Novel Name : I Met the Male Lead in Prison

I Met the Male Lead in Prison - Chapter 127

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Chapter 127 – A Familiar Life Of Imprisonment (2)
Translator: SKAIS Editor: Dict Groiler
He squeezed his chin and tilted his head.
“Should I kill him?” he spoke it as if he was choosing which tie would suit him more. I was absolutely disgusted by him. His voice may sound good, but he’s as vile as any villain is. In fact, red eyes, like ruby, did not change in terms of affection. Since I had nothing to do with these trembling words, I kept silent and not long after, opened my mouth and asked.
“What crime did he commit?” I asked. He remained silent for a moment, before there was a slight shift in his expression.
I noticed it by the way the shadows casted by his nose changed in angle.
“I once approached a salon owner,” he began, “We struck a deal together. I proposed he’d be a servant here, in the mansion. And he agreed, quite smoothly, and quickly. It was quite suspicious, I thought it was an infiltration attempt.”
The more he spoke, the more I thought there was no lesson to be learned in listening. Nothing new to be acquired, and so I decided to tune him out.
“You caught him anyway.” I told him, “What else is there to do? It’s not like they tricked you.”
“Yes, that’s right, Iana.” He smiled sweetly. “I’ve known for two months that the owner of the salon has betrayed me.” His voice sank in my ears. But I knew, he sits comfortably and swings it, knowing that the knife he held in his hand already had blood.
This was my dressing room, Flore’s dressing room. We might have spent only three months together, but it felt longer than that. Far more pleasant memories with it overshadowed by the current grim events.
“Okay, bring me my meal.” I swept down my face. I eat my food in my room and not in the dining room. But what if I make it like this? “I’m hungry.”
An answer came back to me with a low voice. “What if I kill him?”
He asked again, ignoring my request. I shrugged in nonchalance. It was quite pitiful, watching someone die from torture, but it was an inevitable outcome. The salon’s owner knew what he was entering the moment he made a decision. He should have known better.
Shamefully, I turned away from the spectacle, opting to be busy with other matters instead.
He poisoned me and almost succeeded. But still, I don’t want to see you die. I knew from a long experience.
“Do as you please.” If I don’t show interest, he gets rid of it too.
A kill order, that’s waiting only for my approval. How terribly my life has become. And he knew that if he tried to kill someone in front of my eyes, I would jump in front of the sword. For less than a year, we learned from each other.
“Are you not interested?” Chaser tilted his head. The slanted and twisted gaze seemed naive at first glance.
A naive glance? That was a funny thought, indeed. If there’s a word that doesn’t go with him the most, that’s it. Chaser was anything but naive. Conniving, more like it. Pretentious, maybe, but never naive.
When I didn’t answer, Chaser’s eyes continued.
I heard a feeble sound of chain that came from my ankle. It was the sound of chains and shackles colliding.
Two pairs of eyes looked down as if they had an appointment. Chaser was the first one to laugh. Then, he waved his hand with a smile.
“Now, wait, where am I going to… Uh, where are you taking me, go, Duke? My duke! My duke!” Shouted the man in a hurry.
He was dragged away by Chaser’s men, making him shout incessantly. Finally, Chaser turned his eyes.
“I won’t kill you.” His eyes folded seductively.
“Because my coal mine needs a lot of slaves.”
But I would have only seen him as I was right next to him. The eyes that appear between the glaring flashes are not smiling at all.
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That man must be well aware of what happens in Chaser’s coal mine and how he is being taken away and treated in that place. That’s why he’s screaming like that.
I swept my face down…no matter how hard they tried to kill me it still wasn’t easy to see them being dragged. Nevertheless, it was not a comfortable sight for a person to be dragged.
The room where everyone left was very still and terribly quiet. But I still know my brother is sitting next to me. He was a man who showed his extraordinary presence even if he didn’t say a word.
I felt him getting up from his seat. Chaser, who came close by, knelt before me. My head turned when I was looking elsewhere with my chin on it.
There, I saw a black hair in front of me. The pitch-black hair shuffled on his forehead like a shadow. Kneeling before me, he pulled up his lips.
“What are you thinking about?”
“I didn’t think much.”
Just various thoughts? Maybe?
A small breath escaped through his lips. Followed with a devilish and fascinating smile that had just come out of hell ready to mess up the world.
He grabbed me by the ankle and slowly lifted it up. I wrinkled my brows in a delicate way.
“Why the ankle?”
“Just because.” My ankles, which weren’t a handful, appeared thin in his large hand.
“Put it down.”
Chaser ended with a smile at my firm command. The eyes full of kindness bent to the shape of a half-moon. It’s like a chagrin.
“Isn’t it uncomfortable?”
I glanced at my ankle held by him and turned my eyes away.
“I’m hungry.”
Instead of answering, another word came out of my lips. Whether he grabs my ankle or not. I could feel the pounding pulse coming from his fingertips, but I didn’t care. Instead, I crossed both of my arms.
“Give me rice.” I wasn’t agitated. I’ll say it wasn’t something to be upset about anymore.
This man has been like this ever since he revealed his true form to me a year ago.
“What else? Other than rice?” he asked me, eyes as sharp as ever. It grated on my nerves.
“I don’t need anything else.” I all but snapped at him, “Now, if you don’t mind, I want the rice as quickly as possible, I’m quite hungry, you see.” I told him.
He quirked up an eyebrow at my irritants before finally conceding. He tilted his head slightly in a bow, before he kneeled and took my foot and placed a soft kiss on my sole…
My eyes softened at the gesture. I may have decided to not trust him, but that doesn’t mean I can’t be civil about it.
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“…don’t do that on my instep. It’s dirty.”
“Is that so? Can you wash it for me?”
What do you mean? [Wash] the lips?
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