Novel Name : I Met the Male Lead in Prison

I Met the Male Lead in Prison - Chapter 131

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Chapter 131. The Heart is Both Physical and Emotional (?) (Chapter 68 According to Raw)
“…Uh, yes, but. That’s why I said I like the animal side. You’re cute.”
“Cu, cute…”
“You’re cute.”
His face burned fiercely as soon as I finished speaking. Unlike before, he was embarrassed and flustered and avoided my gaze.
I suddenly remembered our first meeting and burst into laughter.
“Did I make you embarrassed? I’m sorry.”
Ricdorian couldn’t answer with his head down. I thought he was different. Seeing this look, the reassurance and regret subtly crossed.
“I’m glad you seem healthy.”
I was hoping you were well. Jair offered to stop the abuse, but what happened to that? He shook his body slightly, but I couldn’t tell.
There was no trace as his upper body healed quickly due to his healing power. So it wasn’t clear if he was still being abused. I can’t even ask.
I felt embarrassed as I looked into the sparkling eyes.
“Well, are you hurt anymore?”
I turned around and asked a question.
“…I’m not hurt.”
He looked into my eyes and mumblel. But in the middle of telling me why, I looked puzzled.
“No, it hurts. It hurts!”
“Are you hurt?”
I tilted my head. His body looked fine. You don’t look hurt.
“That… it hurts.”
I watched in real time his neck slipped in like a turtle. He touched my hand, leaning on his cheek, and lifted his eyes slightly.
“….If I’m hurt, you’ll be worried…”
“Oh, God. Can a person be so cute?”
“I’m at loss.”
I rubbed my eyes with a hand that was not caught by him. I thought he was a little bigger, but the harm to the heart is still there, right?
A laughter leaked out. Look at those eyes closed. Huh. Now it’s just asking for it.
In addition, he’s taller than I am, so bend over and look up from below… .
“I want to make you cry.”
“Well, no.”
The voice of my heart popped out by mistake. Good idea. Good idea.
For the first time in a while, I shouted out a good idea, closed my eyes from him, and pressed the back of my hand against his lips and then released it. Ricdorian quickly grabbed my fingertips.
“Are you hurt?”
“Huh? Me?”
My hand that fell from his mouth made a wacky sound. It seemed that what he was looking at was my hand.
“On the finger.”
“On my finger…? Ah.”
There was a long scratch at the tip of my index finger. It was a thin and long wound, as if it was cut on paper.
There is solid blood on it, perhaps it was bleeding or not. I didn’t even know it got hurt.
I held my finger and straightened it. It was that moment. Tuk. The wound burst and blood formed.
“Bleed, bleeding.”
“That’s all right.”
Why is this bleeding? I overlooked the size of the wound, so there was more blood coming out than I thought. I tried to wipe the blood formed like red beads, but Ricdorian was faster than that.
By the time I called, he had already put my finger on his lips.
“What, huh….”
His tongue swept through the joints. My words got lost without knowing. It was an unfamiliar feeling of the tongue wrapping my fingers.
I thought he would be more embarrassed than me, but for some reason, Ricdorian was staring at me with serious eyes.
I stiffened my shoulders at the cold blue iris. It was for a moment, but he looked like a different person. No, rather like when he grew up…
His mouth was warm and wet. As the mushy tongue swept and wrapped around the wound, I felt weird without knowing it.
My spine stiffened naturally.
“Ricdorian , stop. Stop it.”
But as Ricdorian was looking into my eyes, he seemed unwilling to quit.
Usually, in this case, he has to be surprised to let go first.
Only after he had wiped all the wounds, he removed my finger from his lips. His cheeks blushed.
“…Don’t get hurt.”
His tongue glanced over his lips, dripping of saliva. No, my eyes didn’t fall even though I thought so
“You shouldn’t be hurt. Iana.”
The blood has stopped, but it seems that my heart is thumping and pumping blood. It doesn’t really calm down.
Hence, his head was just around my ears, so I felt his low breathing through my ears. My stiff shoulders bent over this time.
Perhaps after putting a finger on his lips, his voice sank low. I felt my toes curl up.
“….Okay, okay.”
This is a mistake. I muttered a little. When I think about it, I can guess where this wound came from. It seemed that my hand was tingling when I pulled out Von Her’s beast, that shitty cat.
It disappeared faster than it appeared. Yeah, what can I do if I’m angry about it?
“Don’t get hurt.”
The warmth moved back to the back of my hand. He took my hand and muttered a little.
“You will come to pick me up in good shape.”
The voice that seemed to scratch the inside of my neck aroused the tension I had forgotten. My ulterior motives slipped over my head.
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“I hope you don’t get hurt either.”
His cheeks were blushing. He slowly lowered his gaze while remaining there. With a contradictory face in which purity and oddity coexist.
“After two months, will you come to pick me up?”
The inevitable question has arrived.
“You will, won’t you?”
I touched my lips, neither answering nor being completely silent.
“You didn’t answer. Then.”
He seemed unbroken with the silence.
“It’s a dream anyway, and you’ve always been.”
Dream? The temperature that had become hot stopped for a while. The cheek that was about to heat up.
What do you mean by a dream?
Everything was vivid to me. This space, and Ricdorian in front of me. It feels like the time has turned back to the extremely vivid cell….
“It’s a dream…”
Ricdorian said it was a dream.
“Because it’s a dream. Is it okay?”
My eyes, which had been facing the ceiling of the cell for a moment, turned to him again. Then I pushed my back. But I had nowhere to retreat. Because I felt a cold wall on my back.
From the beginning, I was in front of the cell wall. I overlooked it because I was focusing on him all the time.
With nowhere to retreat, his face was right in front of me.
“Even in a dream, please make me miss you.”
Now you, you’re under a lot of illusion. The words just passed through. It was because he came closer.
“You know what? For a long time… it’s only the second time.”
“The number of times you appeared in my dreams.”
So even if I am not your dream. A cold sweat flowed on my spine.I wiggle my fingers, but this seemed to stimulate him even more.
Touch- The lips touched lightly and then fell off.
His eyes were stained with hue as if it was coloured. Even the ears seen through the hair are red.
“Because it’s a dream… It’s okay. Yo, you and I are the only ones here.”
The moment I raised my eyes, I couldn’t move as if caught by the eyelashes moving like a butterfly at that moment.
“Do not avoid…. Huh?”
Then it seemed like his lips were opening slightly, slowly.
The moment when the clumsy and filthy lips hover around my lips, then opened and touch my lips.
It was dark in front of my eyes.
His warmth disappeared, I stared at my hand quickly. Ricdorian’s hand disappeared, but I still felt as if I was caught.
‘This… What. How.’
The place was again in Chaser’s mansion room. The time hadn’t passed at all.
Yes, it was the time when the strange beast was taken out.
“What the..”
-Have you seen it, human!
As if waiting, the cry of the beast, the voice of the child, and both voices were heard.
Weeoweeoweeong Kyaang.
I just rolled my eyes. The beast, who I didn’t know whether it was a snow leopard or a cat, was crying proudly with its soles on my thighs.
“What have you done to me now?”
The snow leopard was very small and light enough to hold in my hand. I grabbed the beast and lifted it.
-Let go, let go! What are you doing! Let me go!
“Speak quickly!”
The lost feet swam wildly in the air. The snow leopard made a shocked expression as I showed no signs of letting go.
-I, I helped you, Nyan!
“Nyan? Don’t say nyan. You show people a strange fantasy and what?”
-Don, don’t shake me, don’t shake me, nyan!
Since I am in a hurry, I think my original way of speaking comes out.
-It’s not a fantasy, it’s a dream!
The snow leopard cried and nodded quickly.
-That’s right! There was a human there, right? It’s that human’s dream.
As soon as I stopped shaking it, the tone of the snow leopard returned to the strange ancestor’s body.
Dream, what dream! I think I’ll shake you up so you can’t move. As I shook it again, the snow leopard hissed.
-What, what did you do to this body that helped you, it’s rude!
“What did you do to help me.”
Rather, ‘that human’, Von Hel ‘s beast acted as if he didn’t know Ricdorian well.
“Hey, you don’t know him? The one who was there.”
-Are you talking about the human in the dreams? I don’t know! I was just showing you that human’s dream!
“Why don’t you know?”
-I don’t know, what this body saw is that human bumping his mouth at you, Nyan! Don’t shake me!
“You’re talking nonsense.”
I shook the snow leopard. The thick tail hit the back of my hand, but it didn’t hurt at all because it was a cotton bat.
-Haven’t you been honest in your dreams?
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-You released me while thinking of that man! So in return, I let you see him because you didn’t know the reason. Nyan!
The snow leopard that said ‘I showed you because you didn’t know the reason for releasing me Nyan!’ was a cry full of resentment.
“…You really don’t know who he is?”
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