Novel Name : I Met the Male Lead in Prison

I Met the Male Lead in Prison - Chapter 115

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Chapter 115 – Home Sweet Home (2)
Translator: SKAIS    Editor: Dict Groiler
Perhaps the sleep did do me some good. I’ve lost some few worries I’ve previously had, and regained a sense of clarity. Being alone in this world would be actually preferable.
“This way.” Chaser didn’t say much, even though I didn’t hold hands, and ignored him.
Judging by our interactions so far, I think he was more interested in the person Iana had become since prison. More so than he ever did before…
But that’s only mere speculation on my part. We shall see more as the events progress, I suppose.
As soon as Chaser and I went inside the mansion, I was quickly led towards a room through long corridors. But what surprised me the most was that he guided me personally without letting someone take charge of me.
I would have assumed he’d be too busy to guide his dear little sister to her quarters. Surely even the servants, or lackeys, or whoever’s around could handle this part.
Only then when I had arrived at my room did I find myself unsurprised by what I saw.
“This is your new room.”
Perhaps he did notice a few differences a while after all. The sight of the room before me made me feel faint. I might have even paled at the sight of it.
Such a long line was my only thought.
What I thought was my room wasn’t a room, but another long corridor. Lined on both sides were numerous maids, in their black uniforms, all standing at attention…
I felt like I was getting ready to be walked down a presidential procession.
I wondered how many pairs of eyes would be watching me with this many people to greet us. Just the thought of it made me feel frozen and stiff in place. The fact that the tension forced me to straighten up my own back was because I didn’t want them to pay much attention to me.
I’m a person who wants to live a life of peace and ease… I was not the kind of person who wanted attention in this way.
And so we walked, and as we walked, they greeted us amicably. Surprisingly, Chaser was kind and friendly to the servants. It wasn’t what I was expecting. Not from him, at least.
&#lt;You can go back.&#gt; The voice he used when talking to them was so gentle.
This was also unfamiliar territory. And it’s times like this I keep coming back to my knowledge taken from the books.
This person in the books was indeed very different here. Chaser was painted as a cruel man, who would abuse and decimate any one he deemed lesser than himself.
We’ve finally passed through the long corridor, and I couldn’t help but feel relieved and exhausted. All I did was walk with the stairs of who knows how many eyes on me. I had even completely missed Chaser explaining the details with regards to my room.
“I don’t know if you like the new room.” he told me, “Due to some circumstances, we are unable to use the room we have had before.”
“Huh? Oh, yeah.”
Only then did I raise my head and look at the doorknob. It’s a very luxurious door handle. Something like a bird was engraved on it.
Come to think of it, while we’re walking all the way here, I saw a bird or a four-legged cat and a beast. It seemed to me that I had seen the same sculptures all over the place. Ought I saw the same piece carved here and there. The most visible thing I could see was none other than the black rose.
“First of all, since the sun is down, take a good rest until dinner time. I’ll visit you on time for the meal.”
I tried to pull the doorknob and turned my head. He’s coming here in person for dinner time? Why won’t he send someone else? Why not one of the maids lined up in the hallway earlier?
“Why are you coming here in person?”
Again this time my lips opened without even thinking much of what I was about to say. His eyes seemed to be appraising me for a moment. “Because I want to?” He had stated, quite uncertain before he cackled and laughed out loud.
Suddenly I’m taken back to my previous image of villains. People who’d maniacally laugh as they swung their swords haphazardly. Uncaring and unnerved by the blood they would spill…
It’s so different here.
I read in the books was a madman so cruel and vindictive. But here…
I’m faced with nothing but the soft version of a brother.
“Oh, I see,” I said.
I nodded coolly. I wanted to go in and rest because I didn’t feel all better. Soon, the door was closed with Chaser’s face behind it. With a sigh, I raised my head and was surprised.
“…what? so wide?”
There was a living room in front of me, the size of a playground. Looking back, it was a room. But it’s a room that’s bigger than a living room.
Yes, the right word is the living room, usually as big as a few living rooms in an ordinary apartment.
The problem was that this was very new to me, who had lived in a small cell all the time. This was so unfamiliar.
I was a small citizen in the previous world, it’s probably hard to adapt to this new setting.
“This is it. First and foremost, I feel like I’m a Cinderella.”
I brushed my hair up and stood. The long hair was casually untied, but the one-piece I wore was unsuitably luxurious and extremely soft.
It was a gift from Chaser about a week before I was released from prison. At that time, I thought he was a really affectionate brother.
“When I finally got out of prison, I prayed that I had no plain clothes to wear.” At first, I thought Iana was a poor prisoner.I was worried if I should wear a prison uniform when I get out of prison.
“I wish I won’t wear a jumpsuit anymore.”
But…is this really a good situation?
The scheme that I have been drawing when I was still in my cell was to wait comfortably for the time of my release and then to live in a quiet place where pastoral scenery could be seen.
YOLO, to put it mildly, that’s all you say. It’s all about getting loose.
At this time. I’m in a world where I don’t know. It’s better to be comfortable and not get tired than uncomfortable.
I was only grateful that the unemployed, the person who had no money to earn before, was someone who came from a noble family in this world and therefore a noble prisoner.
Even so, the problem is that my family is not the great Count Einte family in the East…because it was the villainous family in the eyes of the storm.
I took a deep breath and sat on the bed. It feels like I walked for three minutes to the bed.
It’s so big.
I rolled my dress up to my thighs, put one leg on the other, and put my chin with my arm on it.
That’s strange.
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