given privileges like that.
I think it’s been a while since I heard this, but how long has it been? Even though there was such a big event like this, I was surprised to learn something this outrageous.
In the meantime, I’ve been losing my mind. Then I blinked.
Wait a minute. Wait a minute. Does it start the day after tomorrow?
So that means the Archduke of Hel and my brother wouldn’t just meet each other like that?
I felt a little relieved.
I felt sorry for my brother for whatever he might go through for visiting me. Still, I thought it was also a good thing since Archduke Harnim wouldn’t bother visiting Ricdorian and engage him in his brutal acts as lots of people would surround him and this prison.
So that’s a blessing in disguise, right?
“Mister, people are coming all the way through the event, right? Would there be a huge crowd?”
“Oh, not really. I only know that after a brief event on the first day within the prison, guests are allowed on the second day. And on the third day, another special event will be held.”
“Like the teatime you told me about?”
“Yes, it’s a time that only prisoners enjoy”
I pondered about it for a while. This indicated that the day when Harnim and the people coming for the event won’t overlap.
What? No, that’s not good.
At least it would be easy to think of a method since it would be a crowded day. But suddenly I had a different idea.
The Hel family visited Ricdorian’s cell at regular intervals. So every time he visited Ricdorian must have been of benefit to the Archduke. So right now, what I should do was to think on the same boat as him.
The original visitation period was adjusted because of the three-day event. The fact that Kambrakam will become crowded as it would be opened to the outside world would mean that it would be difficult for the Archduke to visit Ricdorian. And therefore, he was planning to visit him on the day when there was a private event.
I slowly measured the intentions of Archduke Harnim.
He doesn’t want to stand out, and if he can’t see Ricdorian inside his cell for a period of time, he’ll probably go back without making a scene.
And in order for Archduke Harnim to miss Ricdorian on the day of his visit, I’ll visit Ricdorian’s cell first. Until then, Ricdorian will be safe.
And, why don’t I try hiding Ricdorian during this three day event?
Is that possible? But it would be too obvious.
Of course, this may be considered deceit, but he did not wholly escape. Let’s just say he disappeared for a while.
Right. I admitted that there was a limit to what I could do. And this was the only way I could help Ricdorian.
Wouldn’t it be better if he won’t be maltreated for a while? Also, it would be nice if Jair would find an answer to his abnormal growth pattern during this period of time.
That’s why I have to meet Jair as soon as possible…
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