Novel Name : I Met the Male Lead in Prison

I Met the Male Lead in Prison - Chapter 105

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Chapter 105 – A year later (2)
Translator: SKAIS Editor: Nym13
I decided to hold out my hands towards him instead. My outstretched hands extended all the way towards his face, and my palms grabbed his cheeks.
“You look like a glutinous rice cake.” I told him as I rubbed the sides of his face.
“Arff?” Ricdorian responded.
I noticed that he no longer showed his teeth to me even though he was in his beast mode. When I first met him in this state, I remembered how he truly resembled a beast, looking so agitated as if he was just caught.
His behaviour back then was no different from a wild dog. Seeing him now, I can’t help but tilt my head at those now innocent and appealing looking eyes.
“Come here.” My pulled my hands inwards that were still holding him on the cheeks. His red-liquored mouth popping out like a crucian carp.
Then he blinked and his clear blue eyes shined.
“I, I know why you turned red earlier.” I stated.
It’s useless to talk to this version, but I know that each personality remembers the memories of the others.
When I saw his face turning red all of a sudden, I thought it was weird. Honestly, I haven’t thought of any reason why he turned red a while ago. No, I didn’t want to remember that incident but it suddenly came into my mind just now.
“You, you’ve kissed me, and you’ve felt guilty for doing that, don’t you?” I asked.
“Arff?” Ricdorian groaned as if he didn’t know what I was saying to him, but I didn’t let him go.
Though I wish I hadn’t remembered. But I just thought I couldn’t.
First and foremost, he suddenly got sick, and I thought that maybe because he’s ill and was in bed all day, he might have considered the kiss as a dream. Furthermore, I quickly pushed aside those thoughts in order to take good care of him awhile back, that I also almost forgot it happened.
However, this version of Ricdorian with me seemed to have remembered the incident I was talking about for he finally shut his mouth.
“Now come on. You won’t believe it’s a dream, do you?” Well, I guess so.” I said to him.
“Crying, whining!” Ricdorian seemed to be crying now or like a dog who was whining and I sighed.
“To be honest, I don’t think I believe it either. Well, let’s just bury our heads in the sand.”
I slightly let go of his cheek then. However, Ricdorian grabbed me by the cheek instead and I involuntarily stared at his misty eyes.  The beast didn’t bite me, even if he was so close to me. I thought it was a great development.
For a moment, I forgot the situation I was in as I felt moved.
But then, I quickly detached myself from his hold. Oh, this isn’t the time for me to indulge with this. Soon, I started to converse.
“I just know this, actually, the first kiss…”  I looked at his big eyes…
Kiss? No. 
“About first kisses….did you know that they say that the person who gives the first kiss, if you don’t kiss her again within a year, you can’t see her forever.” Clearly, I was lying to this dog.
I’ve heard stories about first kisses before. There’s a romantic story that tells that if you kiss for the first time when it snows, love would last a long time. That is bullsh*t, of course, and to be honest I had no remorse in considering those tales as one.
Promptly remembering the kiss, to be honest, I was so surprised that my tongue went up and started kissing with him.
I’m sorry, but I don’t have a conscience, Ricdorian. You must have been having a lot of fun with the impostor, but I’ve also gotten a little shameless over time.
Of course, the beast version of Ricdorian just blinked his eyes as if he didn’t understand what I was weaving at him. I smiled and moved away from him.  No, I tried to move away from him but his hand was holding on to the hem of my clothes the moment I got up.
He stared at me silently and I turned my head slowly.  Then before I knew it, he was on both knees.
“Ricdorian?” I stared at him in confusion.
It was him who was kneeling on the ground but I felt uncomfortable as he looked so different in his posture. The menacing aura was indeed odd.
“Really?” He asked me.
At first glance, I could see his reddening cheeks under his fluttering bangs. His face was slightly hidden but his high nose and red cheeks were visible under the dim light. And so, I couldn’t tell what exactly his expression was like. In addition, Ricdorian was biting his lips.
He let go of his hold on my hem and then moved to my thighs.
“Oh, my father did.”
Father? Archduke Harnim?  Why did Ricdorian suddenly talk about him here?
I decided to stop trying to move away from him.
“Lis..listen well, be patient. I’ll get out a year later.”
At that moment, several emotions crossed inside me when he said that word. ‘Patient’, I could guess a lot from that word.
What was he standing up against? It must be the pain from the abuse..
I bit my lower lip tightly. I know he couldn’t see me, but I also couldn’t see his face clearly so he might not notice my perplexed expression right now.
“Hey, promise me.” His fists popped with veins as he clenched and loosened his grip repeatedly against the fabrics of my clothes.
“Wait for a year. A year from now is the day I will get out of here.” Ricdorian slowly lifted his head up. “Meet me when that happens… please.”
Suddenly, a face as red as a flower seemed to have sprung in this cold prison cell. A flower that was so bright that I could not escape its light even if I moved several steps away from it.
“See…I want you to see you then “
I blinked at him. What should I answer him? Then I rolled my eyes. In an instant, I remembered I was the master of stone-hearted people.
But I knew from the moment I gave him my affection, that one day, maybe he’d come to me too, and that is something I had to be prepared for, something I knew I had to face.
“Okay.” I replied.
He doesn’t know it yet, but I was indifferent and selfish. Getting along well with con artists and prisoners means I can blend in with their essence.
“By the way, you know what. I’ll tell you this.” I patted him on the forehead with a big smile.
“What I said earlier, it’s a lie.”
“Eh, eh?” He turned red and opened his eyes wide.
“Oh, you don’t know that word? Lie. It’s a complete lie.” I sat down before him with a big smile. “A year later, if you don’t kiss me again, you won’t see me. There’s no such thing in this world.” I repeated again.
I lowered my head and stared at his eyes.  His cerulean eyes were red as if they were going to burst into tears.
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