Novel Name : I Met the Male Lead in Prison

I Met the Male Lead in Prison - Chapter 120

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Chapter 120 – Then, what do I want? (1)
Translator: SKAIS Editor:  Dict Groiler
Everyone bowed down to us in greeting. Swords were drawn and raised overhead above us, creating an arch for our passage. People of different physiques held onto them, some I was certain weren’t swordsmen at all held it up the same manner.
They didn’t even look surprised with the way Chaser had me in his arms. They just looked straight ahead of themselves and indifferent.
I couldn’t help but wonder that maybe Iana had always been held like this by Chaser. None even bat an eye at our position. But maybe they were just trained that way too. I wasn’t too sure.
Finally, at the end of the line, there stood three people…
The three black maids that wore colored dresses.
Chaser strode over and put me down. My butt touched a soft cushion. Looking at it, it was a soft chair, yet elegant in finesse. Then he, himself, sat next to me.
“What the hell is this?” I had wished I wouldn’t have to talk anymore, but this is something I couldn’t help but ask about.
Ignoring my question, Chaser only smirked before he gestured for the maids to come over. Immediately they moved in perfect synchrony, and procured many extravagant things right before my very eyes…
Dress, shoes and jewelry.
Immediately I got a sense of what they were going to do.
They brought so much stuff out of thin air… I couldn’t help but wonder where they got it. I was like an avatar in a game, where in just one swipe, I would have all these beautiful things. Immediately I couldn’t help but compare it to Cinderella.
I bet even the fairy godmother couldn’t make this many things.
“All the old stuff burned out, so I bought new ones.” Chaser stated, with a seemingly charming smile.
“Right, there was a fire in my place.”
“A fire?” I asked, this time to make sure I heard it correctly.
“Yes.” He said and gave the world his sweetest smile but erased it not long after.  “There are so many strange people in the world.” Chaser muttered those words with a sullen face. The face of the beauty, whose smile had suddenly disappeared, now seemed grim, but all I felt was absurdity.
…isn’t that the revenge of someone you beat up?
Such words rose to the top of my throat, almost blurting them out, but I managed to stop myself. He may have beaten up someone in a rage, and perhaps he had parted with his son or daughter from this world.
Ugh, my head hurts at these complicated thoughts. It felt as if the reality had finally come to the present
“So, how are these? Do you like it?” He held his chin and gave a deep look. It seems like there were a lot of things going on with his chin. I wasn’t sure what to say so I stayed silent…
“What do you like?” He prodded me once more, seemingly not satisfied with my silence.
He looks like he would buy me everything, even if it looks like I’m going to buy something that could cost 120 million in cash.
I shook my head. What was I thinking right now?  I feel like I’m the main character of the classic movie My Fair Lady, but this romantic comedy movie wasn’t romantic at all, that it simply became a comedy.
“…there isn’t?” My remarks were light, but the impact wasn’t light at all.
“Is that so?” He just smiled and nodded.
Bang! Thud!
Suddenly the maids pulled out a large box, and began to pour every trinket they procured into the box. I had no idea where they got it, or who brought the box, much more so what was happening and what the maids were doing.
“What are you doing?”
“I am throwing it away.” He said nonchalantly.
I was frozen as it was. What are all these crazy sounds?
It was as though he sensed the incredulity of the situation and held up his hand, making them stop. He then grabbed my chin and softly made me turn towards him.
“My pretty dongsaeng, fret not,” Chaser held my hand lightly and released. But he left a greeting at my fingertips. “We can always throw them away later, there’s no rush for you to choose something now.” he assured me.
His eyes were full of affection towards me.
“What if it’s not here?” I asked the question just in case, but it was answered back with a smile. Then shortly afterwards, he spoke.
“Don’t worry. I can bring you all the jewels in the world if you want.” The tone was as soft as the handwriting in the letter he sent me. The only thing that changed was that he spoke it. “There’s nothing I wouldn’t do for you.”
I stared at the new things on the box. All of them are flashing.  I swallowed my saliva and pointed at one.
“I would like that. That looks better.” I said.
“Give me everything that is like that.” Chaser ordered the maids.
“That’s an excellent choice.” someone suddenly remarked. My gaze whipped immediately to their direction. The person in a dress, which had been silent until now, gently waved the folding fan and took the back of her hand to her cheek. I guess that’s the merchant.
“The things in our salon are certain. Ho Ho Ho Ho.” The merchant voiced out.
“Well, I know what you’re capable of.” Chaser uttered under his breath.
“Yes. It’ll look really good on her.” She didn’t even make eye contact with me for some reason.
“Would it suit you, Madame?” She asked, still without looking at me. “Yes, I know it well. Sky blue would look really good on you.” she continued to say, seemingly speaking to me, but not at all.
No, I don’t think it’s something to say without even looking at me. I scratched my cheek absentmindedly. Since then, I have chosen one for everything that was brought in, and Chaser, who seems to be waiting for me, has been buying things by color or anything that was similar to what I chose.  I didn’t really buy it. I just picked it.
I looked at things with a weary face.
“Madam, would you like to try this on?”
“All right.” I was already tired of choosing and therefore I just nodded my head.  “I’ll be back in a while. I’ll just change.”
I guess, even here, people can’t escape the endless money mess…
I really hoped I was past this already.
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