Novel Name : I Met the Male Lead in Prison

I Met the Male Lead in Prison - Chapter 91

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Chapter 91 – Things no one has told me but you (2)
Translator: SKAIS Editor: Eyeful Solstice 
If I remember correctly, as I fell, there was a pretty loud noise. And what’s strange is that I didn’t hurt at all. I just felt a little tingling and soft thud.
Then when I opened my eyes, I saw a white shirt. At the same time, I could see Ricdorian frowning with his eyes closed. He looked like he was in pain.
Was he hurt that much?
“Ri…Ricdorian? Oh, my God, are you okay?”
“Uh…no pain.”
No matter how strong he was, it seemed to be painful to hit the floor. He groaned slightly…languidly. I almost blushed because I forgot the situation, but I quickly gathered myself together and got up. This felt awkward, but I think he could never notice.
“Have you hit hard? Why did you even catch me? No. No. Don’t catch me next time.”
Should I blame the person who grabbed me? I felt so bad for shouting at him. What he did wasn’t really a bad thing.
I gave out sigh because I realized I was overreacting.
I patted my cheek and studied him. The way his chain fell with him made it seem heavier than it was, sounding louder than I expected it to be, but fortunately there seemed to be no major injuries other than a bump. No wonder he fell even though he was very strong. He looked okay though, but still ragged. I should have been more careful.
I glared at the shackles and chains for no reason. Then I sighed.
“…I’m glad you didn’t bleed. It’s not pleasant.”
“It’s okay-“
“Don’t say you’re okay. You don’t look okay.” I stopped him from saying those words.
I came down from his body and tried to help him up. At the same time, I realized once again how heavy this chain was, as it was heavy enough to even make my body go down with its weight.
The curse of Archduke Harnim, who can’t even look at his son’s face, suddenly came to mind.
“Excuse me, Ricdorian. I know it’s not my right to say this, but I’ll just say it.” I grabbed the handcuffs and looked at it disapprovingly
“Don’t ever forgive the one who filled you with this. Okay?”
“…forgive?” He asked and stared at me blankly.
Before I knew it, he seemed to have clearly forgotten the pain from the tumble. It’s a quick recovery, I guess.
“Yes, forgive. Is he crazy trying to fill in something like this on a young person like you? Even in this basement alone! He is a bad person. A very bad person, Ricdorian.”
Of course, I already knew. Later on, Ricdorian would forgive everyone. Furthermore, he does not hide his grudge against Chaser, the villain who killed his father. His father who tormented and tortured him. Because, he was, however, the guardian of the righteous Hel family, and the one and only who inherited that noble spirit.
Is that why he still has eyes that can’t hate anyone?
But I decided to seal my lips. I shouldn’t have said that to him.
I suddenly realized why should I tell this to a man who knows no pain, hates, and forgives all in the future? For some reason, I decided to keep my mouth shut because I thought his father would just say, ‘I’m such an imbecile woman’, if I keep talking. I’ll just keep everything under wraps.
Even so, it was Ricdorian who opened his mouth in this situation.
“forgive…don’t forgive him?” Ricdorian asked, oblivious of what I really meant.
“What? No… No. Forget what I said. Just let it slide.”
I tried to let go of the handcuffs. But faster than that, he caught me by his hand.
“If you thought that what you think is right, if that’s how you feel about it. Well, okay. I won’t… forgive.” Ricdorian declared.
“…eh, really?” I queried.
I burst into laughter as I stared at his face. He had a puppy-like face whose paws seemed to have been grabbing the edge of his company owner’s clothes. I couldn’t get why I find him really cute just now. Is it because of that puppy face? Maybe because I liked dogs. Puppies, even more.
Shortly, I shook off the thought, and continued talking.
“…but no, don’t do that. Even more because I said so. I’m not always right, you know.” I hesitated at first, and in the end I spat out what I was going to say.
“I’m getting out of prison soon.” I announced.
“Out of prison?” He asked.
“I’m going out of this cell.” I said and placed my right hand on the back of his resting hand.
“We may not see each other again.” I told him the words in a soft, sad voice.
I’m not sure, but I think so. Oh yeah, I do know that we may never meet in the future again.
Because later, when Ricdorian goes out of jail, he becomes the noblest person in the country. Having the great and simple status of an Archduke.
On the other hand, it was obvious that I belong to a not so bad family. I’m sure I’m not going to do anything worthwhile if I continue to stay on the sidelines. But I had no intention of coming out to the center of attention either.
“That’s why I came to do something bad to you before I’ll leave.”
At this point, I could see that even Ricdorian couldn’t help it, his eyes trembled helplessly. As I always expected, it won’t be too long for people before they do bad things, right? I can feel that this moment right here, right now, is the moment that I think suits such expectation.
“Are… you going… out?”
“What? Oh, yes. That’s right. Go out, me. I am going out. Definitely. ” I nodded. This must have been a slap in the face to him.
His eyes shook violently. He looked betrayed.
Well, you couldn’t have been without a shock, could you? 
I remained silent for a moment to give him the time to accept what I just told him…to take in reality.
At the same time, he slipped his gaze. It wasn’t pleasant to see him sloppy…Because it’s not that I wasn’t attached to him.
Moments of spacing out, I lightly looked at the cell wall and gently rubbed it.
Oh, what’s this? I felt curious. My fingers rattled in one place. I think I was touching a brick in a certain array. I took my hand off. But then I touched it again. This looked like a crevice.
Hmm.. strange.
Honestly, I couldn’t resist my curiosity and took a closer look.
It’s a little dreary, but when I tried to look carefully, it looked a little different from other bricks. Thinking about it now, it’s dark and this is something I’ve never seen because it’s where Ricdorian’s back has always been. I would have noticed this sooner if Ricdorian was concerned so much about changing spots in the cell.
After taking my time looking at it, I could barely realize what it was. No, it can’t be. I stepped a few paces back, and stood there, staring at that particular spot on the cell wall.
Could I be right?
“…Flower? No, a rose?”
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