Novel Name : I Met the Male Lead in Prison

I Met the Male Lead in Prison - Chapter 92

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Chapter 92 – The Genre Has Changed All Of A Sudden? (1)
Translator: SKAIS   
Editor: Nym13
It seems to have dug a groove as if it were drawing something from it, but I could not quite guess what it was.
However, it looks like flowers, especially roses.
Before I knew it, even Ricdorian looked my way, his eyes were filled with curiosity as he did so.
“Oh, there’s something weird over here. Come on and take a look.” I told him and he slowly took tentative steps towards him.
It was time for me to tap the stone, I did so by putting more pressure against it and I knew my actions needed to be a little hard to be able to scrape the groove slightly.
As I was doing this, the thing that was wrapped around my arm collided with the stone, the motion caused an unavoidable shaking sound. I was certain that the noise definitely came from the bracelet Jair gave me.
Again, the moment the jewel touched the brick, it caused a sound
Suddenly, a pure white light burst out.
“..Light? What is this… .” I exclaimed in shock.
“Iana!” He screamed at me, but I was too distracted by the noise that surrounded us.
Clank. Clank.
I could hear a rough wobble of chains clashing against each other, as if moving in a labored motion. I could feel a firm grasp on my body. Ricdorian was clinging onto me tightly, his glare boring deep into my very being, as if drilling his thoughts into my own.
I shut my eyes tightly and willed myself to push aside these unnecessary thoughts. This was just a fantasy, I told myself. It has become more often now that I forget that I’m in a romance fantasy novel and am trying to get rid of the curse.
As I slowly opened my eyes, I saw a huge cavity in front of me.
I could only describe it like this.
The wall of the chain that used to restrain Ricdorian was open on that side. Turning my head and looking at Ricdorian, I could tell that he was just as puzzled as I am.
“I’m asking you, do you know about that?”
He shook his head. His eyes were also quite surprised by the sight before us now.
“More than that, your chains… .”
The wall where the chains were inserted had disappeared, and of course, naturally his chains should be well-knit together and clinging from his side, but surprisingly they were not.
Rather, his neck and arms and legs were chained at a place that we could not see. And his eyes followed the trail of the chain as if he was a bystander overlooking a train that was passing by.
Surprisingly, his chain seemed to be connected to the endless hole. Furthermore, I couldn’t see the inside of the hole because it was too deep and endless.
“My gosh, what did I do… .”
I frowned.
This was the perfect time for Ricdorian to lie down for a while, and not draw attention to himself. And to receive the magic I got from Jair would be enough to make him deliberately ill.
But what if some greater force had intended for this thing to happen? What if they had foreseen this situation?
Not only Lenag, but…Archduke Harnim also? What if they knew about this?
A cold sweat ran down my back at the thought of this.
Victory never comes easy to good people after all.
However, it was also possible that the Archduke Harnim had seen this situation in a different light, for people may have varying interpretations of what is good or bad. It is a known fact that every villain considers himself as the hero of his own story. Their concept of what’s right and what’s wrong differs from the common good.
If something does not go according to plan, people are bound to feel disappointed. Such is an unpleasant feeling and no one wants to experience it. It would be a problem if the Archduke would think that Ricdorian did this. He would mistakenly believe that Ricdorian has awakened.
And right now, I could foresee his impending disappointment once he realizes he has not actually awakened yet. Ricdorian probably didn’t even know future torment and abuse that he was going to encounter.
I bit my lower lip at that thought.
“What do I do now?” I asked myself.
I can’t just go outside and inform the senior guard of the new developments. Things will get too complicated, and I already feel like I have bitten more than I could chew.
Then, Jair’s bracelet caught my eye.
For some reason, it was emitting a faint glow, a light that shone brightly in front of the dark hole before us.
‘The light seemed to be pointing in one direction.’ I thought to myself.
Its white touch spread against the road that led towards the cave. Like a compass, it seemed to be teasing us, prodding us to look inside the cave.
To be honest, the bright light seemed to be pulling me inside, it felt like there was an invisible force that wanted to drag us in.
“Well, Ricdorian… I’m going to go inside now.” I swallowed a heavy lump that was stuck inside my throat and took a deep breath to calm my erratic heart. I could feel sweat sliding from my forehead, but despite my nervousness, I knew I needed to go.
“If after going inside, I still haven’t come out, you should create a very loud sound… .” I stated.
“N…no.” Ricdorian said, with hesitation in his eyes.
“What? No, don’t worry, I’ll be out soon. Just in case, please do it for me.” I told Ricdorian.
“Go… Can’t I go with you?” He asked.
His chains made a sound as he moved and I smiled sadly at him. He grabbed me by the hem of my dress and shook his head, he did not want me to go alone.
“I’m coming with you.”
He bit his lips, then formed his hands into fists as if telling me that his decision is fixed.
Looking at him, I thought that aside from his walks outside the cell, there would come a day where he could freely walk despite the chains that held him.
“Yes, then let’s go together.” I said.
I didn’t know why the wall had suddenly disappeared into thin air.
But there should be a reason for it, right? Perhaps there was a clue I was missing. Wise men did say that answers to problems are always under our own noses.
Maybe the answer would only come to me if I wouldn’t look for it? Maybe only then will it come to me? Perhaps it wasn’t the time yet for me to find it.
“Well, shall we go? I should be the first to step in, if you think it’s dangerous, even just a little dangerous, you should run without even looking back. Remember to run, do you understand me?” I stared at him in intensity. It was clear I did not want him to dismiss my concern.
“Yes, I understand.” He replied to me while nodding his head.
He spoke with a gentle face and I felt relieved when he agreed. He suddenly looked like a puppy in my eyes and for a moment I imagined myself and Ricdorian turning around and running together. It feels like it would look like a race between a human being and a hound when that happens.
I was amazed at my own imagination, my thoughts were wandering so much. I shook my head to clear it of nonsensical thoughts and grabbed the hem of Ricdorian’s sleeves.
“You know, you have to run with me right? You can’t leave me because it’s scary. I’ll be a ghost and follow you around if you do.” I told him with a slight smile.
“What? Oh, yes. Okay.” Ricdorian gave me a nod.
He moved his head like an obedient beast. It was a half-meant joke on my part but he seemed to have taken it seriously. Anyway, thanks to this joke, I felt my heart easing up.
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