Novel Name : I Met the Male Lead in Prison

I Met the Male Lead in Prison - Chapter 116

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Chapter 116 – Home Sweet Home (3)
Translator: SKAIS Editor: Eyeful Solstice
“This is serious. Why don’t I feel nervous?” I thought.
Is it because the Chaser I see right now is completely different from what was described in the book? But I’m sure that’s not the only thing bothering me right now. I knew myself well.
I used to be very relaxed and easygoing when I heard jeers from my acquaintances. I’ve never been nervous when I took the college entrance exam. I always wondered why I never did. Some people would get sweaty and shaky and stuff like that, but I was the complete opposite.
One reason was that I always believed getting nervous would never benefit me in any situation I could end up with… like exams. Fidgeting will never help and the result will come out as much as we did anyway.
This was how I felt. This was no different even now.
I decided to shake myself from the thought of being too relaxed by this current situation. Thinking too much made me forget how admirable the bed was. It was soft in a way that’s beyond any bed I have ever seen or laid upon.
I continued to trace the bed’s soft surface with my hand. This must be how it feels if you sit on clouds. I giggled at the thought and jumped with my butt. It was so satisfying, and I felt like a child once again.
Looking at the bed wonderfully, I saw the inscription on the bedside. I was surprised that I could read it although the symbols were not from my world. When I opened my eyes in this world, in Iana’s body, I knew I could read this world’s writings based on some letters I’ve written from before. I somehow shared some of Iana’s knowledge.
The letters were carved in beautiful cursive form on a piece of wood cut. I’ve read the spelling very carefully.
“…Iana.” I said. “Iana Rose Domulit.” I mumbled it.
“This is my name.” I thought.
I gently caressed the letters with my hands and laid my back down. I covered my face with one hand and muttered.
“…Iana Rose Domulit.” That’s a pretty name.
Born in a rose, her name is a rose.
It may be possible that I would have changed the nature of the story the moment I had crossed the dimension.
To be honest, I was simply a human being. I wasn’t fully tired now, but when I laid my back, I fell asleep not long after.
“Oh, my brother said he was coming in person…” I mumbled just before I drifted to sleep. Thinking of this made me stop the urge to sleep a little. I wanted to open my eyes but my eyelids felt too heavy for me to move them. Great o’ slumber is really pulling me back in. I hope it’s okay if I just give in and sleep.
I tried to blink and closed my eyes deeply. After a long time, something seemed to have moved by the bedside.
I turned around holding only what was draped over my body. For some reason, I felt like I had a dream of flying in the sky and then sinking back down again.
When I opened my eyes again, my sense of hearing was so clear that I was able to depict sounds rather than see the surroundings. How long did I sleep?
Chirp, chirp, chirp chirp.
The clear chirping of birds sounded pleasantly. I woke up and rubbed my eyes, then raised my upper body. I seem to have slept too long.
“…Oh, it’s morning.” I mumbled in between yawns.
I stared at the nearest window as soon as I sat up on the bed. I wonder what time it is. As what I could see beyond the window, the sun still isn’t way up on the blue sky, so it’s not yet midday. I could see the source of the chirps from a nearby tree. I followed the birds with my eyes as they flew into the fresh morning sky and the chirps somehow started to diminish as they flew away.
Wait, morning?
Ugh. I opened my eyes wide. The hazy slumber was gone suddenly out of nowhere. I moaned, exhaled, and swept my face down. This bed did not fail to hypnotize me with its soft and alluring powers. I just sighed at the thought. I can’t believe that just happened.
Wow, I’ve really slept a whole day and a half huh? I must have been really worn out from the inside the moment I surrendered myself to bed. Still, I feel too tired to get up. I guess sleeping too much is as tiresome as lacking sleep. I shook my head in amusement.
“Amazing.” I mumbled.
But I tried to forget it quickly. What can I do if I already slept? I soon got up and tilted my head instead of putting on slippers. The marbled floor is cold. I stretched as I yawned once more, reminding my muscles that we’re not asleep anymore.
Strange. Did I fall asleep in the middle of the bed? Apparently, I’m sure I fell asleep uncomfortably thinking that Chaser might come.
‘I guess he rolled me over.’
Thinking insignificantly, I dragged my slippers to the door. The clothes were exactly what I wore yesterday.
Oh no, I’m hungry. First, I have to go out and call someone.
It was the moment I opened the door when I heard some arguments.
“Yes, you do. Huh?”
“No. You do it! You left it up to me, you know.”
When I opened the door, there was a scuffle between two women not far away. I glanced up the door. The door is opening without a sound. That’s strange.
Are doors here different by spending too much money? I’m pretty sure they must have someone check up on the hinges to see if they make a sound every day; or they pay someone to make sure the hinges are free from rust or corrosion or things that would make it give a sound when it moves. Anyhow, that’s funny… and practically unnecessary.
“No! Now, if you do something wrong…”
“Hello.” I greeted out loud with a smile. They stopped arguing the moment they heard me.
The two women in maids’ uniform shrugged. Quirky, they turned their heads and directly lowered them down. They looked scared like they’ve seen a ghost or something like that. I could even see that one of them had her eyes tightly shut while her head was bowed down.
You don’t have to act it like you’ve seen a ghost in a horror movie. I’m not going to eat you!
“Oh, hello, miss. I’m sorry. Our voices are loud, so…” One of the maid stated. I could sense she was nervous, or scared of me? I’m not quite sure.
“No, no. That’s fine.” I told them and gave them a smile.
I just shook my hand to keep them from talking hoping that they would understand what I meant. The two maids looked at each other as soon as they noted that my voice was not angry or annoyed. I lowered my head for a second and I saw one of the maids mumble something to the other one. They must have thought I wasn’t able to see it.
“Well, I’m hungry.” I told them immediately after they mumbled something to each other.
“I’ll prepare breakfast right away!” The maid said in a really loud voice.
Oops. It’s okay if it’s not this loud. My goodness. Rather, I was surprised that it made me narrow my eyes. However, I couldn’t make it obvious when I saw them with pale faces. Maybe the maids in this world are really trained to talk like this, like they’re announcing something every time they say something to their masters.
“Again, we’ll come back to you once it’s done!” The maid stated and they immediately took their leave.
I scratched my cheek at the rushing girls. They really talk too loud huh. I guess I’ll have to get used to that now that I live here. That’s interesting yet strange… but I’ll take note of that.
“Looking at this…” I blurted to myself.
The villains’ mansion is really a villainous mansion.
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