Novel Name : I Met the Male Lead in Prison

I Met the Male Lead in Prison - Chapter 121

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Chapter 121 – Then, what do I want? (2)
Translator: SKAIS Editor:  Dict Groiler
Chaser burst out laughing as he looked at my white face.
“Yes, go ahead.” he encouraged further.
I went into the partition in the next room and began to change my clothes with the ones I was given. And those people who helped me change to the clothes that I picked didn’t talk to me at all.
It was like they were ignoring me.
Or was this what people from here called courtesy?
Ricdorian flashed into my mind, and immediately felt a pang of guilt stab me in the chest. If he had any idea who my brother was, that I was Chaser’s sister…
I wouldn’t be surprised if he refused to see, nor be nice to me at all.
Though that wouldn’t change the fact that I would probably do everything that I could have to help him still.
I shook the thoughts out of my head.
There was nothing more that I could do. I probably have made things… no, I certainly made things more complicated for him already. I have impacted him far greatly than I have anticipated, burdened him with my existence…
Especially since it won’t be for a while until we would see each other again.
While changing into a new dress and unfolding the hem, someone approached me.  She was one of the middle-aged women in a dress.
“Oh, it looks good on you.” She strode over and bent down without hesitation to fix the edges of the skirt before straightening up. She then looked at the dress from top to bottom, giving me a few suggestions while she was at it…
She said it’s prettier if it has wrinkles like what she did.
I decided to look down, but honestly? I couldn’t tell the difference from before to after. Then I looked at her once more. It was obvious that her smile was filled with faux joy.
“It’s worth the rush to the back door!” She stated.
“The back door?” I asked, filled with curiosity. What back door was she talking about?
The woman seemed to pause at my answer. But she soon smiled softly.
“The rumor was true, ho-ho. The back door is the door where salon managers, merchants and servants who have been called in like us could enter.”
She said so and I could not hide my curious eyes. This was a place where Chaser was not around and so I displayed such expression.  The word rumour was bewitched and I quickly caught the tail of the horse.
“Don’t you use the front door?”
“Eh? Yes. The main gate of the Domulit is currently closed. It is the owner’s will not to go out.  In this case, neither guests nor anyone else can use it.”
Closed? So the only door that could be used is the back door? But why was the front door closed off?
“The back door, actually, is very uncomfortable. It’s the only road that connects to the stables behind the mansion, so a dressmaker like me doesn’t like it. If the mud splashes…” She trailed off as soon as she noticed my gaze. Originally, she seemed to be a person who constantly poured out the water once the bottle was opened, but perhaps I should give her more credit.
“Ho-ho, I’m sorry. I just suddenly launched and rambled your ears off. Though it would be quite nice if you could open the front gate.” She finished her speech in a hurry. Soon, I showed Chaser my changed clothes then he whispered in a polite and ecstatic voice.
“You are beautiful, Iana.”
The more I saw him, the more convinced I was that he is very capable of seducing people. Even the servants who were solemn saw him without realizing it.
“You know, I don’t need so much.” After a while I shook my head when I saw a pile of things. It seems like there’s already a lot, but Chaser didn’t seem like the type to know how to stop, nor did he look like he wanted to.
Is the Duke’s fortune as vast as the ocean?
As a small citizen, I was sick and tired of scenes where unexpected goods kept on coming. The fact that I’m wearing clothes that were comfortable is enough for me. And I thought the most comfortable clothes in the world were prison uniforms.
When I refused with a perplexed face, he stared at me with a formidable face.  If a stranger saw it, they would definitely feel like an abandoned animal.
“Iana, I want to do it for you.” he admitted, before he took on a hurt look, “Did I happen to offend you once more?”
I had made up my mind to be firm this time, to make him stop with this extravagance. I had even steeled myself and my mind to not be persuaded, but the words were caught in my mouth as soon as I saw his hurt and wary expression…
I couldn’t go through with it.
“…Oppa?” Chaser knelt on one knee. I looked at him with amazement, the moment he became lower than me.
“What are you doing? Why are you kneeling?” I asked.
“Iana, can you give me one more chance, please? I want to do anything for you when you get back from Kambrakam.”  His long fingers held my hand. It was in no time for hands to get tangled.
“Don’t think of this as your reward, but still, I want to do it.” The man who had lowered his eyes slowly lifted them up. “No?”
It was so confusing. I know for a fact that this guy is definitely the villain in the book, Chaser. He may be a man crazy about love and madness, but he never asked anyone so kindly or politely. At least in the books he didn’t.
But this man, once again, he was a man who smiled gently as if he was sweet and would have seemed to barely lift his sword against a person.
“…just get up.” I softly demanded of him.
…your servants are looking this way with a look of alarm.
I sighed softly. “I’ll take it. I’ll take it.” I finally relented.
It was something I can’t use even if I’ll take it anyway. Chaser smiled before my eyes.
“Yes… I can give you this mansion if you want.” he immediately began to say as soon as he rose up to his feet. He brushed off the dust on his knees, but I immediately cut him off.
“I don’t need it.” The bushy tail of the eyes created a distant feeling.
“Shouldn’t I give it to you?”
My refusal followed by another. Come on! What if Chaser comes by courier? It’s not enough to ask for a refund.
Why is this guy acting like a fool? With a face that doesn’t suit him at all.
At a glance, he was holding a flower cup with a sullen face.
“You don’t like this either. My dongsaeng is always picky.”
I felt like an ornament, seemingly good to look at, but quite breakable. Here I was, all dressed in riches, but the character inside me was almost in a state of collapse. It was like he was ready to give me everything, even if it costs his life. It is also possible that he would give his title to me. What kind of retaliation does Chaser want in the future?
If you’re going to give me something, just give me a bag of gold coins and send me away the next time. 
And that’s how the odd shopping with this man ended. Chaser came out with me after giving the maid a new arrangement.
“From here on, I’ll go alone.” I stated.
Chaser looked at me for a moment and considerably let me go. It was not that he wanted to let go, so I nodded and allowed him to hold my hand.
However, he said something like a baby with those red lips.
“I don’t want you to be alone.” His eyes curled sensibly with his lips on my hand.
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