Novel Name : I Met the Male Lead in Prison

I Met the Male Lead in Prison - Chapter 135

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Chapter 72. Let’s take a walk (1)
I squeezed and released Pudding’s soft feet while I was absorbed in a fleeting thought.
Unable to resist the moment, Aquala chirps as it climbs on my finger.
“Okay. Okay. I haven’t forgotten.”
Even though I couldn’t understand the words, I barely understood the meaning of the gestures.
“Can’t you talk to me?”
Aquala tilted its head. I grabbed Pudding and shoved it in front of Aquala.
– Hu, human! What are you doing! Nyan! Nyaaang!
“You, too, are like wild beasts, aren’t you ashamed of them?”
– Hey, this body is young! I mean, I’m young!
“Young one, you were born similar to when Ricdorian was born.”
-No! It’s different from being born. Our age begins to grow from the moment it materializes into reality!
Without knowing that, I stopped shaking Pudding and headed towards Aquala.
Chaser said they must be over 10 years old… .
…. So it’s been more than 10 years since the Chaser materialized them?
Chaser must be only four years older than Iana. If it had been 10 years ago, he would have been less than 14 years old.
What a villain really.
I shrugged and straightened my shoulders for nothing, and put Pudding down.
Pudding quickly hid behind me, I saw Aquila sitting on my finger.
“Aquala, then you can’t talk?”
“No, that cat was talking loudly. I thought you could.”
Rattan and Aquala liked me.
&#lt;They like you, my sister.&#gt;
I thought about it all the time, but when I heard Chaser’s words, I felt sorry again.
How many times have you protected me?
But Aquala only tilted its head. Ummm, even if you can’t speak, will you understand what I’m saying?
“Do you understand what I’m saying? There’s pudding, that one’s name is pudding.”
“There, that one making a fuss. Anyway, that one keeps talking in my head. I thought you could do it too.”
I gently rubbed the bird’s head with my other hand. It was softer than expected. 
Chirp, Chirp chirp!
Aquala flapped its tiny wings wildly. Ummm, I thought it wanted to convey something, but I couldn’t understand it.
Sorry, I think I’m still a beginner in the new language.
It was the moment when I was trying to talk like that.
A black light burst out. It was the black light that I saw when Aquala transformed into a small one. There was also black smoke.
It wasn’t hard, but I closed my eyes to the smoke that obscured my view.
And when I opened my eyes, I was standing in a completely unfamiliar space.
However, I only blinked a few times and did not panic. It was something I had experienced once with Pudding.
It was a rainy landscape in front of me. The sky was overcast with gray clouds, and it was a grassy forest that felt a little gloomy under the thick dark clouds.
Before observing my surroundings, I captured this realistic landscape one by one in my eyes.
‘It must be Aquala that showed me this.”
It looks like all the guardian deities can do it. As I looked around, I saw a familiar figure.
It was Chaser.
However, he did not seem to be in any leisure at all. Rather impatient… He had an angry face.
The eyebrows, which had always been neat, were horribly distorted. His forehead was wrinkled and his lips were bitten. He was a person who didn’t even smile when he got angry.
I couldn’t take my eyes off of it.
The rain was still pouring heavily. Under the pouring rain, he hugged someone.
The distorted face harmonizes with this landscape in the most gloomy way.
In the rain, he barely opened his lips.
I raised my eyebrows. Iana? Chaser lifted his upper body and a figure was seen in his arms.
“My little sister.”
It was definitely me in his arms. To be precise, ‘Iana’. The dripping rain strangely looked like his tears.
“…I will do it.”
The distance was far away and it was raining, so I couldn’t hear everything. I just glanced at the figure like I was watching a black-and-white movie.
“…because… …don’t get sick.”
At the end of his very sweet voice, he laughed in the rain. It was a sad laugh.
The moment I was about to open my mouth, the surroundings went dark.
When I opened my eyes again, it was a familiar room. I may not have moved in an instant, and it must be a principle similar to that was shown by Pudding.
I glanced at the fluttering bird.
“Did you show me that?”
Now, it seemed that it understood my question by answering quite a bit. What, so until now you understood but pretended not to know?
“What, then, did you understand that I asked you to tell me the way to escape?”
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I flipped the bird’s beak with my index finger.
About 9 months ago, when I was in the midst of running away from Chaser, I spoke to Aquala as well. If you know the way, please let me know.
I said it out of frustration, but did you understand back then?
Of course, after realizing that I was in a difficult situation with all kinds of grudges lurking, I stopped.
“You showed me this, then?”
I spoke to the bird.
“Chaser is not the only bad guy, is he?”
Aquala chirps and cries loudly. It cries very loudly in the form of a small sparrow.
I thought it understood me, but the problem is that I can’t understand it.
“Yes. Okay. Are you saying I’m right?”
I understand what Aquala wanted to show me. Chaser takes his sister seriously. It want to show me that its owner is such a person.
Even if you don’t show me like this, I’ve seen and felt it for about 10 months.
“By the way, what am I from what I saw before? Am I sick?”
Anyway, my condition is known as amnesia. So I asked at ease.
Aquala blinks its eyes, and then started crying. Oh, that’s a surprise. Why are you suddenly crying?
I immediately felt stunned as I watched the bird chirping on the palm of my hand.
Chirp Chirp! Chirp Chirp Chirp Chirp!
I take back what I said a while ago.
…. Is this a yes or a no?
I thought Iana was weak. It was strange that a sick person was being squeezed in the rain, but I thought there must have been a reason.
Chirp! Chirp! Chirp! Tweet!
“Okay. Okay. It’s about getting along.”
Tweet! Tweet! Chirp!
“You don’t have to say that, we’ll get along well.”
I shook my head and replied indifferently. Until the early days of meeting Chaser, my feelings for Chaser were foreign.
All I said was contradictory.
Have you ever heard of being ambivalent? He’s sweet, but I can’t believe that kindness.He revealed his madness, and there was still that image from the book! Yet there was still a friendly look.
“I know, he tried so hard to protect me.”
That man really worked hard to protect me.
I can’t even explain how many threats there were. It was that much, and it was dangerous, and I learned that all these grudges were not Chaser’s own.
I also realized how bad the Duke of Domulit was.
There were also crimes committed by Chaser, but more because of the duke’s blatant blaming of his son.
‘Why is this novel, all the men are garbage.’
Slowly lowering my head, I saw the chain hanging from my ankle. This chain has also always been ambivalent to me.
“I don’t know why you’re concerned.”
This chain may have been a symbol of redemption, but it was a milestone that saved my life.
“I don’t hate someone who even got hurt while trying to save me. I’m not that harsh.”
The person who saved my life from time to time was just the villain.
Now even that ambivalence has faded.
I raised my head and looked up at the sky. The sky was very blue unlike the scenery that had rained a while ago.
“Shall we go for a walk?”
I held out my hand. Tweet? Aquala seemed to tilt its head.
Looking at it this way, it seems that I understand roughly what you are saying. Is it possible to master the language of birds like this?
I waved my palms in an odd thought.
“Shall we go together?”
Aquala flew as if waiting. As if it couldn’t hide its excitement, it returned to the form of an eagle.
“Hey, hey! Think of your size, ooh!”
Suddenly, my face was buried in its feathers, and I breathed out. Aquala smelled of Chaser.
I barely removed the feathers and sighed. Why are these animals pushing their heads first at me?
With it or not, Aquila, who had shrunk to the right size, frantically rubbed its beak against my cheek in the form of an eagle.
“Alright alright. Stop it.”
Is this the way to get a job as an animal trainer? I shook my head and turned around.
“You too, come out.”
– Me, me, me… you mean? Nyang?
“Then who will it be?”
I lifted my hand, but the frightened Pudding did not come closer. How is it that the frightened appearance is so similar to the beast-shaped Ricdorian?
I turned to Aquala.
“I’ll get along well with Chaser, so you get along well with that.”
I raised my head towards Pudding. It is said that people form affection from the moment they give them a name. Be it animals or things. I did too.
“It’s the kid that I named.”
Even though I knew I was going to let it go, I couldn’t help but give affection to that little poor baby guardian.
“Yes, can you do that for me?”
Saying it kindly, I scratched the underside of Aquala’s beak. Then I whispered a little.
Although it is a terrifying animal that could burn things outside. It was a good bird to me
Aquala’s eyes widened as it stared at Pudding.
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Flap, flap. I knew this flapping of its wings was a gesture of reconciliation. As if the animal recognized the animal, and as Pudding felt it, it came closer. Then it sat down on my hand and rubbed its cheek with the palm of my hand.
– Talking to that scary bastard, human, You’re amazing!
“It must be a scary bird only to you.”
It’s a good bird for me. I smiled slightly and opened the door.
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