Novel Name : I Met the Male Lead in Prison

I Met the Male Lead in Prison - Chapter 81

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Chapter 81 – We need to save the male lead (2)   
Translator: SKAIS Editor: Dict Groiler
I soon left Lenag’s oval office in haste. My heart was still palpitating, pounding against my ribcage in anxiety. I decided to stop worrying about that for a moment, and focus on the more urgent matters I still had.
The sound echoed through the empty halls for a moment. My cheeks stung from where I slapped it with my palm. However, it did the trick and made me calm down.
First on the list, my release date. On second thought, maybe I should save that for later. The important thing right now is the probability of Archduke Harnim visiting Ricdorian in the next two to three days.
As Lenag had, more or less, implied, the odds of Harnim visiting were fifty-fifty. Still, it did not abate my worry. After all, I was someone who had been raised with the favor of my brother. He’d been responsible for giving this so-called opportunity to me.
It was already in the middle of the night when I finally left Lenag’s office. It was then I decided to stop by and visit Ricdorian.
But of course, the stair renovations were yet to be finished. As it was already night time, passing through the charred stairs were extremely dangerous, so that meant I would need to wait until it was safe to pass through.
‘Why would this happen now?’
I was nervous but couldn’t help it. But that didn’t matter. Right now, I was in my room, stuck with figuring out how I was going to contact Jair again. I’ve got three days, and additionally, the day after tomorrow would be when the event would begin.
“But the question remains, how do I meet Jair?”
Staring down at the blanket with my legs crossed in the bed, I noticed, there was a bracelet that Jair gave me on top of it.
Is it wishful thinking if I assume this will connect me to him? I wondered, picking it up. Of course, I have no ability to even use magic. I didn’t even know if it was possible until I met Jair, let alone do magic spontaneously.
I know each of the main characters have a special ability, but in the book they described it as ancient magic. Anyway, by this point, all I could do was wave the bracelet meaninglessly around me.
Bored out of my mind, I suddenly threw the bracelet and huffed a breath.
Ugh, what am I supposed to do now?
I find it extremely difficult to be this one-person association, that was living in this pretty complex world. I was not only a sole member, but also I had no one to turn to. I haven’t even cared much about someone like this before, much less do something about it.
I threw my head back and groaned into the thin air.
“Come on, do something!”
I picked up the bracelet once more.
Can I pinch it? Oh what the hell.
I pinched it and pulled it as far as I could so it wouldn’t break. Furthermore, I kept bumping the jewels against each other, hoping for a reaction.
At this point in time, I decided it was time to use my fists. Not a second longer I was furiously pounding the bracelet.
“Mommy!!!” I exclaimed as I stopped pounding the bracelet in and jumped away in surprise.
The bracelet was shrivelling right before my eyes! I blinked and rubbed my eyes, but it was still happening! It wasn’t an illusion!
It was just like the last time Jair had called. Hurriedly, I picked the bracelet back up and wore it.
I could hear him, as I wore the bracelet and was very pleased to hear Jair’s nice voice.
“Jair!” I exclaimed in relief, unknowingly raised my voice.
Realizing my mistake, I quickly looked at the door, before lowering my volume. “I know my voice is so low, please understand. I’m in my room right now.”
“Yes, that’s fine. Are you alone?” Jair had a slightly puzzled voice. And then I knew why. “I didn’t know it would be connected this time. It all depends on the line. When the prison head is present, the surveillance becomes more intense.” 
I guess communicating through magic was hard under Lenag’s presence.
“I’ve tried it over and over again before, but I failed.”
“Good job.” I patted on the bracelet as if I were praising him. Of course he couldn’t feel it, but I was very happy to finally reach him. “I haven’t even eaten because I’ve been waiting for you.” I admitted.
“Yes, won’t it bother you if it cuts off just like that?” I was a little irritated, especially when Jair laughed at my expense.
“Yes it would.” he answered, but I could still hear his amusement, “Thank you, Miss.”
“Yes. Be thankful. I’ve been waiting all day.”
An indeterminate voice came out like the day I first met Jair in the garden. No, it was even playful. I’m going to give him a straight answer for this wasn’t what mattered right now.
“But why did you contact me? You seem to be in a hurry this time.” I may have had a rough idea of why, but I pretended not to know it. Seeing an opportunity to confirm my suspicions, I had to ask it first. We had to make the most of what we can right now because we don’t know when the communication would suddenly end like last time.
“Yes, it’s an urgent situation, so I’ll just go straight to the point.” 
The sea I’ve been wishing for.
“Do you remember the prisoner whom I had asked you to cast magic before?”
I paused.
“I can’t remember.” I admitted, I heard him sigh.
“It’s about the prisoner.”
His relationship with Ricdorian seemed to be completely hidden. But will that be okay? I’m almost certain that would limit what Jair can say to me.
“In fact, the prisoner is a precious man.”
What?! I jolted in surprise. He completely caught me off guard!
“I found out by accident that he was the son of an unexpected man.”
“Cough! Cough.” I tried to stop coughing so I could listen to him.
“Oh, you’re that surprised?”
“No,- Cough- I just heard something unexpected.” So this is how it comes out, right? “Keep on talking.”
“Anyway, he was a precious son of a significant person.”
He’s a precious man, but he’s not a precious son with the way his father treated him. Jair seemed to be making up a story in due course.
“And this significant person thinks and acts like Confucius.” 
Except for his relationship with Ricdorian.
“That’s why we’re in trouble.”
“What do you mean in trouble?”
“We used magic on the precious son.”
“…who? We? I only did what you asked me to do.” I said it with this meaning, but I could hear him laughing mirthlessly, as if under the impression I did understand it perfectly what I was asked to do.
“That’s true. But should they try to go into investigation, you will also be discovered.”
So basically we’re both screwed on this one. I still don’t know why he scares me. Even if he doesn’t put much pressure on me, I can’t help but be compelled to listen.
“So what are you trying to say?”
“A precious man will soon be in this cell. The prisoner’s father.”
That was to be expected. Jair’s purpose was the same as mine. I know now, Archduke Harnim is coming here.
“Is that so?”
“Yes, and once he arrives, he would undoubtedly notice something strange had happened to the prisoner.”
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