Novel Name : I Met the Male Lead in Prison

I Met the Male Lead in Prison - Chapter 87

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Chapter 87 – Not what siblings do (2)
Translator: SKAIS       Editor: Dict Groiler
“Don’t be cheeky though,” I chided him softly, “There’s still much you need to learn about me, about people in general.”
Ricdorian puffed out his cheeks as he pouted. Eventually I had to speak up first before he could, for I feared he might stun me again by whatever he might say next.
“Shall we speak of something else, then?”
“How about,” he thought for a moment before he brightened up fractionally,.”-another story, 요?”
My hands still rested on his head, but he hadn’t bothered me to let go of his hair, nor did he mention it. So I kept stroking his head, petting him as I gave him some tidbits of our time away.
“Actually, I met oppa just the other day.” I confessed.
Ricdorian seemed dumbfounded by that. He tilted his head up, leaning more to my stroking hand, and looked at me inquisitively…
I remembered then that Ricdorian had no experience with brothers. He didn’t have any.
“However, it was a very strange encounter.” I confided.
“What is…? “
I slipped my hand away from him. Could I tell him?
Can one even be that sweet to a brother?
The more I thought about it, the more I was convinced the encounter was indeed strange. I tried my best to articulate the encounter clearly but, even I couldn’t.
Eventually, I threw my hands up in the air and let out a resigned sigh. Ricdorian blinked and only stared at me as he didn’t understand what was happening.
Still, it made me think…
Could siblings do what we’d done yesterday?
I couldn’t shake the feeling that it was simply something not what siblings do.
Back when I met my brother, I hadn’t had enough time to think about it. I had been so surprised by his presence, so dazed, even when I had been dealing with the guard and allowed him to escape unhindered.
“He touched my cheeks,” I began as I caressed him the way I remembered my brother did, “-like this.” I explained. I stared at him, and Ricdorian met my gaze, and alarm bells rang at the back of my mind by our close proximity…
It was too sweet, now that I think about it now.
Was this how it was in this world? In this world, are siblings allowed to do such things?
“And he kissed the back of my hand…” I trailed my hand down his cheeks, to grab Ricdorian’s hand and circled my thumb on his knuckles…
Lenag kisses the back of my hand sometimes, whenever we meet. It was just something nobles do, even prisoners, so long as they’re of a noble background as well. It was etiquette I know that stemmed from the Europeans in the mid-modern period…
Well, I guess so. It would be like that.
The reason why I worry so much is that I don’t know this world well enough as I should. I was an only child in my world, and thus had no experience to compare it with.
Back then, people around me would share stories of their siblings to me, telling me the only thing they shared with each other was blood, and nothing more. They didn’t seem to even care much about each other even.
“Ugh, whenever we touch, I just feel that sudden urge to wash my hands!”
I shook the thought out of my head.
There wasn’t much answer to be had when one worries as much as I do about this one small thing.
“Yes, there’s not much point worrying about it.” I told myself out loud as Ricdorian proceeded to look at me with great curiosity. And so I smiled at him brightly as I looked at his deep blue eyes.
And then I blinked. I spoke too much already.
“Oh that’s right, have you had any brothers?” I was reminded that this one fact was something I didn’t know yet.
Ricdorian shook his head, just as I expected he would.
“No, I don’t.”
“Well, believe me, I thought at first I didn’t have any,” I admitted to him, thinking about my life in my previous world, “But it turns out, I did, and I finally got to meet him… my oppa.” I mumbled, my thoughts trailing off once more…
“But it didn’t seem real, even now…” I admitted softly.
It didn’t matter that I was actually there, that I knew it happened, and I had a scratch to prove it, but…
It was a struggle. For so long I was used to being an only child, and suddenly I have a brother.
“Both you and I are used to being an only child, am I right?” I grinned at him as I squatted down to meet his gaze.
For some reason, Ricdorian wouldn’t look at me. I wondered what was wrong.
Was he still ashamed after all?
Either way, my legs were beginning to hurt, so I needed to sit down. The stone floor was cold beneath my bum, but it was better than standing for my entire visit. I don’t know how people could stand being locked up like this…
Especially when they’re innocent.
Finally, Ricdorian raised his head, biting the inside of his lower lip in thought. And before I even knew it, my hands were already reaching out to him, holding his gaze…
“Once again, I remember that I’m the older one.” I murmured softly.
“Mhm,” I nodded, “Even at first glance you look much younger than I am.” I beamed at him. He blinked for a moment, before tilting his head, and asked for my age instead. Naturally, I answered him. He looked absolutely astonished by my reply.
Was it that surprising?
Well I knew guessing my age from my looks alone was a bit difficult. But I was certain I definitely looked my age.
“Either way, you seem to be younger than I am.” I huffed out at him and squished his cheeks, “Like my little brother even. Namdongsaeng.”
It was natural to think of him this way. I took care of him, fed him, spent time with him…
Maybe this was how it feels to have a sibling.
Somehow, I knew, deep down, I had thought of him like some kind of mongrel animal for a companion, more than I did see him as a younger brother. But for now, I will stamp that thought down. It was an unpleasant one.
For now, I must continue to spend time with him the way I usually did.
“Namdongsaeng…” Ricdorian repeated what I said in a whisper. Somehow, he looked like he was being tortured at the thought.
He looked up at me.
“Ammaya, you surprised me.” I gasped in shock as he did so. I had almost bumped into him that very moment. It was a little too late for me to move away in time to put enough distance between us.
However, there was no time left for me to be surprised as I realize Ricdorian’s face was growing increasingly closer to mine…
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