Novel Name : I Met the Male Lead in Prison

I Met the Male Lead in Prison - Chapter 74

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Chapter 74 – I missed you (1)
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Brother. It was my brother.
It was the one word that made me want to bleach my hair all over, or even rip it out of my head. For a moment I hesitated.
I must’ve misheard. Surely I didn’t hear right…
But the more I struggled, the more it became clear that I had been correct.
But brother?
This was my brother?
I could feel the tip of my fingers beginning to shake at the thought. I could hear my heartbeat echoing in my eardrums.
Why is he here? Is he really? Or am I only dreaming he was?
It was confusing, drowning even, my head felt like it was spinning around in circles. But I also knew there could only be one person who would call me in such a manner…
So sweetly…
So affectionately…
It was him, truly, my brother.
No one else could tell me otherwise, for I have read the letters.
My chest tightened up, my finger began to numb. I know why I’m so nervous to see him.
For while I stayed inside the prison, I had been acting with my own volition. What I wanted, I’d do, what I wished, I’d ask. No questions were asked, no refusals were made…
Simply because I knew I was with the people who didn’t know the real Iana. But now, there was such a person here with me…
What would happen to me now that this person could tell me apart from the real one?
I swallowed the lump in my throat involuntarily. Cold sweat forming on my temples.
“Surprised?” he asked, slow and cautious. I could feel my breath begin to shudder, as my eyes darted nervously around beneath my eyelids.
The only silver lining I could see in this situation was that he was behind me right now, and could not see my expression becoming so unhinged, which included my nervous swallowing.
Time kept ticking the more I could not voice out my reply, and I eventually opened my mouth…
“Th-that… uh…”
I couldn’t form the words. I didn’t know what to say.
His sudden presence rendered me speechless that I couldn’t summon an answer. Before I knew it, I could feel a warm breath hit my ear as he spoke once more…
I could imagine he had to dip his head to have spoken right next to my ear. Just thinking about his proximity made me want to shrink into myself, even as I felt my voice get caught in my throat.
“Iana.” he spoke once more. His voice sounded so smooth, so cool, his tone deep and beautiful. It was so sweet, I could feel the sound sending tingles in my ears.
“Are we on speaking terms now, Iana?”
My skin ran cold, I could feel the new chill run up my spine when he asked me that.
“Say, can we talk?” he prodded.
Never in my entire life had I heard such a voice. It was a first for me to hear such a smooth tone, so soft, I could feel myself melting the more I listened, never mind what he was actually saying. I could lose myself just listening to the sound.
Fortunately I finally managed to regain my senses.
Speaking terms? I thought in confusion. What are you talking about?
“To be honest, I didn’t think you’d come, especially since you knew I’ve been looking for you.”
As the silence continued, I suddenly remembered what Lenag had said.
&#lt;Your brother came here.&#gt;
My brother came to Kambrakam to see me.
However, we haven’t met with each other sooner because of an urgent matter. At that time, I felt dispirited about it, but when I saw the bouquet left by my brother, the morose mood I had was soon gone, replaced by embarrassment.
But currently, I was keenly aware of the warm body right behind me, cementing the fact that this person, right here with me now was no longer just a person I would meet in the form of words on paper.
It never felt so real as it did now.
“I hadn’t seen your face in so long,” he continued as I tried to deduce further what he was getting at. Did this mean they haven’t been in contact for so long? “You also mentioned you wouldn’t talk to me again.” he added
It wasn’t much, and didn’t seem like something I should be concerned about. However, it was at this time I felt his breath brush against my ear again.
“I feared I’d never hear your voice again.”
I could feel myself melting once more at the sound of his voice. It was just too irresistible. What’s more was that his fingers kept brushing up against my cheeks gently, caressing them from time to time.
It’s just as they said. Take away one sense, and the other senses heighten for compensation. As he took away my sight, I couldn’t see him, but the combination of his honey-like voice, and smooth caress, it felt a lot more intimate.
Like I was being doused with cold water that gently ran down my skin.
It felt like the bow was being strung tighter, but no, wait, let’s go back just a bit. What did he just say? Ah, yes…
The former Iana had said she’d never speak to him again. And though it could be interpreted in a number of ways, there was one being most probable. Iana and her brother had a falling out, and it did not end well between them.
But when did this happen? What was the argument about? Was it light? Was it drama heavy? That, I don’t know.
“Especially since you entered this place for my sake.”
Maybe it was Iana that was at fault, it would explain why Iana was in prison.
While I was busy thinking about that, I felt his hand grab mine, like a crocodile snapping up its prey. I felt him bring my hand up, lifting it slowly…
What is he doing?
It might be presumptuous of me, but I could feel him smiling. He then draped my hand over my shoulder, the touch moving to the back of my hand…
“I missed you so much.”
I was startled. It was very weird, so confusing.
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