Novel Name : I Met the Male Lead in Prison

I Met the Male Lead in Prison - Chapter 136

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Chapter 73. Let’s take a walk (2)
Hey, why is the door open? As if it was half open… When the door opened and I saw a man standing in the middle of the gap, I widened my eyes.
Why are you here? I looked at him with this expression. Chaser smiled faintly.
“Because I want to see you?”
“I didn’t ask that question.”
“You said it.”
He tapped his eye with his index finger.
“With the eyes?”
I just nodded my head. Being here means he heard the conversation with Aquala?
“From where have you been listening?”
I asked without hesitation.
“From “It’s the kid that I named”? I wonder what you were doing, Iana.”
Looks like he just arrived. I nodded and replied indifferently.
“I made a peace agreement with Aquala. Don’t fight with Pudding. We decided to take a walk of reconciliation together as a celebration.”
Having said that, he shook his head.
“Would you like to go for a walk?”
Chaser paused.
It was as if his red eyes had grown in surprise. But in an instant, as if he had always been, the man who returned to his original state moved his head neatly.
“As you wish.”
We quickly reached the garden. Unlike the old-fashioned grass near the stables, the front of the mansion was well decorated.
Fresh garden and brightly blooming flowers under the splendid sunlight, the refreshing scent of the wind blending in thickly, and the sparkling glass greenhouse that appeared in the distance.
Actually, it wasn’t like this when I just came to this mansion. Rather, it was a place that was devastated by raids day by day, and no one restored it.
&#lt;… You want to take a walk? Alright.&#gt;
It was this man who made it like this.
“It’s become very pretty.”
“Because it’s your path.”
Well, it’s what I say and what I do. Whatever it was, he was a man who couldn’t stand it unless he made it the best.
Sometimes bringing things while wielding a sword with mad eyes. I felt it when he held out the blood-stained jewel.
“You will continue to walk this path. My little sister.”
I thought the block head had turned crazy. After making such a definition, I felt more comfortable.
He lowered his head and put my fingertips on his lips. Now it was a familiar greeting.
In the sky, Aquala was flying freely in the blue sky. Perhaps it was because of the reconciliation with Aquala, Pudding was also running and chasing butterflies in the garden.
– Hey, human! What is this Nyan! It’s moving! Nyanyang!
… That bastard is a complete cat. Chasing butterflies is a perfect domestic cat behaviour. I laughed bitterly. The appearance soon turned into a wide smile.
It was because of how ridiculously cute and funny Pudding was jumping like a fool, or Aquala who was spinning around Pudding looking like it wanted to show it to me.
Flutter, flutter.
As the sun was warm in summer, yellow petals like sunflowers flew. Occasionally, orange petals were mixed in.
Perhaps it is from the field of orange roses in full bloom over there.
I smiled for a while and then turned my head to see a gaze looking at me. Chaser’s eyes are at the end of it.
He wasn’t smiling.
… What’s wrong with you?
As the man with strange eyes did not smile, he created a breathtaking atmosphere. I called him, but there was no answer.
After a few seconds, his lips slowly opened.
The tenacious gaze that seemed to pierce me and made my lips dry up for no reason. He came closer. I stood motionless like a frog in front of the snake, momentarily overwhelmed by the atmosphere.
He slowly tilts his upper body. His hand stretched out to me and pulled something off. It was orange petals.
Ah, I wanted to scream, but no more words came out. The distance was very close. Instead of falling back, he opened his mouth.
“Iana, ….just once.”
Let me ask you.
It was a low, low voice. Not knowing what to do, I lowered my gaze, and his feet came up at the chain and pulled it off.
“Do you hate me?”
The voice that seemed to seduce people was as serious as ever.
“…No, you don’t like me.”
There was no playful temptation as usual. Still, it felt like a child who was playing a foolish lure.
Are you worried about the chains now? I could only guess by the act of stepping on the chain. Why are you asking all of a sudden? You’re a weird person.
“…It’s not like I don’t like you.”
As I rolled my eyes, I quickly spit out.
“I don’t hate you.”
My voice was calm.
“You don’t really not like me, you don’t hate me. Finish?”
He shook the ankle I was looking at.
“Of course, I think it’s crazy to be shackled and chained like this.”
Well, just because he’s nice doesn’t mean that I’m happy, this brainwashing.
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I don’t really not like him or hate him. I acknowledged the chains because of their utility, but there was no justification for this man’s nonsense.
&#lt;If not shackles, what do you like?&#gt;
Just, I was frustrated about the chains and when I said the word, he looked like he just knew.
Even if he loosened the chain, it would just take a different shape. I knew he was the kind of person who would bind me in a different way.
A year or so was enough to know that.
“But you’re crazy, aren’t you?”
There’s no difference. It’s a piece of cake.
I tilted my head and said it bluntly. Even with my direct expression like this, Chaser only smiled.
As far as I know, he wasn’t unaware of what he was doing. At least he was a madman who knew he was a madman.
Chaser covered half of his face with one hand.
“Yes. Iana.”
At that moment, I opened my eyes wide. It was because something was dripping down from the bent eyes of the man who smiled softly.
Under the wild curves like a fox that seduces people, the tears that flowed down seemed thick and beautiful.
Why are you crying? I couldn’t take my eyes off of it as I muttered to myself.
Because it was so beautiful.
The figure of Chaser holding ‘Iana’ was drawn in my head. With that smiling face in the rainy landscape.
… Is it related to that?
Chaser opened his arms and put me in his arms. I didn’t feel anything. It’s just that he’s so big. On the other hand, I just felt that I was small.
His hands dug into my waist, but I remained calm without pushing him away.
I was willing to lend a shoulder to someone who would cry. That was it, though.
“I want you to be with me forever.”
Although more than a year has passed, the relationship between ‘Iana’ and Chaser was incomprehensible to me. Unknown, value unknown.
I just rolled my eyes and squinted. The man with his forehead on my shoulder.
The people in the mansion didn’t talk to me. It’s not that I don’t have friends for nothing. There was the little warlock, so I wasn’t bored, but….
I was so busy that I couldn’t even say it. It’s assassination, it’s poison, it’s threat….
“Don’t leave me.”
I thought this guy was the bad big brother who sent Iana to prison. It was like that at first, and then there was a situation, but I still thought he was a bad guy.
But looking at him like this.
Red eyes filled with tears were looking at me.
“…will you stay by my side?”
After all, like in the book, he seems like a half-crazed person. I unfolded his hands that clasped behind my back. I couldn’t help but be nervous. I saw him wielding a sword… I can’t help but worry about a man as big as this beast.
His quirky and sensual face and contrasting body exuded an elegant and sensual feeling.
He released only one hand, grabbed my hand, and released it. Then he grabbed it again and brought it to his lips.
Kiss. From fingernails to skin. Again, the lips are pouring between the words.
I was confused.
Why? Even after a year or so, is he the same as before? Now that the poisoning and threats have subsided a little, and it’s peaceful? Because it was peaceful, was it possible to have other thoughts?
A slow shiver crept down my back.
A lightning bolt of enlightenment hit me through the bloodstream.
“It’s good to be your brother.”
Instead of kissing his lips against my fingertips, he lifted his head.
It was a lazy gaze.
“It’s okay if I’m not your brother.”
My head tilted as it was. Spread, fine black hair is scattered. I ran out of breath.
“…that’s kind of weird.”
I managed to open my lips and continue. My saliva was dry.
“I lost my memory.”
It wasn’t because it was peaceful. So it must have been something I hadn’t thought of. He lightly bit my fingertips and let them go.
“Tell me.”
He rubs his lips against my fingers. The strangeness increased even more at the kiss that fell like rain on my fingertips again. I thought it was weird
This sibling relationship is too good. I just thought so.
Even if I wake up here and don’t know common sense and everything.
“I don’t think this is something an older brother would do to his younger sister.”
…. Isn’t this really weird?
Just a friendly kiss on the back of a hand between a man and a woman was nothing more than a universal gesture.
But even considering the world, it’s strange.
So I spit it out frankly.
“No, I don’t think this is right.”
Chaser didn’t panic. He just put his cheek to my finger and smiled.
He just raised his eyes.
“Why not?”
Reddish-red eyes that seemed to shine even in the dark were holding onto me.
“Why not?”
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That’s.. .
“We are siblings…”
“We are not siblings.”
Shaaaa. The wind blew. Only the thick scent of flowers filled our silence. Finally he laughed out loud.
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