Novel Name : I Met the Male Lead in Prison

I Met the Male Lead in Prison - Chapter 80

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Chapter 80 – We need to save the male lead (1)   
Translator: SKAIS Editor: Dict Groiler
I felt like my head was spinning, round and round until everything around me was turning at a disorienting speed. It took a while, but eventually I calmed down enough to convince myself as I finally understood.
There’s just those times in life, where people would prefer to be called by their names instead.
“No one’s called me that since I sat in this position so…” he trailed off.
So it was like that, huh? I mused.
Not many people in government positions would request such a thing. He’s the only one who finds his position difficult. He’s never made a friend doing this. But I mainly think it’s more because of how he looks.
So serious… fierce…
“Ah, yes, I understand.” I quickly answered, “Well, if you don’t mind having me…”
“I doubt I would.” he quickly answered.
“Well, yeah, that’s great.” I stammered.
That really wasn’t where I was trying to get here. I’m trying to ask whether or not I could call him that sometimes. But somehow I got a feeling I would need to call that everytime I would meet with him.
Is this what they call power? The driving force? The one that is responsible for a villain to land themselves in a place of authority?
“So, Lenag,” I said once more, testing out the way the name rolled off my tongue, “Do you have anything else to say?” I inquired, but Lenag gave no answer. Instead, he brought a hand to his chest, lightly pressing on it.
I couldn’t help but be curious. I’ve seen that gesture before.
I wanted to make an excuse for it, but the gesture was so similar to what my friend had done when she went to a fansign event, telling me she was speechless after meeting that icon.
“No, there isn’t.” he finally answered. I took a deep sigh.
So that meant the abrupt call for my presence had only happened because of my brother’s impromptu visit. Still, it didn’t change the fact I was still thankful for the way he reached out to me, asking after my thoughts, and whether or not I was surprised by it all.
Has he been paying that much attention to me?
The moment I’d get out of prison soon, I’ll be sure to send him some sort of present before I go. Sure, I won’t be seeing him when I get out, but that’s why it’s imperative I would get to see his sincerity while I still could. I am grateful for him, though.
Having thought so far ahead of myself, another idea struck me. It was one that’s always been at the back of my mind, ever since I’ve arrived here.
“In that case, I have a question for you.” I told him, and I could see Lenag swallow visibly. I couldn’t help but wonder why, despite his request for me to call him by his given name, would he avoid my gaze whenever I’d do so?
He looked like he was regretting something, but it was quickly changed the moment he realized I was staring at him.
“Ask me anything.” he responded.
“Is the Archduke of Hel, the one you mentioned before, going to visit the prisoner as scheduled?” I tried to ask nonchalantly and Lenag nodded.
“Ah.” he muttered softly. It might be of the way I asked it, but Lenag didn’t seem to think much of my question.
“To be honest, the biggest concern was the conflict between your brother and the Archduke. And as you know, your brother’s gone.”
“Yes, that’s true.”
“Also I don’t believe the Archduke would be pressed to visit. I am still unsure.” he admitted, and I couldn’t help but be even more curious.
“Is that so?” I asked, it seemed the Archduke Harnim may not visit after all. That should be a good thing, but what changed his mind? And why? Furthermore, it did not abate the worried feeling I was having, and I couldn’t pinpoint why.
“Yes.” Lenag confirmed, “Also your brother’s carriage, which belonged to the imperial family. Somehow it gave off the impression that it wanted to arrive and reach the prison in a haste. So that’s why.”
What? Carriage? Wait a minute, where was this carriage now? Couldn’t he have picked a better timing to have told me this? But since this was Lenag, it’s to be expected he wouldn’t tell me.
“Your Majesty seems to have been upset because the Imperial Household’s commander, who was with you earlier, witnessed your brother’s,” he paused, trying to look for a better word, “-disturbance in person. I think your brother misunderstood that something was going to happen in the sacred cell.” Lenag continued to share.
“And did he?” I prodded, “Misunderstand it?”
“Yes.” he confirmed, “In fact, it seemed he just wanted to meet you quietly.”
I can’t believe he was trying to meet with me quietly. The only place that was quiet in this prison was a meeting, which turned out to be the opposite of its intended purpose.
But there was still something strange, specifically regarding the story. What the hell was he doing?
“And that’s why I’m doubtful of the Archduke’s visit taking place. He’s a loyalist after all, it’s not in his nature to visit, when he knows the emperor is keenly watching over the prison. It’s uncomfortable for him.”
“I see.”
If that was true, and the Archduke really won’t visit Ricdorian, then everything else should already be given, thanks to my brother. But suddenly it came to me just how unfamiliar I was with my brother, and his affinity.
Though it would be great if things would be solved like this, but rarely do things go the way they are planned.
“But, I am not sure, it’s more of a hunch really.” he told me, “But, for some reason, he does make it a point to visit that prisoner around this time.”
Well, that bit I knew, and sure of. After all, I’ve been to Ricdorian every time.
“The last time I heard from him, he said he must see his child. Additionally, the cell is contractually bound to open its gate whenever he wants to visit.” he further explained.
I took his words to heart, though it’s best not to bank so much on the idea he won’t be coming, especially when unsure about it. I’m sure there’s some other way.
“Well, I think that’s all I’m curious about today.” I finally answered, beaming a smile at him. “Thank you, Lenag.”
He turned his head, as if waiting for me to say his name again. I’d have thought this was the end of our conversation, but eventually he spoke up once more after a moment’s silence.
When he spoke,  it was with a low voice, but not once looking my way. I couldn’t help but feel perturbed by it.
“Also, Miss Iana, it’s finally been fixed.”
I blinked.
“Huh? What?” I asked, confused what he was talking about.
“Your release date.” He calmly elaborated. I couldn’t help but feel like a convicted felon, walking my way to trial. I was suddenly terrified. Not that it was different, but it certainly was unfamiliar.
“Ten days,” he continued, clueless to my trepidation, “You’ll be released in ten days.”
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