Novel Name : I Met the Male Lead in Prison

I Met the Male Lead in Prison - Chapter 97

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Chapter 97 – The Genre Has Changed All Of A Sudden? (6)
Translator: SKAIS Editor: Dict Groiler and Eyeful Solstice
What is it? An earthquake? Is it really an earthquake? This is crazy! It felt very strong and powerful.
I hesitated as soon as I looked back at Ricdorian with a puzzled look.
With his upper body bent, he held his stomach in both hands, groaning. I rushed to him, forgetting the earthquake.
“Ricdorian, Ricdorian! Are you sick? Are you okay? Come on, stay with me!”
He was fine a little while ago. Then, in a flash, he was suffering from a cold sweat. His lips were swollen and it felt like he was running out of breath.
All the same, the ground was still shaking.
Should I have not let it touch the bracelet then? What was I supposed to do?! I was blaming myself for it, but I knew a solution wouldn’t come out just because I blamed myself.
“Ricdorian, don’t pass out now. We still have to go back!”
The shaking ground was rocking greatly beneath our feet, making us tumble out of balance..
Wasn’t this a very old place? Somehow, it seemed to be not strong. But if it collapses here, it’s all over for us as well!
I felt something strange when I was shaking his body. What?
The body of the Ricdorian… I think it’s gotten a little bigger than before. I blinked my eyes a couple times just to make sure I wasn’t just imagining it. This was not an illusion.
His face, which I slowly raised, had longer hair than before and covered its forehead and eyes slightly.
There was a languid blinking eye between the half-sweaty hair. And as soon as it peered into mine, I felt my eyes abruptly squint.
I bit my lips, stifling in a gasp of surprise.
What did he just say?
Does he still have enough strength to play a joke in this serious situation? No, that’s not right. He’d been in pain before. He must be hallucinating.
“No, it’s Iana, my name.” I corrected him.
I quickly grabbed him by the hem of his shirt. I could swear he got heavier this time, as I surrendered pulling him up when I realized it’s no use. I could barely lift him up before, I definitely couldn’t now.
“We don’t have time for that, get up.” I told him urgently.
It didn’t matter what personality he has today, I had to take him out of this place. We have to get out of here, and go back to his cell…
No, everything will be alright. I tried to convince myself.
Thud. Thud. 
The stones began to fall from the ceiling. I don’t know why the ceiling’s trying to collapse all of a sudden, but this place is absolutely falling apart.
I glanced back to look at the bracelet on my wrist once more, but I hadn’t had the chance to when he quickly engulfed mine with his hand.
“Are you worried about me?”
The thinning slits in his eyes were oddly beautiful to look at, as if it was an angel that fell from heaven, but there was no time to indulge in it.
“Now, I don’t have time for it!”
“Please! Wake up, didn’t you hear that?” I said, then he grinned.
I couldn’t help but be incensed with his reaction. He didn’t seem to look worried or afraid that we’re gonna end up dead covered by piles of stones.
“Ricdorian! What is wrong with you?!”
He kept grinning as if the chaos around the wrecking place doesn’t bother him at all. He finally spoke after noticing my fury.
“What? What is it, Iana?”
I did not give him an answer. I was so frustrated by what’s happening that I didn’t know what to do. What’s worse, is that Ricdorian doesn’t seem like himself — that part of him who always listens to anything I say.
I buried my head into my palms as I was about to give up. 
There’s no way we’re getting out of here, I thought.
The next thing that happened took me by surprise.
Both of Ricdorian’s arms came up over my shoulders. My mind went blank when I felt the weight of his arms coming up around me.
It was oddly comforting as well.
“Can you come over?”
“Really, I’ve got a bad word coming out of my mouth, you want me to say it?”
Why is he being like this? I thought I should tear up a cloth and keep my mouth shut, but Ricdorian jumped off from his seat.
His hand pulled me hard, and my vision shook. When I opened my eyes, I leaned into the arms of Ricdorian. There was a pretty big stone away from where I was.
“…you see? It’s an emergency.” I said.
We have to get out of here quickly, I whispered as if he could not hear me. Furthermore, my heart thumped at the sight of the stone.
Oh, was my voice too small? A warm hand clasped my hand before I could even open my mouth.
He smiled playfully, in a saintly manner.
“I’ll listen to anything you say.”
He said so, and then suddenly lifted my body… Why are you lifting me up?
“Wait, what’s the connection with listening and lifting?”
“You told me, didn’t you? Hold the heavy ones. You are heavy, Iana.”
“Huh, you seem to remember something different. But I’m not that heavy! Hmm!”
With our faces getting closer, I hurriedly closed my lips and bent my head. His arm didn’t fall into the barrel that held me tight, but he wasn’t even that far from me. Instead of being embarrassed, Ricdorian closed his eyes and smiled beautifully.
“Oh, what a waste.”
As his lowered voice flowed into my ears…Thump-thump…I couldn’t tell if it was my heartbeat or his own coming from his chest.
“Oh, never mind. Once you heard, run, come on!”
Vibrations kept ringing on his chest as he spoke. Ricdorian turned his body as if he had been waiting for a cue.
“As per command.”
Master… don’t forget the title that you used to make fun of me. To my surprise, he held me in his arms and ran with a torch in his hand.
In addition, chains unbelievably stretched out on his neck, hands and legs. As he was running, I peeked at the back to see the shaking ground behind us. It gave me goose bumps to see the walls and the floor split.
“…somehow it feels like the passage is closing.”
“You must not have seen it wrong.” He answered. Ricdorian murmured in a low, serious voice.
“The front passage is also narrowing. Hurry!”
If he’s running, we’ll be right. Because he was a much better man than I was.
“What should I do, Master?”
His voice sounded as if he was having leisure at this moment. He doesn’t seem scared.
But my fears have been growing and growing as Ricdorian was running. The entire place is completely falling apart, and I’ve been hoping we make it in time before we get closed in and trapped for good. We tried hard to get rid of the tension and exchanged trivial conversations. But the next thing was the main point.
“Can I run faster, Master?” He asked.
“Of course you can… and yeah, I think you should.” I answered.
At that, I glanced toward his leg, then I looked ahead. There was still no sign of an end for this bluish-blinking corridor. I couldn’t help but feel worried about him. Surely, he must be feeling worn out.
“…I mean, can you?!” I asked him in a loud, almost shouting voice, to hide my worry. Clearly, he wouldn’t possibly hear me if I kept my voice down to myself.
“Shouldn’t we try?” Ricdorian laughed languidly.
“Yes, we should. We have to go back. We can’t stop now.” I said those words in a delicate, encouraging tone. Surely, he needs them now. It’s the least I could do, with him carrying me around.
Ricdorian still daubed that languid look on his face. Then, the words that came out of his mouth gave me a sudden relish elation.
“To save Iana.”
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