Novel Name : I Met the Male Lead in Prison

I Met the Male Lead in Prison - Chapter 77

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Chapter 77 – A new hint about the family has been added  (2)
Translator: SKAIS Editor: Dict Groiler
“Well of course, I couldn’t take care of my skin the way I used to outside prison, so I need to get as much beauty sleep as I can! I’m sure even the young prisoners would agree.”
I snorted.
“And why would I need that?”
“Why?” Sally looked at me aghast, but I knew she was doing it on purpose, “Skin care exists even in prison, you know. After all, the skin is essential for both us women, and men.” she winked at me, and I couldn’t help but laugh alongside her, before the laughter died down.
“But to assume what it is to be of youth, isn’t that like trying to win the favor of the women who went to sleep earlier as well?”
“Not really, you could say it’s more of a hunch.”
I left them to their conversation as I pulled out the stained handkerchief out of my pocket. They continued to converse for a while longer until they took more of my silence, and stopped to see what it was that had been troubling me.
“What is it?” Baron asked me a little irritated by my lack of attention.
“Oh you mean this?” I asked cheekily, “I think it’s what they call a handkerchief.” I teased and Sally giggled with me. Baron shot us an unamused glare, before he looked closer at the handkerchief I was holding…
“That handkerchief…” he muttered as he leaned in, “Was there a pattern? I think there was…Aha!”
He exclaimed, making me jump at his sudden excitement which made me even more clueless to what he was seeing?
“I can’t believe this! Iana, is this the answer to the final question?” He asked me, but I didn’t have an answer for him. I wasn’t even following their conversation earlier.
What I didn’t realize, of course, was they were asking about my family. I still did not have an answer though, but I might know soon enough.
If this did belong to my brother, then it would make sense that the crest did belong to the family I belong in, too. And who better to get my answers from than the people with me?
After all, it wouldn’t make much sense to assume he had been carrying something with the crest of a different family.
“Isn’t that Einte’s crest?”
“Oh, that’s right. I’ve seen it before!” Sally gasped as she clasped her hands.
“Well, Iana, are we right? Was it Einte’s? I’ve heard a lot about that place. I didn’t know you were an Einte, really!” She slapped me on the arm, looking at me with great anticipation.
Why didn’t they tell me earlier?
Come to think of it, Sally and Baron were the ones who helped me think of candidates and helped me speculate about my family.
What did they say about Einte again?
The masters of the east side gate.
It’s a family that has become synonymous to many a great and revered Count, based mainly on its owned lands. I remembered it very clearly because it was a conversation to sort out candidates for my family.
“Isn’t that where the Golden Gate is?”
“Right. What a surprise.” Baron could not hide his surprised look as he touched his chin, seemingly in thought. “I didn’t think it was an ordinary family. I think that if you have the capability to see the prison head then you belong from a tougher family.”
A praise, though it was, Baron had an unpleasant expression on his face. Like something’s on his mind. Even Sally noticed as she tilted her head to make sure she was not imagining things by herself.
“What’s wrong with your face, Baron? Why is your expression like that?”
“No. No. It’s nothing special.” He scratched his chin slightly. “It feels like Iana’s burden to bear. Though for sure I expected it like there would be a great identity reveal.” He assured us, “Truly, nothing else is wrong  just what my gut feeling was telling me.”
“No, Einte is a great family, you know?”
“No, I know but.” Oh, Baron looked like an old man who couldn’t seem to make sense of what he knew before to what he knew now.
I smiled at him.
“Isn’t that just Baron’s scammer-sense?” I teased, trying to steer them off-topic. He then scrunched up his nose as his forehead creased.
“You can’t ignore a swindler’s instincts. Do you know how many times my gut feeling saved my life?” He told us indignantly and proceeded to briefly list all his achievements. Most of the time, he could’ve been caught and died, but he managed to cheat death and survive.
“Excuse me, Baron. An ordinary person dies only once. They stop when they’re given another chance to live.” Sally interrupted as she shook her head in a motionless manner.
“Well, it’s like crying out for something more. That’s strange. Have you lost your senses?”
“That’s what it is, like my fashion sense dying.” Sally patted me on the top of my prison uniform.
“I’m completely in prison.” He complains that if he goes out after wearing clothes like this, he would rather rip his eye out and then die.
“My fashion sense is like this. Do you think I’m alive with this fashion sense? Give it up.”
The two exchanged blow after blow of horrendous compliments with each other, completely making new conversation of their own. And while they were busy at each other’s throats, I lowered down my gaze, once more, and looked at the handkerchief.
That’s my family name.
I tried to recollect all my memories and searched in my head, but I couldn’t remember reading about that name at all. In other words, it was not mentioned in the book.
This was the Chaser’s subordinate family.
Which meant, I don’t know anything about them.
I may not be able to remember it, but it doesn’t matter as much as I can’t remember it. This was also very close to the information I had always wanted to know.
“Iana Einte” I told myself, trying out the name, as I felt the odd way it rolled off my tongue.
Mmm. So this is my name.
But why? Why was it that I’m afraid of something? I felt uncomfortable knowing what it was.
There was a saying that a name is an embodiment of what one knows of it. The same could be said right now with my family name.
It was much too unfamiliar for me, perhaps that’s why it’s been a little off.
Soon, Sally turned to me, talking my ear off and therefore my thoughts about my family didn’t last long.
“But Iana, where did you get that handkerchief?”
“What? Oh, yeah.” I automatically answered. And Sally frowned when I forgot to elaborate. Luckily, I’ve thought about the answer on the way here.
“Oh, was it from your brother, the one who sends you letters every time?” Baron asked me, and I nodded.
“Yes.” I answered him.
Sally was silent for a moment as we conversed.
“That’s strange…” Sally murmured softly, but her voice was so deep that I could feel it.
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