Novel Name : I Met the Male Lead in Prison

I Met the Male Lead in Prison - Chapter 122

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Chapter 122 – The Role of the Villain’s Sister (1)
Translator: SKAIS Editor: Dict Groiler
It was right after I told him that I wanted to see the mansion that he agreed. And so he offered me his hand, and I took it as he led me around for a tour.
He asked me about my time in prison, and I answered him as much as I deemed was necessary.
“Wouldn’t it be more logical to not befriend anyone in prison?” he asked me, and I shrugged.
“Well, I do like being alone,” I admitted, “And I often was, too. I just stayed in my cell.”
It was only in the living room of the prison where we were allowed to chat and stay with others, but every one of the prisoners would be alone in their designated cell room.
“I see, but don’t think you’re alone anymore.” He leaned over closer to me up until he was within my eye-level. His eyes as beautiful as red jade never failed to amaze me. “Not anymore.” he whispered, “And never again.”
He was a really soft man, even though he had a strange and shocking side. But I’m sorry I couldn’t tell him that all this time I’ve been out of my cell visiting someone.
He was still the villain.
“See you later.”
I had Ricdorian back in the prison, so I barely had time to feel alone. Suddenly, there was a new realization that hit me. Ricdorian may have been the sole reason my boredom and even the loneliness that might have come during that time didn’t arise.
I tend to feel that way when I was left alone for too long. Anyway, it was true that I was happy, and had grown attached to him.
I walked quickly and alone. Somehow there were no people on the floor where I and Chaser were, but as I went down, I saw servants occasionally. I moved and approached those who seemed friendly.
But most of the servants used to look around when I talked to them. However, they would answer me knowing that I was alone.
So I asked the servants and arrived at the section.
Neigh! Neigh!
The horses’ cries were loud. I thought the barn has a lot of horses in it because of the intense noises. From a distance, someone might have thought this was a small house. But it has the size of a mansion. However, it has less horses growing here than I imagined.
I looked wearily at the space that seemed to be bigger than a person’s ordinary house and turned my head away. Then I saw a small road.
“It must be that way.”
Is that where that madam was talking about? I arrived here easier than I thought. I rummaged through my pockets and slowly spread out my palms.
There were little jewels and gold coins in my palm.
I just took these things while changing my clothes. Even though I only lived in a cell, I knew how much this gold coin cost.
Mr. Palladis, who is idle, told me a lot of things.
“I could go right now.”
I looked alternately at the road next to the stable. There were two knights who seemed to guard the stable.
…yes, it is. There’s no way we can have no one to protect this place.
And if someone leaves without a word, they should be the one to keep track of it.
Now, if only I could leave behind the man who just wants to be nice to his sister. It’s only now, that the urge to disappear from this place began to grow within me.
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It’s like I’ve finally had a clearer head now. All those things he was saying…
It doesn’t match up.
He’s sorry? He wants to do all these nice things for his sister? Well Iana is gone, and in her place is me. Even if he was truly sorry, the facade he was showing me now didn’t make it seem like the type of person to put all the blame on his sister…
It would be strange for him, the type of man he’s in front of me now, to allow his sister to serve time in jail for his own sins.
His apologies don’t matter now, nor do his regrets. What’s done has been done. The bus that had long passed, won’t come back.
“I don’t think it’s going to be easy right now…” I mumbled to myself, the weight on my shoulders beginning to turn into a burden. “It seems difficult to escape immediately.” I sighed as I continued to look around.
It was time for me to turn around and take a step but I paused as soon as someone called me.
“Hello, miss.”
I turned my head away in surprise at the sudden sound of his voice. There stood a boy of my age wearing long boots. I didn’t know where he came from. I didn’t notice him before either.
“Do you need any help?” He asked rather curiously. I took my time in observing him, wondering if he was of any importance.
It was a soft voice: a servant’s coat and short hair…
It’s only now that I realize my mistake. This was not a boy…
He… was a girl. And she had quite the short hair on her pretty head. She straightened up, before giving me a respectful bow.
“I’m Yozuna, the stable servant. I was wondering if you needed anything…” she introduced, trailing off as I just kept appraising her. Catching myself on my rudeness, I snapped out and gave her a slight nod.
“Huh? Oh, no.”
“Really? Were you looking at that road?” She said and pointed at the road I was looking at earlier.
I must have been looking at that road intensely that even those who watched me would notice. I admitted it without reserve. There could be no harm, I suppose, being a little truthful.
“That’s right. Well, I was wondering where that road leads.” As I was her age, words came out of my mouth comfortably.
“That’s the way out. It’s connected to the back gate!” She said immediately, seemingly happy to be of help.
“Oh, I see.” I turned my head away after getting confirmation of the facts that I knew. Okay, I was right. Then, it was my plan to go back after saying goodbye to her like this yet…
“Well, do you want to go out?” She whispered softly. If only the little whisper of the girl didn’t catch me. “If you want to go outside, I’ll help you.” she offered.
My eyes widened in shock, as I looked at her in surprise. I didn’t think I would be that obvious, but why would she even help me? It didn’t make sense.
And so I refused, giving her a reassuring smile, because the uneasiness was growing. There was a cold dread settling in the pits of my stomach…
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“I heard from the older servants you used to pay them before.” she admitted softly. My breath caught in my throat at the unexpected honesty.
Never did I imagine I could get any tea in this place, from this stablehand…An unexpected story about the previous Iana. And then I watched Yozuna, stare enviously at what was in my hand. My eyes glanced at my hands, and saw the trinkets Chaser had given me before…
“I’ll help you,” she reiterated, “I’ll just need one gold coin in exchange.” she told me. There was some horrifying greed flashed through her eyes, that I was torn.
I probably have enough on my person that I wouldn’t miss a single gold coin, but I was scared what she would do if I were to refuse.
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