Novel Name : I Met the Male Lead in Prison

I Met the Male Lead in Prison - Chapter 129

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Chapter 129: Missing Heart (1) (Chapter 66 According to Raw)
After the scuffle, I managed to read a book.
‘I’m serious.’
I mean, Chaser won’t let me go. In addition, it was also difficult to go out and live thanks to the rush of resentment.
I didn’t know why Chaser made me study.
The age standard of an adult here is 18, but I lacked common sense. I thought it was unnecessary while I was protected from a resentful attack, but now I’ve decided it wasn’t.
Clink. The chain shook.
I’ve been wagging my feet over a much lighter and thinner chain from about four months ago.
“What you do. Do it quickly!”
… Sometimes this person’s pronunciation isn’t like a baby, but it’s like a foreigner’s poorly spoken Korean. Or it may sound like the tone of a 6-year-old child who just outgrew the baby stage.
I looked at the book.
[Therefore, there are as many as five families in the empire-]
It was a passage from a history book. It was easily interpreted to fit the title of liberal arts that everyone should know.
Among them, I found a familiar pattern.
I had forgotten a report a long time ago. I pulled this out of my memory.
“Hey, Mr. Marshmallow, what is this pattern? Please explain.”
“It’s not Marshmallow, hey!”
“Yes, okay. Mr. Pudding. What do you say?”
His dainty face huffed but his eyes were steadily falling. I held back my laughter.
However, it was the eyes that was pathetic to return.
“Lady, do you even have a basic history?”
“Whether it’s ‘lady’ or ‘you’, choose one. Yes, I don’t know. Didn’t you know I’m ignorant?”
I was confident.
“… why are you so proud?”
The Black Wizard explained to me while showing a ridiculous expression.
“This is a magical pattern that has been passed down from ancient times. It is known that only the imperial family and Rose Family can use it as gatekeepers.”
I roughly interpreted it in his words as : a pattern that most of the people know that only the royal family and the rose family can use.
“It’s also basicl. Know a little bit. Don’t embarrass the master. You don’t know that?”
“It’s a very basic thing, isn’t it?”
I looked at the pattern carefully. No matter how much I look at this, I saw it in the prison cell.
It was a pattern seen from inside a hole in an underground cell. However, it was very different in shape. It feels like it was taken out and expressed in abbreviated form, so to speak?
And it seems to have been transformed. It was drawn simply so that anyone could recognize it.
It was purely because of the strange animal figures painted together with the roses painting.
I looked at each of the fragmented patterns and stopped.
It was a bright red rose. Ricdorian, it was his pattern.
“Hey, Mr. Tart, what’s this animal thing? I’m so curious.”
“….lady, don’t you have to call me properly?”
“I know, I know, I know, Mr. Marshmall.”
The little black wizard sighed. Even so, the little cheeks were cute mumbling, but I hid the fact. He knows he’s cute so he gets angry when I say he’s cute. He wants to be a dignified black wizard.
“Do you know about the Rose?”
“Yes, roughly.”
“The Rose Family has a special ability of a guardian deity. This is called ‘Numen’, and it is also called the god of protection.”
“God of protection….”
You mean the thing that my brother has too.
I often thought of a bird that started a fire. Now, more than a year later, I was accustomed to the appearance of a bird burning the head of an intruder.
Subsequently, he said that the Rose and the Domulit were a family with two gods.
I also saw another beast that my brother had. I nodded at that. The little warlock liked my attitude of listening.
Not surprisingly, I pressed my face and turned to the sentence. The reddish red rose was particularly noticeable.
Then this is the guardian deity of Ricdorian. The words only felt odd.
“Have you seen a Rose?”
“Huh? No, it’s just because it’s amazing.”
Being a guardian deity, if there were such things, would the man live a more comfortable life?
That man is, of course, Ricdorian.
It was purely because of Marshmallow that I learned in detail about the Rose and their power. Because Chaser told me that he had exceptionally strong and powerful power, there were people born with strong abilities even within the Rose family, and there were people born with weak powers as well as ordinary people.
“Look, it’s insignificant. The guardian deity is now just a name but no reality*.”
“Wow, it’s amazing how you use difficult words with that face. She sells seashells**, try it.”
“Don’t make fun of me!”
Anyway, with this ability, it was born only in Grand Duke Hel’s. The reason for the abuse towards Ricdorian was obvious.
‘Now I have an idea.’
After sharing a few more words, the class ended. It was like chatting under the guise of a class. After class that wasn’t so class-like, I was left alone in the room. I moved in the room and opened the familiar door.
When I first came here a year ago, it was the room that Chaser gave me.
It hasn’t been a long time, but the room was clean.
Now, I came to a room with pillars, and I don’t have to sleep here anymore, and now I don’t think I want to escape the room. I was curious.
“’The guardian deity is now just a name but no reality.’What does this mean?”
When Marshmell spoke of the rose guardian, he just pretended not to know, but was curious.
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I couldn’t wonder about others in front of the little black wizard.
I knew how Chaser regarded my interest in others.
It’s just a light curiosity, and I wanted to be comfortable.
‘So let’s see. To the extent that only a little curiosity is met.’
As seen before, I lifted up the fabric decoration. There was still something on the wall.
“Half here.”
I went to the next room. It was still inscribed on the wall there.
“And here are red and white roses.”
There are red and white roses, which are the crests of the male and female lead families. And next to the white rose was a guardian deity.
One red rose has no guardian deity.
“You mean to find this, right?”
About a year ago, I was busy looking at it, and I forgot it. At this moment, I was willing to try to escape the room. The big thing was that there wasn’t much to do.
&#lt;… The promise. You’ll keep it…?&#gt;
I closed my eyes and then opened them.
I needed to focus.
Like the first room, the room had something like a symbol under the pattern, as if scraped with a knife. Probably a clue to finding something that isn’t in this pattern.
It was drawn like a mountain and a sun and an arrow down was visible. The sun is rising between the mountains. And the part corresponding to the east of the symbol is circled. And this looks like a bookcase. The square was full of books.
“The second downstairs to the east, next to the bookshelf?”
I stopped muttering and took a quick step. It wasn’t long before I arrived at the room where I was aiming for.
As soon as I opened the door, I approached the bookshelf. Not to be confused, there was only one bookcase. I squatted in front of the bookshelf and removed the small decorative pots next to the bookshelf, and I smiled.
There was a small beast depicted there.
“Found it.”
But soon I tilted my head.
..… I found it, but what do I do now?
I scratched my cheek. As soon as something started, it felt like I had found an escape route. Well, what to do.
‘It’s too sad.’
Thinking so, it was when I tapped the animal shape.
What? My finger…., what is it? Unsurprisingly, the animal-carved parts were spinning around.
What is this? As I stared blankly at the turning of the bricks, I stuck my hand out like possessed. It seemed that someone forced me in.
The bracelets and jewelry on my arm shook with a pretty rough pull. And the moment the jewel touched the stone, a familiar light flowed out. It was the same process as the one in the cell hole.
“Ugh, what is it….”
When I frowned in the glare and closed my eyes and opened them, there was something I couldn’t see.
It was a small figure. No, something that was translucent enough to be mistaken for a hologram gradually took on reality.
The little thing looked at me and tilted its head.
It had round ears, gray stripes on a white background, and hair with black dots. The shape was like a baby cheetah, but the tail was thick and long.
But the moment I looked into the gray and blue eyes and the eyes of a beast that was so clear and transparent, I thought of a man.
The thought was not long. It was because the beast revealed its teeth.
I blinked my eyes.
The animal’s eyes are finely curved. At the same time, the little black wizard’s words passed through my head.
&#lt;Don’t you know this?&#gt;
“… a snow leopard?”
I muttered abruptly. Even the white, gray hairs that are close to silver, or even the blue eyes were all drawn from Ricdorian.
-Ahem, human. Oh, did you save me?
“It doesn’t suit your ancestors.”
It felt like the atmosphere was breaking. That’s because the snow leopard in front of me was too small.
But whether or not, the snow leopard came to me and smacked the soles of its feet, which were large compared to my body, on my thighs.
Kang Kang! Weong Weong!
-Take me! Get me on your back!
Curiously, the cry of an animal and a human voice were heard together.
-I’ll give you glory!
The problem was that the human voice was a childish voice like the small black wizard.
“…what glory what nonsense, what are you?
Kang Kang, listening to the sound of the beast with a sharp feeling, I felt like I remembered one of the scenes that I missed. I quickly erased my strange feelings.
… It has the same color.
Waong! Kyang Kyang! Kyaooh!
-There is no need to hide the truth. I know everything! You woke me up because you have longed for me!
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*: The word used was actually an idiom that means has a name but no reality or more like exists only in name.
**: She actually gave him a Korean tongue twister, but it doesn’t make sense translated to English. But if you want to try, she gave him the short version of the tongue twister: 간장 공장 콩팥.
I think the long version was this: 경찰청 쇠창살 외철창살, 검찰청 쇠창살 쌍철창살.
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