Novel Name : I Met the Male Lead in Prison

I Met the Male Lead in Prison - Chapter 84

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Chapter 84 – Beautiful tears (1)
Translator: SKAIS       Editor: Dict Groiler
It wasn’t long before I found myself fretting once more. I paced back and forth, wondering how Jair would even deliver the magic in time. Which reminds me, it had to arrive by dawn today, there wasn’t much time left.
“How would you deliver the magic to me?” I finally asked. Jair huffed out a small chuckle.
“You aren’t the only one who can bribe guards, miss.”
That statement gave me pause. Bribe? Did that mean Jair had a guard on his paycheck? Even amongst the ones that were watching Ricdorian?
But one thing I know for sure, tomorrow would be the decisive battle.
“Then that means I must figure things out by tomorrow.” I mumbled, and Jair agreed. Because if we don’t succeed, then Archduke Harnim will come and visit, and when that happens, a terrible abuse would be bestowed upon the young boy.
What’s worse is he’ll figure it out, my and Jair’s involvement in his affairs, and we’d be caught red-handed.
“Did you know? That this could only be done when I’m here?” I did wonder about that.
Both Lenag and my brother had informed me just shortly before that I would be getting out soon. And even if I did get out in time to escape the Archduke’s clutches, it wouldn’t guarantee that would be the end of it. Plus, this plan would only work if I was inside the prison myself. Otherwise there’d be no use.
I could feel Jair had understood me, and he couldn’t help but let out a soft laugh.
“Fret not miss. There should be no problem at all. We only need him to not visit for the short time being.”
“Probably the Archduke would never visit him again.” Jair declared, his voice filled with conviction. It was a vague answer to my question, but he seemed confident that we would succeed. I can’t help but hope for it to be true.
“After all, I hadn’t cast a spell on him for nothing.”
He had been referring to the magic that I casted on Ricdorian that day, but he didn’t bother to explain to further prolong our conversation. And our connection had finally been cut off.
Come the next day, in the early morning, Jair had finally managed to hand me the new magic item rather successfully. It was an item that would enable me to speak to him wherever I might be, which was a great deal of an improvement compared to the bracelet he’d given me before.
At least this way, if I do have a question for Jair, I could ask him immediately without waiting for him to contact me first.
However, the current problem I have was that the guard, who I’d met with before at dawn, was him…
&#lt;You’re the guard!?&#gt; I had thought out loud, startled at who I saw.
&#lt;Not exactly.&#gt;he had shrugged, &#lt;To be exact the guard is keeping watch over my cell.&#gt;
I’m not exactly sure what to think about this development, but I can’t help but feel even more worried. This man has no concept of the word danger.
I hadn’t been able to talk with Jair as I did the other day because he’d been so busy. I felt terrible with just the thought of being a distraction. But there was still something I wasn’t sure of, something that’s been bothering me. I eventually grabbed a hold of him and pulled him aside…
I had to know!
When I spoke with Jair the other day, he told me something about the growth Ricdorian’s been experiencing to be temporary…
But from what I’ve seen, it didn’t seem to be. I would’ve asked more in detail had I been given enough time, but I could only ask one at the time…
&#lt;His Highness,&#gt; he began, &#lt;Has grown often?&#gt;
&#lt;Yes, he has.&#gt; I answered.
&#lt;I see,&#gt; I felt relieved that this wasn’t something new, that Jair knew this could happen. &#lt;I didn’t realize this was the case, especially since I haven’t seen in before, but seeing as it’s not permanent, then I guess it’s not so bad.&#gt; Jair said. 
&#lt;Yes, this is great news if I do say so myself. The stronger the force, the longer the transition will be.&#gt; He added.
He still hadn’t given me a direct answer, now that I thought about it. Upon hearing my question, I narrowed my eyes slightly. Jair looked quite pleased with the news. Initially, I had thought he was just pretending to be, but it seems he actually is happy with the fact.
I knew I had to see Ricdorian immediately, but there was another dilemma I had to face. It was something that kept slipping from my mind amongst the many other things I had to worry about.
“I’m sorry, Ms. Iana. I think we’ll have to repair it by today.” one of the guards told me.
Because of the repairs, only the guards were allowed to go to the underground cells. It didn’t matter what I said to convince them to allow me to pass through, I just kept being turned away because of the danger it posed. I had no choice but to heed their warnings, so I reluctantly returned, trying my best to swallow down my ever growing nervousness…
By the next day, it was already the special visitation day.  And it was exceptionally bright, which was no surprise as it was the most awaited celebrations for even the aristocratic prisoners. Even I had been stunned the moment I stepped into the dining area this morning.
I was struck by the feeling that I’ve stepped into another different world.
I didn’t just feel excited, but even everyone around me felt a little bit extraordinary. But what could bring this sudden atmosphere out from everyone here?
All around there were multitudes of color, be it in the shape of shawls, capes, flowers, or even stylish hats! Every man and woman were dressed for the special occasion!
&#lt;You can dress up, wear your capes and cloaks even, but what do you think?&#gt;
It’s only now that I can fully understand just how special and a rare occasion it was for these people to be allowed to dress up the way they want to. But I remember them mentioning that every one of us could have separate tea times if we so wish…
That’s a brilliant idea! It just fills me up with more excitement! Even mealtimes hadn’t disappointed me!
I could hardly hide the amazement in my eyes the moment I stepped foot inside the living room afterwards. Everyone looked so in tune with themselves, so confident, comfortable, and very elegant. Even Sally looked a little affronted when she saw me.
I was the only one who didn’t bother to change for the occasion.
However despite the festivities, I couldn’t help but feel a little more uneasy. While everyone was busy laughing and chatting around as if they weren’t prisoners, I couldn’t bring myself to fully enjoy it. I still had things to do, and things to worry about before I could fully rejoice.
Especially since I’m so worried about what was happening with him, or what might happen if I don’t succeed.
But I was never a good actress, and my worry was plain for all to see. All I could tell them was that my family wasn’t able to make it this time to visit me, which was fortunately believable for them, and they’d left me alone.
Just one good moment. That’s all I need, then I could go and see Ricdorian.
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