Novel Name : I Met the Male Lead in Prison

I Met the Male Lead in Prison - Chapter 125

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Chapter 125 – Oppa will always protect you (2)
Translator: SKAIS  Editor:  Dict Groiler
He called out to me in a friendly and soft voice, but in the place of that soft velvety tone I was used to hearing, was replaced by dual tones, both light and dark speaking at the same time.
There was something guttural and blood-curdling in his tone, the screams outside amplified as I slowly turned towards him…
Only then did I get a good view of the open door. The ceiling of the building was half blown away, and countless people fell down while others were fighting with black uniformed men.
A fierce fire was soaring from the outside.
Not far away, the person who was walking with the fire as the background stopped. Then he smiled snugly. It was Chaser.
Against the backdrop of the fire, the wind blew from somewhere, shaking his black hair like a flame. It felt like a beautiful devil who had just risen from hell right now.
“Good thing it didn’t take long to find you.” Blood splattered on his cheeks, but it matched well with his melting smile dissolving the creepiness.  “I was worried.”
Clank! Screech! Chaser’s long sword scratched the floor. When I rolled my eyes, the sword was dried up with blood that had turned black. He approached me and leaned his upper body. Soon, a middle-aged man who was holding onto the hem of my clothes ran away.
The sound of a man coughing up blood was loud. But Chaser leaned down without giving him a glance. The affectionate eyes came before mine.
“Why did you run away?” I knew. I’ve never seen this man like this before.
“…I didn’t run, I didn’t.”
“Oh, then should I say this?”
My body was trembling but I couldn’t take my eyes off of him. Why do these soft eyes go well with the fire behind him?
“Why did you think about running away?” This is what the Chaser in the book was like. “I thought it wouldn’t be when I let you go, but you betrayed me.”
He reminded me of the moment when we parted ways. When I said I wanted to see the mansion, he simply stepped back.
“Iana, my lovely dongsaeng.” A soothing voice filled my ears as if to give everything. “Why did you try to run away from me again?” Chaser raised his hand to his cheek.
The blood splattered on his cheek smeared and scattered more. It was like a red painting on a white porcelain. There was no sense of realism.
“No, I don’t think I need to hear it.” He said. But the shadow of the fire was still rumbling. “I didn’t make a mistake sending you twice.” The villain in the book whispered softly. He took my hand.
He brought my hand to my cheek.
“…I learned a lot.” It was a hand that was careful and unmatched as if it were dealing with tender things. Even though he is friendly and kind…
But I felt madness in those eyes.
“These are the guys who’ve been infiltrating since the moment they knew you were getting out of Kambrakam and maybe there’s probably more of them inside the mansion? There are still humans who’re going to live here. Don’t worry about it at all.”
Chaser stretched out a knife. Something black flew in with his stretched arms. A bird?
It was a big bird. It was a black bird, but the beak could barely tell the species. Eagle? Was it an eagle? Even the eyes were mysteriously black as a rock. Black feathers fall down underneath the bird with all its black plumage. I suddenly realized something like black rose petals.
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Inside the stone slabs carved on the wall, a black rose… And the shape of the animal next to the black rose. The bird. What was with that bird? At the same time as I reached that thought, the bird cried long.
“Everything, I will give up my existence in this world.” A red flame shot up behind Chaser’s back with an enchanting beautiful voice. At the same time, the black eyes of the bird turned red just like his.  “…are you not going to let me hear your voice?”
I managed to open my mouth. “…Oppa.”
“I’ve always felt sorry. Iana.” The red eyes returned to me  with a giddy smile that would fascinate the audience.
“Why….” The black hair shook violently in the wind.
“I don’t think my ability is working on you. My dongsaeng.”
Ah, I remember.
Ricdorian’s special ability is a tremendous physical ability that is not human-like. And his enemy, the adversary. The ability of Chaser Rube Domulit…
It was a fascination for everyone.
The ability to brainwash anyone who literally looks into his eyes and raises his voice. This was the man who took the empire’s underground in one hand. Atleast, it was until the future Ricdorian created a method for that destruction.
The red eyes were all over me with madness and fascination.
“So Iana. When will you tell me?” An eagle that creates fire. Chaser’s ability, the black rose in a lithograph…
Everything was mixed up. However, it was clear that one should not be missed.
I remembered the appearance of Chaser one by one. The way he had been looking at me all the time…the way he’d made me feel unharmed. It was naturally associated. He didn’t show any agitation, at least except when I briefly encountered him in the prison.
My lips opened themselves.
“…Oppa, I actually lost my memory.” Chaser smiled naturally. The eyes bent gracefully.
“Yeah. Now you tell me you’ve lost your memory.” he said, eyes cold as he looked at me.
It was at that moment I had realized he had been playing me this whole time. Wondering how long it would take for me to make a mistake…
I hadn’t been cautious enough, I’ve made one too many blunders. Everything that’s happened since then rushed unto me as the cold dread returned to me in full force…
I was frozen stiff.
“It’s all right.” His hand gently swept down my cheek. “You’re always my dongsaeng.” The red eyes roll slowly.
My lovely dongsaeng. His lips were moving.
“Don’t worry.” It felt distant and slow, like watching a movie in slow motion. “I’ll burn everything that harms you.”
There was viciousness behind his smile. I couldn’t help but suddenly feel the terror the more I looked at him.
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I shouldn’t have doubted the books.
“I’ll protect you any time.” Even in the midst of raging flames, his words were clearly conveyed.
“I wish there was a cell in the mansion so that you couldn’t escape.”
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