Novel Name : I Met the Male Lead in Prison

I Met the Male Lead in Prison - Chapter 94

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Chapter 94 – The Genre Has Changed All Of A Sudden? (3)
Translator: SKAIS Editor: Eyeful Solstice
It took some time for me to realize that I’m feeling a little tired. In fact, the torch I was carrying inside this cave was quite heavy. The iron is used as a core and body, and the weight of the glass dome seems to be adding some weight to its total mass, making my arm feel a little sore.
Perhaps it would be easy for Ricdorian to take this torch and deal with the crisis while holding this. He does seem stronger compared to me. He’s a man after all! But holding this thing might come in handy if I needed to use it as a weapon to protect myself.
However, if a situation came and I needed to throw the torch away, I might not be able to throw it far enough. So, I guess it would be better if he’s the one carrying it.
Still, he didn’t seem to offer any help at all. I hated that he’s not asking me. I felt my nostrils heating up with escalating internal fury.
“You know what, next time, or maybe later.” I waved him and his hand back and forth as I gave out a long and heavy sigh.
“If a woman walking with you is holding something heavy, ask her at least once. Oh, you don’t have to ask right away. Here, like this.”
I took his arm and put it on my hand that was holding the torch.
“Listen, if you feel like her hands or arms are shaking a little, or her face looking miserable, how about asking? Okay? Hey, are you listening? If you do that, I’m sure she will like you.”
It was all about the heroine.
Perhaps in the future, he’s able to discern these things for himself without anyone telling him, but it wouldn’t do him any harm to learn some thing’s in advance either.
Ricdorian rolled out his big eyes, like clear glass beads, and stared alternately at the torch and at my hand. Soon, he nodded as if he understood.
Even with that figure, he seemed like a well-behaved beast.
“… hmm…you listen well, don’t you?” I smirked a little as I said those words with a clear voice and a proud heart. Yes, I was feeling a lot of pride having made him listen to anything I have to say. It’s as if a bundle of clouds were carrying me up everytime he listens. Let’s face it, it’s not easy to boss someone around, especially someone like him. Anyway, I think I did a pretty good job.
I looked up at him, as I turned my smirk into a warm, incandescent smile.
The next thing that happened took me by surprise. Ricdorian grabbed me with a single stroke, it’s as if I was nothing far from an empty hay sack, I was weightless to him. My field of view turned upside down as he lifted me into a fireman’s carry.
…what? no…no..Oh my.
“No, Ric, Ricdorian! Wait a minute.”
It was a strange feeling, the weightlessness, or even the concrete beneath my own feet. My feet were hanging in the air.
I had only meant he should carry the lamp instead, not carry me. And now here I am, swept off my feet like a damsel in distress.
Then he stared at me with a naive face as if asking me what had gone wrong.
“Well, not this one.” I said.
“I lifted it, Iana.” He said, looking at me innocently, smiling.
“’No, I mean…”
It’s not supposed to be me whom you should lift, Ricdorian.
I lifted the torch up so he could see me gesturing to it. I waved it deliberately in the air.
“This is light. But this is so… It is so heavy for Iana.” He laughed brightly. Not only that, he even hardened his face with determination.
“…I’ll remember.” I quickly shook my head violently.
No. I said no, didn’t I?
My insisted protests didn’t seem to cue him that it’s time for him to put me down.
Seeing him misunderstanding the situation firmly made me feel something was wrong.
“Iana, it’s too light.”
“That’s because you’re strong, and I’m not. No! Ricdorian, can you put me down now?”
“…I don’t want to.”
I looked at him sternly, but he slipped away from my gaze. His eyes drooped.
“You told me, if I don’t like it, I won’t do it… you forgot.”
“Don’t use all of what I told you here.”
I asked him to say no to things he doesn’t like, but he used it on me. His sullen face did not loosen the strength of the arm that was holding me still. I never really pictured him to be this stubborn, nor to be in a situation where he would be lifting me with his strong arms.
“……can’t I?”
“Don’t do that. It’s foul, foul, so foul! You listen to me! Ric…dorian!”
Soon, I was able to come down to the floor at the end of a scuffle with him. After putting me down, he immediately asked for the torch. I shrugged, then gave it to him. I could not understand why he’s still plastering that bright smile on his face.
“Woah, we don’t have much time anyway, so let’s go.”
He came after me with a proud look for some reason. Perhaps, it was after my promise to let him hold me if my legs hurt. Huh, I guess that made him very happy.
That face.
I feel like I’m seeing more of a dog from that beastly appearance…
No, it must have been fate from the time I shouted ‘sit.’
The cave was very dark and I always wondered what else could be revealed in such an uncanny place. I couldn’t help but think of some scary thoughts in my head.
All the unpredictability I’ve encountered ever since we’ve found ourselves in the cave made me feel like even I can’t prepare myself for what is to come next. I felt frustrated, clueless, and useless…
The dark cave was full of mystery, after all.
I’m just glad I allowed him to come in here with me, or else…I don’t know. But I guess it didn’t really matter what could have been, if I came to the cave alone. All that mattered now is I’m here with him, proudly carrying that heavy torch like a trophy. In a setting like this, what else could scare me?
I cleared my thoughts as I walked over and then stood against the wall, checking the material. It was just like in the cell, a cold and hard stone. However, unlike the cells which were provided with dim light, the place was pitch dark…
I didn’t think such a place existed.
“…it’s too dark.”
The silence was deafening, save for the few we could hear.
Tak. Tak.
I opened my eyes wide.
“The fire… they are on…?”
The lights came on at a good time. It also witnessed a strange scene that lit like waves.
“What did you do, Ricdorian?” I queried and Ricdorian only shook his head in reply with a dumb expression on his face.
Then, I glanced at Jair’s bracelet. It may be possible that this made this mystifying occurrence.
Did the bracelet do this?
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