Novel Name : I Met the Male Lead in Prison

I Met the Male Lead in Prison - Chapter 88

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Chapter 88 – Not what siblings do (3)
Translator: SKAIS Editor: Dict Groiler
The sound of chains being dragged echoed as Ricdorian moved to lean in closer to me, his grip steadfast. I watched the way the irons clicked and clanged against each other. So thick…
So heavy…
But Ricdorian made it seem like it was light as a feather.
I couldn’t help but gulped down my saliva the more I watched him draw in closer towards me.
What is he doing? I couldn’t help but wonder.
I tried not to feel too conscious about myself, but it’s difficult. Everytime I look at him, all I can see is the face of a young saint…
Is this how he’d come on to me?
I could not bear the silence, to not say anything. He situated himself between my legs, making it difficult for me to move. But if I move too quickly, I would probably fall on my bottoms.
Finally, I found my voice once more, despite being stuck in such a compromising position. I wasn’t even sure at this point what was happening. Did I accidentally lock him between me like this? Or did he mean for this to happen?
“Wha- why are you-?” I stuttered out my question, feeling the blood rushing to my face.
“I don’t like it…” he murmured softly. I stopped backing away at that and tilted my head.
“What don’t you like?” I couldn’t help but ask.
“I don’t like your brother.” he gritted out in frustration. At this point, I was certain I had begun blinking rapidly.
“Huh? Did I hear it correctly?” It sounded so soft this time. I don’t think I heard him completely.
“No, no…”
I gulped again. We’re so close now… so close…
“No, I said no…” he hissed softly. Our faces were so close now, I could already see the way his lashes were fluttering despite the subtle movement.
“No, but. You are…” I spoke slowly, trying not to show that I was embarrassed.
“You don’t know what having a brother means, do you?” I asked through gritted teeth.
I was trying to not ignore him, but… I couldn’t help but wonder as well.
Does he not know what walk meant?
If so, he mustn’t have enough knowledge to go by with things he’d yet to experience, or something he doesn’t have. It would also make sense he wouldn’t understand what having a brother, or even sister, would mean, and what was proper…
And what isn’t.
Ricdorian was already right in front of me, his face looking so fierce, as if he wanted to stab someone to the death.
“Oh,” he paused as a thought dawned on him, “I know.”
“You know?” I couldn’t help but ask in confusion.
“Yes, I know!” he hissed out loudly, practically angry about my doubt on him.
I found it fortunate enough no one was around to hear us at this time. No guards or watchmen had been posted outside. If we were heard, then they would have cut my visit short without hesitation.
Though, I can’t help but wonder why the room was so hot all of a sudden?
“No, that’s what it’s like to—well, yes.” And then a sudden thought entered my mind. It’s a far-fetched idea, but that’s possible too in this situation. “Then what does it mean?”
We were still so close to each other.  Ricdorian was beginning to cage me in, and I can’t exactly say it’s uncomfortable…
Thanks to that position as well, I could even see his pupils clearly at this distance, but also the chain wrapped around his neck.
I could see the reddened skin beneath, irritated, as he moved closer.
“This… I know for sure,” He mumbled to himself, his voice dropping a little lower than usual. There was a strange feeling in my gut, I could feel my temples beginning to sweat.
And then his hand moved from beside me.
“Merida told me.” I felt his hand graze my fingertips, “Friends don’t do this…” he murmured, “Not even cousins.”
Our eyes locked on to each other. And his hand wrapped around my own.
“Iana.” he breathed out.
I couldn’t help but flinch at the sound of his voice. It was raspy and dry.
“You held my hand, just like this,” he continued, holding our hands up between us, “When you gave me the cookies, do you remember?”
His hand was shaking, I could tell he was nervous about this. Strange, I thought, there was a growing tension within me, like a cold dread creeping up from my hands…
It was rather breathtaking.
Had Ricdorian always been this big? I didn’t think he’d grown since last I saw him. I watched as the redness returned on his face, blooming from his cheeks. He was bending over me, his face hovering just above mine…
Any lower and our lips would just about to touch.
“Didn’t you like it?” he whispered.
No, I didn’t like it. But that moment was a different story.
That was when I gave him the spell.
“No,” I gulped, “No, I didn’t.” Though to be honest, in the situation I’m in right now, I don’t think there’s much room for me to refuse.
“Then?” he whispered. Goodness, he was still coming closer, looking at me so endearingly. This was getting awkward.
“Don’t come closer, stop!” I couldn’t help but snap at him, “Stay right there, and talk at that distance. Please.” I added for good measure.
Honestly, that face of his was just unfair.
“Where do you come up with these ideas? Is it Merida? Who is that person?”
I swear I’ve heard that name before, Ricdorian mentioned that name in passing some time ago. I wasn’t that curious, but I’d take any opportunity just to change the topic.
“Merida was an old maid. Who sometimes comes by to bring me clothes and water.”
So that person was like some kind of nanny. It wasn’t a name I had remembered from the novel, so it probably wasn’t an important piece. But here, it seemed like that person is, in Ricdorian’s life at least.
“Merida was quite important to me.”
I moved my hand, dragging his along with mine as he refused to let go of me.
“Still, I don’t think siblings, or even friends hold hands like this.” He informed me, showing our entangled hands.
I knew that friends, especially those belonging to the opposite sexes, such actions were frowned upon unless you both were beyond that. And if you were brother and sister, doing things like this were just plain taboo.
At least in my original world. In this world however…
From Lenag’s actions, my brother’s…
It seemed casual touch was normal, so I could be wrong…
“So what?” he asked, and I blinked.
“What do you mean?”
“Is this okay too?” he asked again, tilting his head.
“What?” I accidentally slipped out.
I didn’t want to ask it like that. I was planning on gently slipping my hand out of his hold,  but I didn’t get far as he clung onto it tighter than before.
It didn’t hurt, when he grabbed me. The only thing that registered was the feel of the sharp cold of the chain that grazed my hand.
“Merida did it.” he shared, resuming his actions to lean in closer to me.
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