Novel Name : I Met the Male Lead in Prison

I Met the Male Lead in Prison - Chapter 78

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Chapter 78 – Can you call me by name?  (1)
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“What is it?” I asked.
“What do you mean by strange?” I asked again.
“Oh, no. Uhmmm about the Einte family…” Sally’s voice trailed off as she glanced at me apprehensively. My frown deepened as I looked at her suspiciously.
I moved my head to look closely and ascertain if everything was alright. I wanted to know more about what was bothering her, she had been acting strange and secretive for quite a while.
“I remembered one of my mother’s acquaintances who had a little bit of connection with the Einte’s, and I’m sure that… she said there was only one daughter in the family.” Sally replied and I let out a sigh.
“Iana has a brother, but maybe I was mistaken since I was still little back then, my memory may not be accurate. However, the last time we talked about them, Countess Einte was a person from the South region.” Sally answered as I stared at her inquisitively.
“Is that so?” I replied while pursing my lips. She suddenly looked like she was thinking deeply.
“Well, I guess I was wrong.” Sally laughed awkwardly and waved her hands in the air as if she was shrugging off what she just shared as something nonsensical. She looked apologetic that she had changed the mood around her for something that seemed quite silly now.
“Ah, I don’t think that is what it is.” Baron said.
I didn’t deny or affirm the statements they shared. However, the whole conversation made me feel bad. I guess I just felt a little uncomfortable inside.
Was this really my family? Was this really the family where I belong to?
Furthermore, we had nothing more to talk about.
Even if we wanted to prolong the conversation, that wasn’t possible because dinner break time was over.
“Oh, I think I should go and visit Ricdor…” I announced and let out a sigh while looking down.
Truthfully, I was worried as I made my way to see Ricodorian, when I was stopped in my tracks. There was a blockage in the short distance and when I tried to go further, I was instead asked to wait until the stairs were fully mend. It seemed like it would take awhile for me to get to Ricdorian.
“I was so distracted with my brother and family.” I thought as I waited at the sidelines. I asked again the guard stationed if he would let me pass but he shook his head and told me it would still take time to repair the stairs.
“Repair the stairs?” I asked.
“Yes, one of the guards must have made a mistake and dropped a torch, while making rounds which almost caught the entire floor on fire.” The guard explained and I nodded my head in understanding. The place was prone to accidental fires after all.
The torches here used to be made of iron. And as I looked down, I spotted that one of the corners of the stairs had a smashed part, as if something heavy was purposely dropped over it.
“Then what about the prisoner in the underground cell?” I asked again.
“Oh, he’s all right. It happened only in the staircase passage the prisoner is safe.” The guard reassured me.
However, I was still worried.
The problem was that I could see smoke and soot coming out of the passageway. I can’t get past it and take a better look because of the guard standing in front of me, but my gut tells me it may have been a big mess.
“Did this happen today?” I questioned him.
“Eh? Yes, it did.” The guard answered.
If only I could turn back the time. If I had not been distracted and met Ricdorian as scheduled, I would have had enough time to see him before this whole incident happened.
I bit my lips in frustration, I came down here for nothing.
From the news of Archduke Harnim’s visit to Jair’s contact and to my brother’s unexpected appearance, everything happened at a timing that I always end up missing. Was  the god of time upset with me?
“It’ll be over soon.” The guard may have noticed my panicked look, and said that to calm my nerves.
When I thought of Ricdorian, I remembered that day when I saw him fall on the floor with a terrible wound and therefore I decided to close my eyes for a moment.
‘No, stop! I don’t want to remember.’ I told myself as I willed for those images to clear out of my head.
My fists were clenched. I need to figure something out, I was growing anxious by the minute.
Lenag said that it would take four days for Archduke Harnim to get here. That means that not counting today, he will arrive in three days.
Would there be a way to make contact with Jair within that time?
Okay, I’ll find a way to make contact with him somehow.
Soon, I realized I could try something because I still had the bracelet Jair  gave me. But I didn’t even try that option. It was because I was called out from my room not long after I returned that I had not the time to test it out.
“Hello, Miss Iana.” I was pulled out of my thoughts by the sudden intrusion of a familiar voice. I turned around to face the one who called me.
It was none other than Lenag. I wasn’t even surprised, who else would call me here?
Looking at the clock, it was now closer to dawn than evening.
“I thought you’d be surprised by the sudden call.” Lenag told me.
“No. I’m not.” I answered.
It was strange being called at this time of the night, but I tried to suppress expressing it.
I’ve had some guesses. I wonder if it’s about my brother.
He kissed me gently on the back of my hand and I could not help but gaze at his falling hair. My already anxious mind was more rattled and my nervous heart was pounding harder by the gesture.
He held out his arm towards me, as if noticing my unstable state. I placed my hand on top, the area where my heart was, and pressed my fingers down on it with more pressure before following Lenag. When we seemed to arrive at the place he intended I sat down where he led me.
“You saw your brother.” He told me.
I didn’t know this would come up right away. I let out a sigh instead of an answer. My brother didn’t come to see me, but he saw me. That‘s what really happened.
“How did you know?” I asked.
“Yes, he told me and left.” He answered briefly.
‘Oh, he told you? That’s expected I guess.‘ I thought.
“Well, then.” I nodded at him. This time I was sitting with a little composure, and feeling more comfortable.
“I’ve waited for him for several minutes, but he came straight to you.”
Lenag’s voice was flowing smoothly like that of a river running serenely, but for some reason, I felt pale.
For a moment, I saw his eyes sharpened like a forged sword.
Even if his eyes were not blades, the sharp-looking person before me hardened his expression wherein I felt scared. I was facing such a gruesome man, that I almost choked on my own saliva as I swallowed.
The sight of him right now was so cruel and bloody that I wanted to run.
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