Novel Name : I Met the Male Lead in Prison

I Met the Male Lead in Prison - Chapter 133

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Chapter 133. Cat Pudding(1) (Chapter 70 According to Raw)
I hurried to stop the cat from speaking.
“What is it, then you forced it?”
– What are you talking about, Nyan? This body did nothing! I didn’t force it.
I looked down at the snow leopard instead of trying to grab the doorknob.
-All I did was make you more honest in the dreams, Nyan, dreams are where the original shell is peeled off, Nyan!
It was awkward to say philosophical words like grandfathers in such a young voice, but I had no time to point out.
– He was the person you longed for when you took me out. I didn’t know he was the heir of the Red Rose, but I was only helping you to see that human, Nyan!
The innocent blue eyes turned to me.
-Human, you could refuse, Nyan!
I rolled my eyes at the poignant words.
– You could do anything, Nyan! Hold that person there… .
“Stop, stop.”
I cut it off and raised the back of my hand. He just rubbed his lips with the back of my hand.
“Stop talking. I know what you are talking about.”
I don’t want to know what you’re thinking. This isn’t the way. It felt like a fever burning on my cheeks.
“….. go ahead and talk about the rest.”
I think I should go to my room and rest first. The heat also cools on my right cheek.
Thinking like that, I opened the door and turned around.
Someone was leaning lightly against the wall. There was no way I could not have known the owner of this familiar voice, a man who felt elegant like a swan, even in a posture that seemed to be simple.
“I’m looking for you because I wondered where you went.”
Chaser turned around gently. His hair gently shook in the soft breeze.
“I was wondering if it was a dangerous situation again……. I was worried.”
It was a voice of infinite tenderness. However, his bright red eyes were moving slowly.
Before long, it stopped in one place.
“But what is this?”
His back hardened. What Chaser was looking at was the snow leopard in my arms.
Next to him was a slender black jaguar.
“…This is Von Hel’s dog.”
He smiled warmly. His eyes were not smiling at all.
Of course, I was terrified to see it.
“Why are you here?”
Chaser’s eyes were not on me. From the moment he brought it up to the time he said these words, those red eyes were only looking towards the snow leopard.
I can’t even say a word when I look from the side, but I can’t imagine what the pressure will be on the little snow leopard.
&#lt;Iana, get out of the way.&#gt;
The baby snow leopard dug into my chest. It was a gesture full of fear. Instead of rejecting it, I gave my hands strength.
I’ve been watching him for the past year or so. A figure that can be cruel to any place if he raises a sword. And I remembered myself shaking my head in front of the tip of his sword.
It was only at my call that Chaser’s eyes moved. No, it was a reflex movement, as if waiting.
Then, the smile on his face was as soft as waiting for my call.
“Hey, what’s going on?”
I just listened to Chaser and asked something obvious. It was an attempt to have a kind of peaceful conversation.
Chaser seemed to be squinting at my hand for a moment.
“I came to look for you.”
Chaser stopped talking about the snow leopard, but instead reached out his hand. His hand grabbed mine, which had been away. It was the hand that supported the snow leopard’s feet.
He kissed my finger lightly. It reminds me of Ricdorian, who was kissing at the fingertips..
Curiously, the two had a similar way of kissing my hands, but the atmosphere was different.
“Coming all the way here to find me, it must have been troublesome. This is a floor you don’t frequent.”
I tried not to catch my gulping breath. Fortunately, I was able to show my expression and voice calmly.
“That’s right.”
“Don’t worry.”
I smiled.
“Because I wasn’t trying to run away.”
Chaser’s hand that was holding me stopped. I continued without missing a moment.
“No assassin appears. I wasn’t poisoned.”
I made eye contact with him. His eyes bent in a half-moon shape.
Intertwining my hands with his hands. he murmured
“Then what is this?”
He asked softly, but I knew. That this is a situation on the brink of danger, like a giant black beast crouched down.
I gulped.
A question that has been asked countless times over the past year.
&#lt;Don’t kill.&#gt;
I knew well that my answers would determine what he said and did the next moment.
“This is Von Her’s beast.”
A voice came out of my mouth calmly.
“Didn’t brother say that himself?”
My voice was quiet and calm. The face that said this would have seemed dull at first glance.
Of course, in the corner of my heart, I had an idea of ​​what I had to do with this. I was just as selfish as any ordinary person had.
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And I thought I would have just that much sympathy.
“And this told me directly. He is Von Hel’s beast.”
It seemed to me that the snow leopard couldn’t say anything, even cry, and he was trembling. Even though I felt this, I didn’t stop.
“I heard that brother brought it here. Kidnapping or something.”
Chaser smiled.
“A kidnapping is a term used for people.”
“Then say it’s poaching?”
I replied calmly.
“Well, Iana. Do I need to get someone’s permission or secretly catch it?”
I just want to hunt. Chaser whispered softly to me. Then his thumb gently rubbed my palm.
“It means that brother brought it anyway.”
“That’s right.”
Chaser readily agreed.
“Why did you bring it?”
But instead of answering this question for some reason, he stared at me. Long enough to be persistent.
…. Did you step on a mine? Or did I ask the wrong question?
As my worries grew, Chaser’s face came with a soft smile again. His voice was lower than before.
“Are you finally curious about me?”
The moment I face the gaze that scans me, I feel chilly. I felt a strange feeling going down my spine.
Even after revealing his true nature to me, he sometimes acted like a fool, behaved like a fool, or showed a sloppy appearance.
But his nature remained the same. He always held the sword at last.
&#lt;Pl, please save me, save me… .&#gt;
I know the tip of the sword doesn’t point at me, but I know how to deal with it. Because I saw it right before my eyes
“Anyway, Iana.”
As my silence grew longer, Chaser smiled brightly.
“That, give it to me.”
His voice was kind and soft, but it contained irresistible power.
Ordinary people would have given up this beast here, bewildered by his powers, or nodding as if possessed.
The snow leopard was still trembling in my arms without making a single cry. His tiny claws pressed against my heart. It was a heart all of a sudden.
“Even if you say that, my brother’s abilities don’t work for me.”
Chaser’s ability was enchanting, and he was able to completely brainwash the humans he wanted to make up his mind for. However, he also had limitations and restrictions, so he was not able to use it as he pleased.
Chaser rolled his eyes.
“But I didn’t use it. I just want to give you the best voice.”
“Even if you tell me that way, nothing comes out.”
“Why not. Aren’t you looking at me?”
… Don’t you hear a lot about how you feel?”
“That’s what it sounds like all year round.”
Chaser burst into a small laughter.
“But you prefer soft things to scary things.”
He said, gently sweeping my hand. His veined fingers were nervous.
That’s right.
Rather than doing crazy things with a sword, it was better to be like this. Like a big brother who cares for his only sister… . It was more convenient to act like this than to act like a crazy person.
I faced Chaser head on. I felt that I could no longer avoid it..
I took a small breath in. Making my fists open and clenching them was an act of resolving my own determination.
“I don’t want to give it to you.”
My lips trembled slightly with tension, but moved slowly, pretending to be normal.
“I’ll have it.”
I purposely hugged the snow leopard to my chest. like a child does. But my expression remained relaxed.
“I want to have this. Give me this.”
No more avoiding my brother’s eyes, I stared straight ahead.
The jewels piled up like a pile of stones, the most comfortable bed in the world, clothes that change every day, and the maids who rushed at a glance.
“Will you give it?”
My comfortable confinement was all a gift from him.
He laughed
“Sister, I can give you something other than this.”
“Aha. Can’t this be done?”
Both Chaser and I knew it. That I wasn’t interested in everything he gave me.
For over a year, he asked me as a habit. I smiled as if imitating him at this moment.
“You asked me to tell you when I had something I wanted to have?”
I hugged the beast a little roughly. Then I took my hand from Chaser and lifted it up with both hands.
“I want this, brother.”
Chaser does not welcome the interest I show to others. Although I have rarely shown interest in others.
It was the same with things… It will also be the case for animals.
He was a very strange man.
Asking what I need
Even though he doesn’t really like it if I pay attention to him.
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What could have been the relationship between ‘Iana’ and you?
I inadvertently erased my interest. It didn’t matter now.
The most important thing is that I know. That you cannot change Chaser’s will by saying this.
So I added one more thing.
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