Novel Name : I Met the Male Lead in Prison

I Met the Male Lead in Prison - Chapter 128

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Chapter 128. Familiar Confinement Life (2) (Chapter 65 According to Raw)
What nonsense are you talking about? With a small breath, I responded casually.
“It’s going to rain soon, standing with your mouth open.”
Our gaze crossed at my voice. Chaser was the one who burst into laughter. He wiped his cheek with the back of his hand.
“You’re not supposed to say that.”
“Then, should I not wash my feet in the future?”
“My sister, do you want me to wash it myself?”
Chaser who was saying that rubbed his chin as if it were interesting.
“Ah… it sounds like a good idea, can I practice it?”
“… Come to think of it, I’ll stand with you when it rains.”
What is this pervert saying. It’s better if you wash me up.
He squeezed my ankle slightly and released it. I could feel the texture of the shackles.
The room was filled with luxurious bedding and pillows that were made from a hundred goose down.
In addition to this, from rare gemstones that cannot be obtained even if you search through the empire, clothes and shoes that cannot be worn completely for a year and 12 months, and an air freshener made from grass that you can only pick up once in 10 years.
It embodies luxury.
I finally gazed over Chaser’s shoulder.
A large pillar in the room, a black chain wrapped around the pillar. The pillars rotated like a pulley. It was also the power of magic.
Was it possible to wind up this mansion if all of that was unpacked?
Thanks to that, I was able to move around freely in the mansion even with these shackles. It was tied up at the same time.
I took my eyes off the pillar and looked at the man who gave me these things.
Yes, for the past year or so, I have been imprisoned.
How is it?
You are comfortably being imprisoned.
The world is full anyway, you might feel stuffed.
I decided to enjoy life.
“Hurry up and feed me.”
About a year ago, it took less than three months to think this way.
A year ago, I was rescued by Chaser from a burning base and changed the room occupied by Chaser.
The feet were shackled thicker than they are now.
Looking at the finished room, I felt absurd.
.… It’s more realistic than any other cell.
At that time, the chains were shorter than they are now. Just enough to barely walk around the house?
This was also possible by Chaser’s subordinate who was a black magician that casted a spell.
When Chaser showed his true self, the house adapted to it as if it had waited. No, the people in the market seemed more familiar with the appearance of this side.
Countless people came and went as if when the mansion was quiet. Of course they didn’t see me trapped.
Oh, a lot of people came and screamed that the mansion was gone. I knew. I thought it would never be a welcome scream.
I was surprised, but it wasn’t unfamiliar. Scary or whatever, this was how it felt like this was a villain’s mansion.
In fact, I knew I was quick to adapt, but I didn’t know that I would be so quick.
Surely, who would have known I would adapt to the shackles.
But the situation made me remarkably adaptable to it.
It has been a month since I was shackled by Chaser.
Suddenly, a dagger flew in and broke the glass, and his hand was cut long. I couldn’t move. Because the sword was right in front of me.
The culprit was a butler who had been working in this mansion for 11 years.
In addition, his grudges were not directed against Chaser, but toward Duke of Domulit, Chaser’s father.
Duke Domullit was unable to receive the butler’s resentment, who was currently recuperating in a secret place with fatal injuries. It turned to Chaser, who instead was standing firm and strong.
&#lt;… I’m sorry, Iana.&#gt;
Chaser apologized, dripping blood from the sword. His eyes looked as if they were crying.
At first I thought he was talking about being struck in his place. But I knew it wasn’t that with his following words.
After that, the meal was poisoned. The victim of the massacre by Duke Domulit was the culprit.
Chaser replaced everyone in the kitchen that day. I realized.
Oh, not everything is just a grudge against Chaser.
&#lt;I’m sorry.&#gt;
Duke Domulit was a vicious human before Chaser became a villain. What he did came back.
Even Chaser got involved with that resentment against him. I found out naturally. That Chasel was holding all of this in the meantime.
&#lt;… Still, you can’t run away, my Iana.&#gt;
I learned after trying to escape after saying ‘third time’s the charm’ or something like that.
Ah, my face is known to his enemies.
Wherever I went, my popularity peaked. It was a disgrace that I was taken negatively.
Thanks to these attempts, I felt that it was impossible to live in peace even when I went out.
When there was an assassination attempt while walking on the first floor, the bedding in the room changed drastically.
Around that time, I knew the utility of the shackles and chains that wrapped around my ankles.
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Chaser could know wherever I was with this chain. It was because of this that he was able to run just before I was hit by a knife to my neck.
When I was in danger, he ran like mad.
…..It’s better than I thought, right?
It was a change of mind in an urgent situation, but I concluded that I was satisfied in my own way.
What can I do? Can you live outside here? My unfortunate life, and will crying change the situation?
If you can’t change the situation, you can change your mind and live comfortably.
How difficult would that be?
I’ll just be the villain’s sister.
This was the beginning of my comfort confinement life when I was satisfied with my stomach and back.
It was a ‘comfortable’ and ‘convenient’ confinement.
At least, Chaser did not starve my meal, and always gave it the highest grade and filtered out the poison that was mixed with it.
“Good is good.”
I sat down, knocking on my stomach and muttering. Chubby. There was someone who looked closely at my hand knocking on the belly.
“What are you looking at?”
I turned my head towards the person sending their gaze.
In front of me, the cheeks that seemed like new white and glutinous rice cakes were twitching. It’s not really scary to puff up your peach-colored cheeks.
“Oh, do I have to say this.”
Raising my arms up on the table, I grinned with my chin resting.
“Wat ah yu looki at?”
My pronunciation was crushed, and the other side knocked on the table, banging at my voice, as if it were a baby muttering.
Bang bang!
His little fist pounded the table.
“Hey, lady! Don’t talk like that!”
Would a strong table shake with a small fist like a child’s? It wasn’t like a child, it was more like a baby.
“Ah, then, what should I say?”
“Don’t say anything!”
The teeth in front of its eyes were burning.
The fluffy, dark, sky blue hair and darker green eyes were round, as if they had beads inserted into them, and the face was full of color.
This child, who was only like a 6 years old if it stands, was Chaser’s subordinate, the black wizard Marshmallow.
Currently, he was getting angry with a wand that is difficult for that body to handle, and as you can see with that wand, he was the wizard who enchanted my shackles and the one who extended the chain.
“Why are you, Mr. Marshmallow. Have a joke.”
“It’s Majimello!”
“It’s difficult to pronounce. It’s easy to shorten it.”
The name is difficult to pronounce, so it is roughly shortened and called it as Marshmallow.
“What’s that. That’s not a joke, Jana!”
Oh, yes, it’s not an abbreviation.
“Ah, it’s a mistake. It’s a mistake. Don’t be angry at small things. Aren’t you small
“I’m all grown up! My body is taller!”
“Not that body, but this body.”
“My body!”
“Yes yes, did you get taller?”
As you can see, he looks like a small child, but the inner core is a fine adult man.
‘He moves well with that size. Oh, I thought he said he was flying.’
I have seen it in a book. A black wizard who serves Chaser and was his left arm in charge of all kinds of work behind the scenes.
That’s the side effect of studying black magic.
Right now, he’s working on a way to get back to normal, but it looks like it’ll be a long way off. Because Chaser puts so much work for him.
Due to the nature of the black wizard being rejected and ostracized, it would be good for him to be by Chaser’s side. He wouldn’t even be able to run away with that baby face.
If Ricdorian had the wizard Jair, this person was the opponent of him.
He seems to be a great wizard, considering the chains on my ankles and the skill of extending the lengths of those chains.
When I think of Jair, he has a pretty cute visual though.
“Agghh! Lady!!”
But it’s this fierce.
“Come on, go! Go! Look at your book.”
He slammed the palm of my last month. There was no dignity at all, but at least I pretended to concentrate.
He was my teacher. There was also the reason why the words were so short. I didn’t like the way the baby was treated with extreme respect.
“But why should I study the history of the empire?”
Recently, Chaser happily assigned his busy Black Wizard as a study partner.
“Do you want to live a good life?”
“That’s right.”
“You don’t want to have a sore stomach and sore back right? You dog pig.”
“… don’t call me a dog pig with that face.”
(T/N: I couldn’t find an Eng equivalent of dog-pig, but it’s a slang that means a greedy, foolish person that speaks ill or belittles people. Just negative.)
I answered in a quibble way.
I didn’t feel the need to study, and here this little wizard’s misery began.
“Then, you need to know what you’re doing in the house.”
I need to know what about our house, our family. I questioned seriously.
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“Even if I don’t know about that… Wouldn’t my brother feed me?”
“This parasite!”
“Yes. Yes, please make me a pretty moth.”
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