Novel Name : I Met the Male Lead in Prison

I Met the Male Lead in Prison - Chapter 130

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Chapter 130 Missing Heart (2) (Chapter 67 According to Raw)
“Truth something, you’re talking the same thing.”
-Oho, human, come on~! Do you think anyone can get me out!
“…. you don’t have to do that with a childlike voice.”
And if I let you out, does that mean I’m even more amazing? I blinked with wide open eyes.
I think I got into an accident.
In my head, I was just thinking about how to handle this.
No. My peaceful life!
-You’re not honest!
So what is it?
“…..Are you Hel’s magical beast?”
-That’s right!
The snow leopard revealed his teeth and cried kyaong.
-I’m finally released from the seal, I’m going to take this great body! It’s been 9 years!
Thanks to the pink gums with little fangs, there was no dignity at all as if he was an ant’s nails.
“I don’t think that’s a boast.”
… Whether this is a cat or a wild bear. I sighed as I stroked it’s fluffy tail. What kind of animal has a thick tail like this?
In my head, the voice of the small black wizard rang loudly in my head.
&#lt;“Look, it’s insignificant. The guardian deity is now just a name but no reality.”&#gt;
Don’t tell me this was it?
The situation fell right. Von Hel’s beasts or something is here.
In addition, the snow leopard itself said it was sealed. Listening to the time, it just seems to fall perfectly.
…. And I know that Ricdorian was locked up around that time.
Is this Chaser’s job?
Then it gets worse. With an embarrassing expression, I alternated between the broken bricks, stone chips, and snow. How do you seal this thing again?
“Is it possible to lock you up… No, no. Can’t you go back in?”
I squeezed the beast’s head. Can’t it fit into the wall?
“Please go in.”
Then the snow leopard had a shocked face. Its open mouth and sky blue eyes was filled with water.
-What are you talking about! Hey, who will confine this great body! No! Hate it!
Kyaaong! Waong! Waaaeeonng!
“… Are you not familiar with human language? Why do your speech change back and forth. But please go in.”
-Yes, I know your heart! You’re not being honest!
“So what’s the point of being honest, no. I’ll be in trouble now because of you. Please go back.”
Before I could add anything, the fluffy thick feet like cotton covered my lips.
-I…..I tried not to do this! I’m telling you to be honest!
“Eup, eup!”
So what the hell is it! What do you mean to be honest!
My eyes sank before he even cleared his little feet. It was flooded out of nowhere. I tried to resist, but my eyes were forcibly closed as if someone had hit me.
And when I opened my eyes, I was in a completely new space.
I breathed low afterwards. I swept my face down with a complicated mind. It feels like I’m getting caught up in something
This is the first time I’ve felt this way since I saw Chaser burning the bases of those who kidnapped me more than a year ago.
“…I want to live in peace.”
I didn’t know what this space was, but it was dark and stuffy. Seeing nothing also played a part. There must be something that the snow leopard hopes for… If I don’t say anything, wouldn’t you let me go?
Let’s hold on.
With that, I decided to try to wait for a long time.
I firmly determined that I would not speak, and I grabbed the hem of my clothes.
It was then.
A pure white hand appeared in the air. Then he squeezed my hand lightly. It wasn’t even giving me strength, it was a very weak force.
I was surprised and shook my hands. Oh, that scared me. I thought it was a ghost. But the hand hesitated and grabbed me again.
“…. don’t.”
A familiar, or now, strange voice hardened my shoulders.
This voice.
“Don’t avoid it.”
The shadows gradually lifted from the dark. Arm to shoulder, shoulder to face… The moment I saw the slowly revealing figure, I opened my eyes wide.
My lips were wide open.
“… no, why are you avoiding me?”
In front of him stood a tearful Ricdorian.
“Is it you?”
Tears dripping down his cheek.
“Is it really you?”
The hand that held me gained strength.
“The days were long without you.”
He lowered his head.
“Umm…. the night, it was longer”
Drop, drop, drop. Fallen water drew black circles on the floor. Before I knew it, he and I were sitting on a stone floor.
It was a cell.
Why is the place in a cell? Why?
Whoop, a stretch of view, filled the surroundings. Torches and cold walls, the drips and chills.No matter how hard I looked at it, it was the cell.
And finally, there was Ricdorian, dressed in the same clothes as when I saw him.
“Well, though, I waited well.”
He stuttered and continued.
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It was a little unfamiliar as the tears formed like dew. He was still white and neat, but it gave a sense of maturity that I could not see if there was water. It was only about a year, and he felt ike he grew up a lot.
The moment I looked up, I realized that I wasn’t mistaken.
The face that had the right view was suddenly higher than me.
He took the tip of my hand to his moist eyes and rubbed it on his cheek.
“… did you wait well for me?”
A wet voice that seemed to be hungry for praise, and it felt like my saliva was dry.
“That’s why you came here?”
I squeezed my lips, but his gaze stuck to my lips and didn’t fall off. It had transparent eyes with water hanging from it.
“Did you wait well? Tell me.”
Why aren’t you stuttering now? I felt like my heart was pounding because I was focused on the slightly hoarse tone.
Why am I in front of you?
It wasn’t long to be sentimental.
It was because there was something scratching on my head.
That, that…that shitty cat!
Von Hel’s guardian deity had been downgraded to a cat. The moment I caught it, it disappeared, so it was obvious that it was the culprit.
However, I couldn’t see the beast anywhere in the space, the only thing that was there was Ricdorian.
What the hell should I take this as? Fantasy? Fake?
I calmed myself down.
“Hi, Ricdorian.”
Fortunately, my voice didn’t shudder.
“How are you?”
I reached out and tried to stroke his hair, but I paused.
But it’s weird, this wasn’t the last Ricdorian I saw, whether it’s fake or anything. His appearance with the opposite sex still remained childish.
I regarded this as an illusion created by the beast. However, when I thought so, there weren’t one or two strange things.
Did you usually see something you didn’t see in your fantasy?
Why is he so big in just over a year? Did I even imagine unconsciously of something I had never seen?
Warmthness touched my hand, which was still in the air. He pulled my hand. He brought my hand to his head, and put it down. As our gaze met in that state, he smiled slightly. He grabbed the back of my hand and let me gently stroke his head.
“I’m not… I’m not doing well.”
I couldn’t take my eyes off the face. He slowly closed his eyes, lowered my hand and leaned it on his cheek.
“I miss you. ”
I felt the tears in my palm. Did the beast even reproduce the chill of the cell? The cold tears were cold. However, his cheeks were hot, like a fever.
“You know, Iana.”
The silver eyelashes that were long and slightly curled up in front of my nose moved like a butterfly. I wondered if the trembling like the wings of a butterfly had settled in my heart.
“It’s about a year of the promise.”
I came to my senses. Has enough time passed for him to say this? No. I forgot.
“You haven’t forgotten either, have you?”
“That’s…that’s right.”
I can’t forget it. I laid my eyes down.
I parted with that face, how can I forget it?
But I didn’t put it on my lips.
“… you seem a little skinny.”
“The guard said that I… was tall.”
“Yes, I think so.”
“I ate well. Because you told me to do that.”
In the last greeting I gave, there was also a story about eating well and growing up well.
I expected him to be blatantly struggling with this harsh environment. I hoped he was doing well.
However, I didn’t think he would have lived with a face like this waiting for praise.
I’m sorry to tell you, but I haven’t thought of you all the time. No, I couldn’t.
&#lt;Cough! Cough… &#gt;
My life, which I thought would flow calmly, was more like a war than I thought.
My unhurriedness helped me to adapt to the urgent situation, but that did not mean that the urgency of the situation had disappeared.
“Well done.”
Instead of telling him about this situation, I moved my hand. I could feel the texture of the cheeks softer than usual as it bent at the fingertips. It was soft like silk.
For some reason, he feels more refined. No, it is natural for people to grow up.
Previously, he used to have a very cute red face. I didn’t raise him, but I felt a little disappointed.
“Is the image of the beast coming out now?”
Then he shook his head with a gloomy face.
“It’s still not yet….”
It didn’t seem to have been fixed yet. It’s a long way for the original work to begin. Until then, you’ll know how to speak even in the form of that beast.
Is that possible?
“Is that so? It’s not a good thing….”
I said honestly.
“I know that, but I am a little happy.”
I’m sorry to say that to you, though.
“Because that’s you too, Ricdorian.”
I poked his cheek once.
“I liked it too, you know.”
Your beast mode was also very cute. As time passed, the firstly watchful figure followed me very well like a cute dog.
I was lost in the memories that came to mind. I overlooked the possibility the words I spit out could be misleading.
“…That, uh…. do?”
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“Yo, you too, I….”
Ricdorian was holding my hem with his hand that was not holding my hand.
“I, I like you. .”
Ah. Only then did I realize what I said.
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