Novel Name : I Met the Male Lead in Prison

I Met the Male Lead in Prison - Chapter 72

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Chapter 72 – Guests are coming to the prison (5)         
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While I was busy dealing with my tumultuous thoughts, the conversation between Baron and the group had begun to drift elsewhere. Just before I had entered the room, they were already holding a newspaper and talking amongst each other about the upcoming event.
I wasn’t certain what they were really talking about, but I could deduce it somewhat through what they were currently saying.
“Didn’t I tell you? It’s going to be a battle of roses.”
“Do you think the Archduke-”, I was certain they meant Chaser’s father, “-would be so easily fooled in such an obvious scheme?”
“Well, if that was really the case behind that incident, then I’d be willing to bet my name on it.” snorted the other.
I turned away from them, glancing around me when I spotted Sally. In her hands was a newspaper, and on it was a picture, which Baron was pointing at, his index finger rubbing harshly against the flat plane.
Staring at it rather intently, I could see it was a strange design of two giant roses. On closer inspection, it wasn’t just a picture, but rather a painting. It’s elaborate design was clearly visible, not just on its brush strokes, but their patterns as well.
“It’s a rose.” I remarked softly, drawing their attention to my presence.
“Oh, Iana.” Baron looked down to where I had my gaze on and nodded, “Ah yes, indeed it is. It pertains to the empire’s infamous five roses. I reckon the other countries are envious of our pride and glorious legends, seeing as it’s still well-known and well established even to this day.”
He gave me a rather knowing look.
“Even you’ve heard of it of course.” he added.
“Why of course.” I quickly responded, feigning my knowledge, when in fact I barely have any clue to what they were talking about. I knew what they meant, but not much of it. So I merely smiled, and tried to act cool and composed as possible, to conceal the fact that I was all but a novice to the inner workings of this entire empire.
But despite that, I find myself greatly drawn to these roses.
“In fact, I don’t mind hearing the stories from time to time.” I prompted, giving them a charming smile, hoping they’d tell me more on what these roses actually were.
“Oho, so you just love listening to stories then?” Mr. Paladis piped up, seemingly excited about the prospect of speaking. It didn’t matter what the topic was, he’d love to talk your ear off just about anything and everything he knew about.
Although many times he would be mistaken as swindling someone inside this prison. He just carries that certain charm and habit whenever he talks, like a charmer.
But aside from his charming tongue, Mr. Paladis was a mastermind. His success in many fraudulent exploits can be mostly attributed to his meticulous planning, just before he would lure them into his perfectly woven trap. The added silver tongue was just a bonus.
“Three things make this empire a cut above the other countries,” he began the story…
“The first was known as ‘The Imperial Palace of the Sun.’ The first of the legendary inventor’s greatest of masterpieces. The second came in the form of a prison, named the Kambrakam. It has been built since ancient times, and has remained standing even over a thousand of years. And the last, but certainly not the least, are special people, with special powers, dubbed as Roses.” Baron straightened up, flashing me with a lenient smile while he recounted the story for me.
“There’s a famous legend regarding these Roses, the five gates of the Empire, and what abilities these five great families have.” Baron explained.
“That’s right.” the other piped up.
I know that if I had a special ability, I would know it from this story, because I had a feeling it was related to what I’ve read about the contents of the book. After all, even the curse of Ricdorian was another special ability that has been passed down from one to another.
“Though despite there being five families, only three are left. One is already gone, while the other has gone missing. But the most notable of them were the Red and the Black roses.”
“You mean the Hel and the Domulit?” Sally interrupted, with a curious tone. She too already knew the story, but she still seemed rather interested to hear the story despite the numerous repetitions.
I’ve heard of the saying that the expression on a person’s face changes in the event they become ecstatic, and with the added information that there was an upcoming event seemed to have contributed to such a feeling.
“Correct!” Baron praised her, “Though the Domulit especially. They’re rather well-known for the worst ability amongst the families, explosion.”
“Isn’t the Hel family, who have a long-standing rivalry against them, embody the talent for justice?” I asked.
Odd, I thought as I tried to hide my amusement. I had known what Ricdorian’s ability was, just as well as I knew Chaser’s, but I don’t think they knew for sure what they really are.
But the red rose…
The more I thought of it, the more I was convinced that the symbol of the door lies with them. Additionally, the more I thought Ricdorian out of place amongst them. He didn’t seem like a red rose.
No, I would have thought him something like white. A striking contrast to the passion of red.
“…meanwhile the rest is left to the Yellow Rose, the symbol of equality, and neutrality. Famously known as the Lenag Tuge Valtege, the Marquess.” Baron continued, as he locked eyes with me,
“The one managing this prison.”
Lenag was what? It’s the first I’ve heard of it.
I resumed to listen in earnest to the legend once more, committing to memory every detail behind each of the families. For some reason, I found it important to remember even the littlest of information.
“Though to be honest, I’m rather curious more about the white rose.” Sally interrupted midway, “They’re a rather infamous bunch for a long time now, until they suddenly vanished. I’m not sure if the other families knew, but they were quite well-known throughout the empire for their ability.”
“Ah, you mean their ability to heal?” Baron asked, his voice taking a rather somber tone, “Up until a few centuries ago, they were revered as something akin to saints. The White Rose were greatly wise, and virtuous in nature.”
It gave me pause as I heard that. Healing, huh? It reminded me of someone.
Francia El Rosenia.
The heroine of the book.
“Rosenia…” I muttered softly, “Didn’t they say that the bloodline was no more?”
“Yes, that is true, even the Emperor was greatly intrigued by such travesty.”
Gone. But that wasn’t really a surprise, after all, that’s how the story was supposed to go. It’s just like I’ve already thought before…
No matter how great the story seemed to be in the beginning, thirty seconds in the story, I could already see the many plot holes due to the many settings incorporated in the story. After all, it was only halfway across the book did the heroine, whom I first thought was a normal person, did have the ability to heal.
She was soon discovered to be a saint even! It certainly made my body tingle and give in to the urge to scream. At that point I had thought it to be quite an unexpected twist in the story, but now…
It wasn’t that unlikely after all.
“Well, speaking of an ability that disappeared, I can only think of the blue color that was already forgotten.”
“That’s it, it’s the name that’s gone to the back of history.”
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