Novel Name : I Met the Male Lead in Prison

I Met the Male Lead in Prison - Chapter 117

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Chapter 117 – Home Sweet Home (4)
Translator: SKAIS Editor: Eyeful Solstice
To be honest, I almost got confused when I saw Chaser yesterday. But I can’t think too much about it now. It’s pointless.
There won’t be any problems. I hope there won’t be. Not long after, I closed the door behind me and roamed around the room for a while then walked straight to one place.
What I had in my hand was parchment paper and pen. Fortunately, the pen was moist with ink so that it could be used at any time as if it were new.
“…I have to try some things I couldn’t do yesterday.” I told myself, almost whispering.
Yesterday was so exhausting and traumatizing because of the extended prison life and the sudden appearance of Chaser overlapped. Now that I’ve felt more light, all I’m trying to do is simply write things down. I can’t miss out on something.
Books, leads, villains all the whole time. I used to ruminate on this, but I never thought of the exact contents. I just thought that the male lead was in prison, the villain was a rival and a sub man, and that it was better to be vaguely good.
But what should I do now that I have come into the eye of the storm?
Even if I try to look back on my memory, I must find a way to live well.
“…I knew he had a sister.” I mumbled.
But…How would I know it was me?
Shaking my head, I walked toward the table and sofa across from where I’m standing. Something caught my attention and I suddenly stopped.
“A carpet?”
As my room is big, I thought there would be all sorts of special things, like this carpet before my very eyes.
But what kind of carpet was hung on the wall? I just stopped without knowing it. There’s already a thick carpet on the floor. After watching carefully, I realized it was a fabric decoration, not a carpet.
Oh, I’m also very ignorant. I smiled at my stupidity, tried to pass over it but I turned my head again.
Wait a minute…
The engraving on the ornament was a geometric figure. A geometric figure that was familiar.
Where did I see it? I kept thinking as I was tapping my lips. Then my hand stopped.
“…That’s right! I saw it on the hidden cavity in the basement cell, didn’t I?” I could feel my eyes were so wide when I realized I was almost shouting to myself. That’s embarrassing. Anyway, I looked at the hung carpet once again.
A large circle overlaps with small circles in it, and in the innermost circle is where a diamond or diamond shape is placed. It was quite similar.
That’s what I saw in the inside of the underground cell where the hole suddenly appeared.
I tilted my head closer and closer to the cloth ornament. If there’s anything different from what I saw in that place….At that time, that would be the many roses.
“There are only black roses here.” I whispered.
Inside the diamond was a black rose. At the same time, what appeared to be a bird’s wing was spread out like a rose, and the teeth and claws of the beast were woven together with the string like thorns.
Mmm, is this really a coincidence? Or was this geometric figure common in this place?
I pulled it out because the decoration material was interesting, but it seems that the material was more lively than I thought.
It was torn!
“Huh… I didn’t even hold it with much strength.” I could feel my palms were cold from being anxious this time. I must be imagining this. This can’t be easily ripped, right?
I was captivated that I gave out a perplexing laugh because of the ripped-off ornament and the wall exposed behind the tear.
Uh, what do I do? ‘…I won’t be kicked out because of this, right?’
No, I’m fine with him kicking me out. If he asks me for a little money when he’s kicking me out, I’m going to crumble. Wait, no! Chaser won’t do that. He couldn’t possibly ask me for some money. He’s rich!
This can’t be happening.
“It sucks.”
I was so good at reasoning with myself. Thinking so, I folded the torn piece of ornament and looked at the wall again, what to do. Oops. I soon moved my hands to get rid of the ragged parts.
“What? The wall had the same patterns on it?” I grew more curious as I continued to move the carpet.
The geometric patterns embroidered on the cloth were also carved on the wall. The only difference was that the pattern seen on the cloth was cut in half. It was only the half piece.
On top of that, there were only black roses on the cloth, while on this wall, several roses could be seen just like what I saw on the cavity inside Ridorian’s cell. In addition, the image of the animal, which I’m not really sure if it is an animal, was the same as the one I saw in prison.
Although it was cut in half.
Well, let’s see. Are those empty spots where red and white roses are supposed to be? Somehow, I felt a bit uncomfortable that there were no symbols of the male and the female leads of this book in this wall.
As I keenly looked over the wall, I saw a small symbol next to the half cut pattern.
“A sign? No, it looks like a painting…”
It was a picture of a door…a tightly closed door. There was another door drawn beside that door… a door that is wide open. Furthermore, there was an arrow pointed on the open door which was drawn using words.
“You will see everything special.” I couldn’t take off my eyes on the words even after reading it.
The door. This door. It must have something to do with what I’ve seen in Ricdorian’s cell. The figures, the symbols, and the colors. Everything! They’re all the same. There must be an answer to all of this, a connection. But what is it?
Surely, there must be something behind this wall next to my room. That’s where the door from the ornament was pointed. There has to be. Half of this whole ornament must be next door, or maybe this was intended to be just presented in half?
Who does such a thing? I’ve never heard artists or painters from my world making something that is only half of a whole picture that could have been a result of pure symmetry.
Ah, I see. As usual, I couldn’t let go of my thoughts easily. When I looked up, I decided to step down a little. I didn’t want myself to get bothered with this. Now that I’m in a different situation.
Relax, Iana.
But I couldn’t relax. I’m curious.
Fine, let’s dig a little further, Iana.
When I opened the door of my room, the hallway was quiet. No one even passed by.
I opened the door right next to mine because I didn’t have time to feel strange here. No way, I didn’t think so. It was my state’s intention not to let things go by just in case. The next room was empty. It was similar to my room, except for the bed, furthermore there was almost no furniture.
“Well, the location of the bed and the bookshelf are similar. “
One thing in common was that the room was decorated with cloth.
However, this cloth ornament had no patterns and was plain red. I approached it without delay and shook the clothes up.
I knew it. It seems that the assumption that I was supposed to have was correct. The other half was engraved on the exposed wall.
“Hey, that was a quick answer.”
I found it amazing but at the same time ridiculous. But overall, really clever.
What the heck…this is not even an escape room. Jeez, but my situation right now was like that of an escape room.
I was right! The picture of the door drawn in my room pointed to the door next to my room. Furthermore, the arrow was like really asking someone to go in. So I did, didn’t I?
I couldn’t help but admire myself for being too curious… and clever for figuring it out.
I burst out laughing.
Nice one, Iana.
Surely, I didn’t know this would be right.
Yet, here I am.
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