Novel Name : I Met the Male Lead in Prison

I Met the Male Lead in Prison - Chapter 124

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Chapter 124 – Oppa will always protect you (1)
Translator: SKAIS  Editor:  Dict Groiler
My eyes wandered through this seemingly empty space and, at the same time, my mind began to concoct various thoughts. Different reasons, and different outcomes I imagined the more time I was left alone by myself.
What were they planning on doing with me, I wonder.
But then my gaze was drawn to my legs, halting any further impeding thoughts. They were still tied up, as I expected, but wait…
Being tied up would definitely limit any mobility I would have. A most unfavorable situation indeed, but not the worst. Then suddenly, a thought ran through my mind, and I hummed in agreement…
‘There was that.’
It could possibly work.
With my hands also tied together, there wasn’t much I could do. So I stretched out my fingers, skimming them over my wrist…
I wondered if they noticed…
Aha! There it was.
I caught onto the edges of the string of the bracelet he had given me, the magic bracelet. Huh, maybe I gave them too much credit after all that they didn’t notice it. Or perhaps he was just too good.
“Can the bracelet do magic in here?” I couldn’t help but wonder as well. There were a number of spells on the bracelet Jair had given me that still remained on it.
I then began to list the ones I remembered before I found a good enough of a spell. I’m not exactly locked up, more like tied up, but the spell of unlocking latches might work here.
And so I concentrated on that spell, and felt the rope on my wrists gradually loosen up. The ropes by my legs soon followed, and finally, I was fully unbounded.
I released both my breath and the spell in relief.
“Wow, that is so good.”
I’m glad that I received it with not much hesitation when Jair said he would  give it to me. Not long after, I rubbed my ankles several times before getting up from my position. Even though there was a slight feeling of cramps, I had no problem walking. The only thing that keeps me moving right now is the urge to escape this place quickly.
“Before, I was the one who’d been taming animals in the cell.” Joking around was my only way to calm myself down.
It wasn’t that there were no bad guys among the noble prisoners. Rather, some had committed quite a crime under the name of other nobles. Since I’ve been under more surveillance, I was less afraid of my situation inside. I’m sure it’s also because of my easy going personality.
Soon, I found out that this place was like a warehouse. There were lots of wooden boxes piled up around. When I found a suitable pipe among them, I grabbed it and  crept up to the door with it.
The door’s locked, right?
What should I do? It may be better to use magic one more time. Because I have to find out who’s been waiting outside the door. But despite that, it was difficult to make a decision since I didn’t know what was going on outside the door.
In addition, the number of spells available is limited. Since this was a deep place, if there would be another locked door after casting this magic, everything would be a disaster. And that frustrates me.
But there was no time for me to fret any further. I need to hurry up. With that settled in my thoughts, I gripped the pipe tightly for a while before releasing it. I then carefully propped it up on my side, when I heard a noise…
It was right outside. Was it just my imagination? I certainly had hoped so, but it wasn’t so.
I flinched at the sudden clang as it echoed. What was happening outside? I could hear it grow closer to where I was, the sounds getting louder every did…
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What is it?
“Are they fighting amongst themselves out there?” I whispered to myself. My entire body was frozen, goosebumps breaking out of my skin as cold sweat ran down my spine. The more I listened, the more I could feel my entire body shaking with tremors.
It was an uproar and I had no choice but to think so. On top of that, I could hear the sound of weapons hitting and swords clanking. I tightly held the pipe with tension.
It was then I could smell something acrid through my nose.
“It’s..a….burning smell?”
I knew that something was burning due to my numerous experiments gone wrong in the kitchen in the previous world. And the smell was beginning to sting my eyes as well.
Was I going to suffocate to death? Should I cast a spell now instead?
“Fire! Fire!”
I suddenly heard multiple shouts as well. So there was a fire indeed. It didn’t do anything to help my nerves, only sent them into overdrive.
I was beginning to get impatient. I was becoming desperate to leave this place, and yet I stood here, unmoving in what seemed to be a hidden room. It won’t be long for the smoke to invade the room, and then I would suffocate for sure.
It was now or never. I refuse to die here. And so I moved to grab the door knob, only it turned just before I could reach it…
The door swung open, and my breath hitched as someone immediately darted inside.
It was a woman, middle-aged, and quite familiar. I stood there unmoving, listening to her heave in her breaths before my memories finally caught up to me.
It was the woman from before, the one who tricked me.
“Huh….” her hands shot forward, gripping onto me for stability. She was clutching her stomach, letting out pained groans, and the more I looked, the more I was certain she was indeed hurt. Particularly her abdomen was, judging by the massive stain of blood on her clothes…
The fear multiplied two-fold as more dreadful scenarios ran through my thoughts. What was happening outside? Who did this? Was I in danger?!
I was first and foremost shocked by the ever increasing series of events that I was with the sight of her blood pouring out of her…
“Sa-save me,” she immediately vomited blood, her grip tightening up on me, “Help me!” she begged, clinging onto dear life by the hem of my dress. My eyes flitted to her chest area, the torn tatters of her dress drawing my attention, and I couldn’t help but feel more flabbergasted at the sight…
The person whom I thought was a middle-aged woman was a middle-aged man. I was not able to recognize it because of its thick skin, neutral voice, and ambiguous appearance. But there wasn’t much time to be surprised.
“Please, Bleurgh. Please, save me. Save me….” he kept begging me. It did nothing to calm me down, but it did give me some sort of satisfaction that it was him that kept begging me.
“No, you’re the one who brought me here.” I told him, before I tilted my head in faux confidence, “Besides, what in the world are you talking about?”
His hands only shook as he gripped tighter onto my dress, tugging it down desperately.
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“Please, tell him, I’ll forget about my grudge.” The man grabbed my skirt as if it were the hem of a Savior. “Ac-actually, I didn’t even have a grudge. Well, I’m just trying to make things big. I’ll just gather the guys I want. Oh, my God! Oh, come on! Tell him to spare my life…”
Who the hell do you want me to tell that?
“Iana.” A low voice penetrated my ears and I was frozen as it was. “There you are.”
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