Novel Name : I Met the Male Lead in Prison

I Met the Male Lead in Prison - Chapter 114

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Chapter 114 – Home Sweet Home (1)
Translator: SKAIS    Editor: Dict Groiler
If we had arrived an hour ago, why have they not woken me up? They could have also left me behind. Or maybe even carried me inside the palace if they didn’t want to wake me…
Either way, I find it difficult to understand why he’d rather wait.
“Why didn’t you get off?” I asked him.
“I was worried,” he answered me.
Worried? What was there to worry about?
“You were in such deep slumber, I found it difficult to wake you up.” He said and gave me a stiff smile. It made him look awkward. What was more awkward was how I just kept staring at him in silence.
As if he read my mind not too long ago, he continued to explain his actions.
“I did think about carrying you myself as you slept soundly, but I had been worried.” He mused, absentmindedly bringing up a hand to brush his chin in thought, “If I had proceeded to carry you, I would have you up. That would make me feel sorry.”
That’s weird.
If this was the Chaser I knew from the book, it would be more than likely he would have woken me up, greeting me with a malicious smile. Did I misunderstand him when I was reading?
He had done so many crazy things in the book. Anyone who knows the content of the book will probably expect it like that, I’m almost sure of it. There were already countless lives lost because of those hands.
I knew I had just woken up from a sound sleep, but I still couldn’t get used to how different his appearance is from the book’s description.
“You could’ve just shook me if that’s what you’re worried about,” I mumbled, and he chuckled back.
“Then you would have woken up, and made me no less guilty.”
“And why would you?” I snapped irritably, “You could’ve gone on ahead. You didn’t have to wait, I didn’t ask you to.”
Wow, was waking me up that difficult? I blinked slowly.
“Really? Then I would have carried you anyway and we’d be back to the problem all over. I didn’t want to wake, nor leave you, is that so hard to understand?” Chaser told me almost chidingly, chuckling at my irritance. “Shall we get off then?” he hummed when he realized I wouldn’t have accepted any.
I waited for the moment he would say so. And the door opened as if it was waiting for his magic words. Chaser got up first from his seat and got out of the carriage.
As I was about to get off the carriage following him, a hand popped out before my eyes. It was Chaser’s hand.
His hands looked white, big, and firm. But what surprised me more was to see a scar on his fingertips.
‘Hmm, I think I got away with the villain.’ I looked at him and his hands alternately.
The basics of manners in this world are definitely different from the world I used to live in. It will take awhile for me to catch up on these things.
Just as I was about to take the hand, thinking it was just there to aid me, I felt the ground disappear beneath my feet. My world seemingly shifted on its axis, and then strong arms cradled me against a warm chest…
I was lifted…
I was being carried…
And just as quick as I was carried, I was quickly put down.
The ground beneath my feet was a welcome sensation…
For him to be able to lift me like that… as if I weighed no more than a feather…
Just how strong was he, truly?
“Are you surprised?” he asked me with a slight lilt in his voice, as if he found my reaction amusing.
“Oh, uh? A little…”
He dropped his eyes down. The eyelashes were clearly visible.
“I’m sorry. I didn’t think of that.” A deep and profound voice filled my ears. He seemed quite apologetic, as if he wanted me to not be crossed with him.
There was that velvety voice once again. It really does wonders to my nerves. If he was a modern day radio announcer, I would have no doubts he’d gather a large fanbase, even if he was placed in the late night slot.
I took my hand off his firm shoulders.
But I was a little curious. I have yet to see him so surprised by my thoughts. Was he faking it? Or did he just not notice anything was amiss with me?
Perhaps the reason why he doesn’t complain about my reactions was that my behavior is already closely similar to the previous ‘Iana.’
If that wasn’t the case, then I have to wonder. Would he even recognize my different reaction from the former ‘Iana’? Or would he chalk it up as a result of my imprisonment?
Oh, there was something that reminded me.
“Oppa, do you remember when you stopped by the prison, met me in a secluded place then gave me a handkerchief?”
Chaser hesitated. When I turned around, he had a soft face.
“I remember. Why?”
“The handkerchief you gave me then, why did you give me something that wasn’t in our family?”
“Hmm,” he hummed in thought, barely bothered by it, “Well, that was the only thing I had.”
Was it really? I couldn’t help but think.
“The province is famous for its beautiful fabrics. The embroidered fabric, which is dedicated to Einte, is of the highest grade.” Chaser’s hand dropped with a slight tap on my shoulder.
I felt like there was a different explanation from what he had told me.
Did he rip it off of someone?
No way. It would have not been a bluff, it must have been obtained legally. But remembering Chaser’s line of work, I quickly accepted his explanation.
As beautiful as a statue, he was a man worthy of the name ‘King of Crime’. In the meantime, Chaser smiled gently.
“After all, you’re going to use it.” He told me, “And I can’t give you something useless even if it’s for a very small use, hardly befitting for a sister of mine, don’t you think?”
I gave him a lighter nod. I was only curious about the origin of the handkerchief because it had given me a huge misunderstanding. At least now I understood it a little better.
“Shall we go inside?”
He held out his hand. Each of his actions is very natural. But I didn’t hold that hand while I was thinking about how Iana would have acted.
“Uh. Can I go in?”
I can’t be the former Iana anyway. I don’t know, and I don’t have the confidence to act that naturally as if I was someone else. I can’t help but only be me.
Furthermore, it would be better to act as I usually do. That way if he doesn’t like it, I could get kicked out. That would be a huge weight off my shoulders actually. I’d be free and living in peace.
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