Novel Name : I Met the Male Lead in Prison

I Met the Male Lead in Prison - Chapter 95

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Chapter 95 – The Genre Has Changed All Of A Sudden? (4)
Translator: SKAIS  Editor: Eyeful Solstice
How did the bracelet do something as enchanting as this? But what it did only set off faint fire for us to see the path and no more else.
That’s it! It’s good that the torches were lit with fire however it’s not that bright. The color of the light was dark blue, so it felt dreary.
But perhaps this was due to the blue-colored jewels, or minerals, all over the walls around us. Taking a closer look at it, it was starting to look a lot like sapphire or crystals that were often mined in caves.
Why is it they’re blue jewels? Blue light is a kind of light that is not commonly used in horror movies. Green lights are.
I shuddered at the thought of the past horror movies I watched. It was bright, but the atmosphere felt gloomy. This could not be good.
My decision earlier was to go a little further from here and then go back. But now, I felt like my desire to go far had disappeared. I wanted to go back so bad, back to the entrance of this very scary cave.
Fortunately, the trail did not continue any longer because it was not long before I reached the end of the path.
“Maybe this is the end?” I said that and checked the space which was a little wider than I thought.
If the place where I walked earlier was a long corridor, this one was a circular space. And here was a mixture of minerals of different colors, instead of rarest indentations of blue minerals. Thanks to that, I could see more clearly than in the hallway.
Not long after, I heard a chain strike. Ricdorian was tugging the iron chains tied to his wrist.
“I think my chains are connected to something over there.”  He stated, pointing his fingers to the edge.
I turned my gaze to where he was pointing at.
“I can tell that they are connected but…what is that?”
The end of the chain was bound to the edge of this space, to a circular pillar that was about the waist of a man. The pillar was similar in form to the altar.
I slowly raised my head and stared ahead. It had been standing out, but I couldn’t figure it out because of the shallow space that seemed to be sucking most of the light in.
“What the hell is that?”
There was a huge stone plate in front of me. Remains? A tombstone? No, the only thing I could say so was a huge stone plate.
Furthermore, there were sharp carves all over it, like knives struck at it and cuts decorated the huge stone plate, as if it was created a long time ago, that would have been seen in history books.
Should this be called a stone painting or mural painting?
However, there was no answer from Ricdorian. Maybe he doesn’t know. Because he had a bewildered expression similar to mine.
“That is… like a rose, right?”
The mural overlapped a huge circle with countless circles in it, with incomprehensible characters halfway between.
Various shapes such as triangles and pentagons, as well as circles, appeared, creating a strange and geometrical feeling.
I felt like I was peeping at an archaeological site. Then I saw a picture that was barely recognizable between the indescribable text and a list of shapes.
“…I think so.”
Ricdorian would recognize only the rose. One of them was a red rose, his family pattern. He lived in a mansion when he was young, so he must have seen it everywhere.
There were five roses in total.
The four roses were arranged in diamond or rhombus form.
I slowly raised my finger, pointing at the figures I could see.
“… red rose.”
In addition to the painting of rose painted with red dye, there were large red gems embedded in each petal.
Holy Sh*t!
I couldn’t believe my eyes. They’re real! Like, actually real. The jewels revealed a mysterious red color. But somehow, some of the jewels were broken or lost their light. From a distance, it looked like a rose that had lost a few petals.
“That jewel, how much will it cost?” I could feel my eyes widened as I asked him without deviation.
“…what?” He blinked at my nonsensical question.
…you shouldn’t touch something that looks expensive. Too bad. Either way, I had a dream of a fortune for a while and disregarded it.
It’s a strange place, and I couldn’t imagine what would happen if I messed with it. One should know how to behave when ended up in odd places.
If truth be told, I was astonished by the sight of the jewels, but I pushed down the urge to grab one and behaved.
“There seems to be something strange next to the red rose.”
In addition, there was a strange animal shape next to the rose, which was hard to recognize at first glance. It looks like a cat, but its ears are round and small. Its fur was gray with black spots and it had a very long tail.
I think I saw an animal like that a long time ago. What was it?
I asked Ricdorian, but he replied that he doesn’t know.
“And next…Yellow rose?”
My finger traced down to the right. There are bright yellow roses. Unlike the red roses, the petals were wide open, as if they were in full bloom.
Not only this, but this yellow rose was wrapped with a shiny golden band. Red rose petals were embezzled as jewels, and this one looks shiny like it was covered with gold foil.
Like it was made of gold.
“I see. It’s a snake.”
Next to the yellow rose was a white snake wrapped in thorns and leaves. Roses and snakes. It was a strangely well-matched combination even though it was perceived to be unsuitable for each other.
Soon, my finger moved downwards and pointed at something once again.  This time, it was a rose that was halfway opposite the red rose.
It’s a black rose.
“…but doesn’t that look a little weird?”
“I think it’s ruined.”
“Yes, that’s what it looks like, right?”
The appearance of the black rose was slightly damaged, as Ricdorian, who had been silent, nodded.
Unlike other roses, which were in full bloom, this felt as if someone had haphazardly stuck it on the hall without the care they did with the others. It was so torn apart as if someone went as far as burning it to ashes. And as I looked at it, my heart pounded and I felt a strange sensation.
Furthermore, the jewel on the center of the black rose was shattered. If it had been in its original state, I was certain it would have been like a black diamond, which I could barely guess from the shattered pieces.
“…who could have possibly…broken it? Exactly! How does it feel like breaking something very exquisite as that?”
Someone who did it really doesn’t value jewels, at all. Once again, I looked around the rose with a spooky feeling and saw an animal-like form around the black rose. Not only one, but two.
“An eagle on one side? Like a crow. Huh? And a cat? Is it Jaguar?”
The color of the rose and the animals beside it were in both dark color. In particular, the bird’s wing was black, but its beak was curved like an eagle, making it difficult to know which species it was.
My fingers turned once again in almost one round. The rest of the side were occupied by white roses.
“Even the white roses are beginning to deteriorate…”
That’s strange. The white rose was in half-bloom form, but the tight white mineral that was embedded in it, as if drawing a line, was stained with black spots. With this, anyone could tell  that it was contaminated.
From afar, it was like a rose eaten by insects or pests or a rose that has withered. The interesting thing was that some of the minerals were slowly regaining their white light.
Like trying to regenerate itself.
A healing.
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