Novel Name : I Met the Male Lead in Prison

I Met the Male Lead in Prison - Chapter 123

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Chapter 123 – The Role of the Villain’s Sister (2)
Translator: SKAIS  Editor:  Dict Groiler
“There were knights there, wouldn’t I get caught?” I asked her, gesturing slightly to the sentinels.
“There is a side road that only horse riders use. Because some smells like horse manure, I made them use a different route from that.” she told me confidently.
I was worried for a while.
This seemed too easy, almost like a coincidence. Would getting out of here be too naive? That’s true. But if a servant, or a maid, had offered me this offer, I would have refused it immediately. The immature girl with greedy eyes only looking at gold coins will shake if I said this.
‘I still have no intention of going out.’
Today is not the right day. And even if I don’t go out anyway, it’s not bad to know the way out.
“All right.”
So a contract was established between the girl and I, and I followed her along.
The bushes were quite tough, but it wasn’t that difficult for me to get used to it because I’ve been passing a lot on the bleak cell garden.
“You walk well. Usually, ladies and gentlemen have a hard time.” She conversed.
“Try visiting a prison.”  I stated.
The girl burst into a small laugh.
“The house is full of rumors about you.”
“Really? But I thought so, too” I didn’t want to hear it, so I kept my mouth shut, hoping to dissuade her from further story-telling, mainly because I wasn’t interested. It may be about the younger sister of Chaser who went to the cell and I have a feeling that it’s not a pleasant story.
“I think you’ve become a completely different person.” She eventually pointed out, finally stopping as she had nothing more to say.
I asked calmly, pretending nothing was wrong. “Really? Do I look very different?”
“Yes.” She answered without any hesitation.
Before I knew it, we reached the end of the road. And not far away, I could see a wooden door. That was the shape of the back door. For some reason, there was no one guarding it even though it was wide open.
“That’s why I like it.”
My gaze on the door turned back to the girl. The girl smiled lightly as she noticed the question in my gaze.
“Now we have groceries coming every three months, so we don’t have anyone to watch.”
Oh, that’s why there are no people.
I nodded because I was convinced with her elucidation.
“Really? Then go back… .” She stopped. “It’s also time for my people to come in easily.” She shut her mouth by herself. I couldn’t understand what this girl was saying.
“I’ve been working really hard when I heard that you’re coming back, but I’m a little bit frustrated.” She added.
“Why is that…” I asked but she cut me off.
“The previous lady here was very wary…to the point of annoyance.”
The girl’s eyes grew sharp. She smiled and didn’t stop talking. She faltered and tried to step back, but her foot caught a stone.
There was that cold feeling once again.
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“I’m sure they’re all crazy about you. Chaser,” she clicked her tongue distastefully as she said his name, “It’s not easy to get back at him.” She added, before looking at me knowingly.
At the same time, I felt myself lurching forward as I felt a strong shock in my stomach and neck and tilted to my front. Something was definitely wrong here…
What did she do? Was she an idiot? What would happen if Chaser were to discover what she did to me!?
This bastard!
Ugh, I feel like throwing up…
“I don’t have much emotion.”
The girl continued, a cold smile drawing on her face as suddenly she tossed and played with a single gold coin in her hand before catching it…
“Your brother is simply too cruel,” she hummed, looking uncaringly at my painful state, “It’s no wonder many hold deep grudges against him.”
Immediately she caught my chin between her fingers and forced me to look at her. Her grip was painful as the nails dug into my cheeks…
The illusion of youth faded from her face…
And in the place of the young girl, there stood an elderly woman.
It was just like Jair’s magic.
“Quite naive of you, my Lady,” she said, “To be so trusting when you know who your brother is.”
Suddenly, I remembered what my friend, a swindler, had said.
&#lt;Iana, keep this in mind. Conceit shows up in the face of the nicest person.&#gt;
Well, I think it’s too late, mister. I’m sorry I didn’t listen to you properly before. In addition, my last memory of this moment was my body flashing and heading somewhere.
That’s what I thought.
Ricdorian, you’ve been through this pain periodically…I should have applied the medicine less painfully. I regret that I’ve caused you more pain…
And then there was nothing but the darkness once more.
When I opened my eyes after a long time, it was dark. I just thought this space was dark, but I soon found out that it wasn’t. It was already dark outside the window.
It was night. It was nightfall as well when I was taken wasn’t it? My memory’s all fuzzy right now. Well, how long have I been asleep? One day? Two days? Or was it still the same day?
Did we teleport? Where was I?
I looked around more calmly than I thought. I was already aware that I was stupid. I thought this world would be more innocent because they fed me well here. Tsk, the world is still the same, no matter the appearance.
No, I knew there would be people who would be after me the moment I knew who my brother was. At the very least I thought it wasn’t as much resentment as the latter part of the book.
I guess it wasn’t. It’s just as dark and as unexpected.
“Exactly just how much grudge did you gain for yourself, older brother?” I mumbled to myself, but it’s useless. He isn’t here to answer my questions.
I didn’t know that just a short look at the road would be the shortcut to the peak.
Well, let’s stop reflecting on ourselves. The first question that I should resolve is…
How do I get out of here?
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“I think my wrist is tied tight,” My stomach was still throbbing. But it wasn’t to the point where I couldn’t move.
The woman earlier was trying to unravel her grudge against Chaser on my stomach. I should find something sharp around here. I sighed and looked around.
How far have I gone into? This must be the base of a force that bears a grudge against Chaser.
How do I escape?
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