Novel Name : I Met the Male Lead in Prison

I Met the Male Lead in Prison - Chapter 103

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Chapter 103 – Those People Who Think Of You (2)
Translator: SKAIS Editor: Eyeful Solstice
“Hmm…” Ricdorian would mutter between his breaths and I could tell he was really struggling.
His fever was very high and his body was sore everywhere and he would groan from time to time. Even the guards that would come down to look at him would say that his condition has become worse and very serious for any of them to medicate. And when I couldn’t stand it, I didn’t think twice to contact Jair right away.
The day Jair and I talked was the day that only Ricdorian and I were alone in the prison cell. The moment he answered, my fury came rattling up… and so I finally blew my temper.
“You said he wouldn’t get sick too much, right? What the hell!” I told him, almost shouting.
“I’m sure that’s what I set it up.” Jair had a perplexing voice. He quickly protested as if he had never expected it or even thought of it.
But for me, it sounded much like an excuse.
“If you set it up like that, why was he still hurting? I’m sure you said it would only hurt for two days.” I queried.
“That’s a little strange. I’m sure I made it based on what we had agreed…It looks like another external factor was intervening.” Jair assumed.
Beyond the bracelet, Jair seemed to be agonizing.
“You said he was still changing personalities when you two were inside the cell, right?”
“Yes, that’s right.” I answered him, still flushed from my worries.
“Maybe it’s the change that caused this unexplainable side effect he’s going through.” Jair concluded.
“…Are you saying it’s a burden on his body?” I asked in disbelief.
“Yes.” Jair answered plainly.
I didn’t hide my absurdity. What was he talking about? It was him who made that happen in the first place. So why didn’t  he see this coming?
“You were the one who made the change in the first place, right?” I asked.
“As a result, it’s a good thing for his highness’ body in the long run.” Jair assured.
“Huh… in the short term, he’ll keep hurting like this?” I asked, almost shrieking in skepticism.
I’m talking like a trifle but still, I held back my anger. Then, I took a deep sigh. Yes, it was useless to be so angry this time.
“You can’t do anything about it, can you?” I said in a calmer tone.
“Yes, time is bound to pass. Because that’s the process of his highness adapting to his own strength.” Jair answered.
‘You’re a real quack.’ The words that I was trying to shoot at him right this instant came to my mind. Jair’s powerless voice sounded distressing.
“…you said he didn’t even take the pills you had.” He stated.
“Yes, that’s right. He didn’t even listen to me.” I said.
I’ve already used the medicine my brother sent me. From cold medicine to body aches medicines to painkillers. None of them worked even a little bit to ease Ricdorian’s pain.
“…I see.” He answered somberly.
So far, I thought he was being rude to Ricdorian, but I guess it wasn’t without affection.
“First of all, I’ll get back to you if anything special happens.” I told Jair.
“Okay, but I don’t think I can reach you in two days.” Jair spoke.
“Two days?” I asked, worried about what he just said.
“Yes.” Jair’s voice has dropped a little. “Tomorrow I have to hear something from my people here.”
Huh?! He doesn’t even hide it from me anymore. Jair and I are not really far from being the same. Like me, he is also a prisoner. We both share a secret scheme that we both agreed on. But he sounds very busy in this big cell when he talked about his people.
If one would become a person of Jair, then that would mean they’re Ricdorian’s. In other words, there seemed to be quite a few people from Harnim side infiltrating a bit in this prison.  Anyway, I just shook my head as this was something that had nothing to do with me.
“Can I ask you one thing?” I asked, unable to overcome my curiosity. “Why are you helping Ricdorian so much?”
“What?” Jair shot back. He sounded surprised.
I was just curious. Before the original work, Ricdorian was just a man who was abused by his father, a child who had no power in the arms of the Archduke.
In fact, there was a phrase that said Archduke Harnim did not think of Ricdorian as his successor before he died, and that he had brought someone else as a collateral. But later on, he will be chased by Ricdorian.
Anyway, is there any reason to follow a boy who has no power or power from now on? I just wondered purely at this thought.
“That’s an unexpected question.” Jair stated.
“I’m just curious. It doesn’t mean much. The Ricdorian I’ve seen is a prisoner who sometimes appears wounded. In fact, I’m not sure about the nobility you said.”
“You’re mistaken.” Jair protested.
“Well then, why can’t you leave his highness be?” I asked Jair.
“ …hmm.” 
“Isn’t it right to wonder about that?” I added.
Jair was inaudible for a moment. I was almost convinced that he’ll never give me an answer, but suddenly he spoke in a low and still voice.
“He helped me.” It was a short and bold remark. However, those words that seemed to contain the truth had enough power.
I didn’t ask any more questions, and I said, ‘I see.’ It’s not that I don’t care how Ricdorian helped him, but I didn’t want to dig that far.
“I think we’ll just have to wait another day for his highness to see his condition. I feel like it won’t last until the 5th.” Jair declared.
“Just a feeling?” I asked him.
“The magician has a good sense of feeling, miss.” He quickly returned to his usual playful and relaxed voice.
I somehow get the feeling that Jair was really getting more suspicious. Although he answered my questions, I still have something in my gut that some things don’t seem to play right. Anyway, maybe he’s really not capable of sharing some sentiments with me, and I respect that.
“Okay, I’ll see you in two days.” I told him.
“Yes, please take good care of his highness.”
He removed his mischief and playfulness and then asked for it with a grave and serious tone. Then, Jair disappeared.
Taking my hand off the bracelet, I looked down at Ricdorian. Then I reached out and smoothed out the hair covering his face. He looked more peaceful this time, and he wasn’t groaning any longer.
“Thank goodness.” I mumbled, smiling down at him as if he could see my smile.
Upon touching the hair covering his face, the sweaty bangs were subdued, but the unwet parts were as soft as fluff.
“There’s someone who thinks of you.” I whispered as I continued to play with the tips of his hair.
Well, he’ll be loved as much as he can later, but not right now. It’s heartbreaking to think that this young man was left alone in the cold underground. Soon, I grabbed his hair and folded the tip.
The memory of kissing someone whom I described as young was forgotten for a while. I guess that would be good for me.
“Just hang in there.” I said.
His eyelids flinched. Rough breaths came through his scarlet lips.
“Hah, uh…” Rough breaths came off his mouth but his eyes were still closed. He must be having a nightmare because his face looked troubled.
I wonder what he’s dreaming about.
I bit my lower lip as I thought about how this story ends. I’ll be taking my time as his caretaker for now. Because as soon as all of this is over, he’ll be happy, even without me.
I felt an ache in my chest at the thought, and sighed as I touched his cheeks.
“You’ll be happy soon.” I whispered.
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