Novel Name : I Met the Male Lead in Prison

I Met the Male Lead in Prison - Chapter 83

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Chapter 83 – We need to save the male lead (4)   
Translator: SKAIS Editor: Dict Groiler
My jaw tensed up in frustration. I was trying to stop myself from lashing out.
Did I understand the need for it? Yes, of course I did. But no matter how much he tried to convince me this was the only way, I refuse to believe that.
There were some things we did for desperation, and there’s just some things that crossed the line, even in desperation. I breathed in deeply, before closing my eyes and pinched the bridge of my nose, calming myself down.
I don’t care who I had to ask, my brother, or Lenag, anyone, for this I will.
“I got the wrong person.” I muttered to myself. There must be another way to resolve this. If there’s no other way, then I’ll use this as my last resort.
“I thought Mr. Jair was thinking of the prisoner’s well-being at the very least. Come to think of it, it didn’t even matter at all.”
As I continued to mutter to myself, Jair only remained silent, but I could tell this was a different type of silence from before. Rather, I could tell his breathing was getting harsh.
“Yes, I’ll pretend I never heard you suggest such a horrid thing.” Just as I was about to untie my bracelet, Jair had finally spoken up.
“The prisoner’s health status is no matter of concern now.” he told me tersely.
Why was I still listening to this lunatic? This was complete nonsense, I shouldn’t even waste time thinking about it! However, all the fight had left my voice, as I could no longer find it in me to speak with him.
However it wasn’t just me. I could also tell Jair was serious about this. No longer do I hear his easy-going tone, or playful attitude from before.
“This is really the only way.” My hands wound over the bracelet, before refusing to touch it longer. “I tried to protect his highness…”
The way he addressed Ricdorian changed. In addition, his spirit seemed to have changed as well. If I could hazard a guess, I could almost feel his regret.
“Ha, why am I even talking about this?”
I couldn’t help but roll my eyes, scratching my cheek absentmindedly. Despite my resolve to not listen, I remained to.
“Did his highness finally,” he paused. “-groan?”
“He did, well,” I blinked, “As a matter of fact I think it’s been a long time since he did.”
There was a pregnant silence that followed my statement, when Jair spoke up again.
“I must say, you are most unusual. You don’t even seem surprised, even when I addressed him differently.”
“Well forgive me if I’m more concerned by a magician in this prison.” I all but spat back. Well, not really that surprised about that tidbit. I already knew there was one.
“Well, we’ve come this far, haven’t we?” he asked resignedly, “What else is there for me to hide?”
And so Jair spoke, and he shared everything he knew about Ricdorian’s identity, about the Archduke Harnim, and finally…
About himself.
“Really? I see.” Despite knowing all I could hear was a voice, and so should he, I was still concerned that he would see right through me. I wasn’t a very good actress.
“I’d like to ask about why you were so calm when I was talking.”
Well, about that, it’s just that I felt a little bored.
“Ay, you’re mistaken. I was confused.” I waved my hands, trying to shrug it off. Honestly, really, it was like reading a korean novel! As a matter of fact, this detail was something I’ve been fascinated by.
“What an unusual girl.”
Jair murmured quietly. Eventually he sighed, but he seemed to have understood. But our conversation is yet to be over for just a short while after, a serious and another complicated conversation took place.
“I do care for him, from the bottom of my heart.” he insisted to me, “And I’m telling you, I’ll continue to do so, therefore your worries are unfounded. It’s far from what you think. ”
“Thinking of his highness like a ragdoll to use and toss aside was never okay. And it was never alright for me either.”
Oh. That word must have pissed him off, I mused. Well, he wasn’t wrong.
“…but I admit I didn’t want his wounds to come back. First of all, I know that his body heals whenever he is in pain. Sigh… it was wrong to believe in his abilities.”
In the book, Ricdorian boasted a beastly self-sustaining power that would allow him to heal under just a few days after getting hurt. Another special ability. However, this awakening had only been due because of his nearing encounter with the heroine.
I couldn’t help but feel more frustrated. Why does no one ever take into account that Ricdorian is…
He’s sixteen! Just two years younger than I am! Much younger, much more innocent than I, and whom I treated like my younger brother even. He was always too shy, and so flustered whenever I saw him. As I was battling with this turmoil inside my mind, Jair only proceeded to explain his side of things.
I narrowed my eyes when he mentioned there truly was no other way. The guards have seemed to begin paying extra attention to him, more than I had even thought about.
“We must be certain that the guards are deceived.”
That much I can agree with.
“I get it. I get it.” I told him, stepping back to think for a moment.
Our best option remains the same. Archduke Harnim must not come to visit. And in order to make that happen, our ruse must be believable enough to deceive even seasoned guards.
“Either way, we must ensure that whether Ricdorian is sick or pretending to be sick, the guards have to be fooled.”
“That’s right.”
“Then let’s get this done with.” I glanced at my watch, and almost balked at the time. I hadn’t realized that time went by swiftly because of our argument.
Besides, I don’t have much time for Jair either.
“The magic, can you lessen its effects?” I asked hurriedly.
“By how much?”
“Make it so it looks like it hurts on the outside, but not within. Just to the point where he would appear to have a fever, but without the pain.”
“It’s possible. What are you going to do?”
“I’m going to take care of him.” I told him resolutely, “You said that the guards will report if he’s sick or not, right?”
Jair was silent for a moment, trying to get a measure of what I would be doing. After a moment of silence, he finally spoke up to answer me.
“It’s a difficult task, but I will do my best.”
“You agreed faster than I thought.” I remarked, but I was grateful nonetheless. I still needed his help after all.
“It’s because I now know you’re more capable than I thought you’d be.”
That, too, is true. I’m putting myself in the line after all, in a situation where I’m willing to go out in the morning and, possibly, get caught by Lenag.
“And since he doesn’t like him, you should know, he’s the one that suffers the most should we make rash decisions.” he warned me. I had to bite my tongue from lashing out in frustration. For now, I must play nice, and think one step ahead.
I needed to be careful around him, especially with his observant nature.
I agreed quickly.
“Please take good care of him.” he added lastly
“Thank you for trusting me.” I bid back.
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