Novel Name : I Met the Male Lead in Prison

I Met the Male Lead in Prison - Chapter 137

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Chapter 74. One of the secrets of birth
You know?, he muttered a little.
“I am the Lord.”
He grabbed my index finger and poked him in the cheek. Then he pointed at me with his index finger.
“You are an adopted child.”
I stopped and opened my mouth wide….. What kind of nonsense is this suddenly? Birth secret?
“Don’t lie.”
There was no time for confusion. Because he narrowed the distance and bowed his head.
“You must have lost your memory, so I didn’t have time to tell you.”
What are you talking about? The words I was about to spit out just fell back inside.
“I’m not lying to you. Iana.”
It would be right to look down when I’m in front of the jewel-like eyes and the overwhelming atmosphere.
“And whether I told you or not, it doesn’t matter, does it?”
He put his hand to my cheek and said.
“It doesn’t matter because you’ll be by my side. My little sister.”
The friendly voice contained an erotic atmosphere that could not be hidden. At the same time, he seemed to be judging that I couldn’t escape him.
“You’re my brother.”
“Yes. But I’m also not your brother.”
He rolled his eyes and drew a dazzling smile. His low voice seemed to contain his ability. Even though this ability is useless to me, it seems like I will be possessed right away. He asked,
“Then can I look at you differently?”
I licked my lips. I was breathing, but my mouth felt dry.
It seemed like a question that didn’t need an answer. Nevertheless, I responded.
Even though I spoke firmly, he just smiled. Between the scattered orange petals, and the black petals that were mixed up.
As if he doesn’t need my answer.
“Shall we wait then?”
For the first time, a warning light sounded deep in my heart. The warning light that I couldn’t reach even when I knew I was the villain’s sister was now ringing all over my body.
“I can wait any time. By your side.”
When I closed and opened my eyes, a stranger was standing in front of me.
The dazzling sunlight gladly became a light to illuminate him. Even the fluttering petals were like decorations for this shrewd man.
Have you ever eaten something that tastes like jajangmyeon when you thought it was ramyeon? I don’t have one, but I think it felt similar.
At that very moment when Chaser said those words.
I swept my face harshly.
Iana and Chaser aren’t siblings, what kind of improbability is this? No, well, my character dies early, so I’ll yield. But even if you put it away.
No, really what is this?
“…what kind of bullshit is this?”
-Bull? Did you find a bull, Nyan?
Pudding, who was sitting quietly, tilted its head. Its ears were moving up and down. It wasn’t enough, so it passed between my legs and rubbed its head.
“Hey, you’re distracting.”
“Don’t do it. I’m serious.”
– What’s wrong, Nyan?
Pudding cries and cries ‘what’s going on with you’, but I just pushed the head of the animal that I didn’t know whether it was a snow leopard or a cat.
Three days after Chaser dropped the bomb fact out of nowhere, he treated me casually.
The problem is that I’m having a hard time dealing with him like I used to. No, of course he’s annoying.
“…I thought you’d become a little more friendly now.”
This was an honest opinion. Here, ‘friendliness’ is not a feeling of friendship.
It means that I have adapted to the crazy nature of the guy who is kind, but who takes up a knife and cuts everything when something’s wrong, and doesn’t hesitate to give presents dripping with blood.
I never thought he would become a real brother. I just said that I would have been smart enough to become a human being who could adapt.
That is.
But why!
I swept my face again and again.
In fact, Chaser’s bomb itself wasn’t that shocking. It seems that I unconsciously thought it was strange
But, what if my brother is not my brother? At that moment I asked.
‘I thought of Ricdorian.’
I quickly rubbed my face. Let’s forget it, forget it. This time with both hands. My face stings from the sweeping but I didn’t care.
Now it’s too late to run away.
&#lt;If you want, I’ll stay with you as a brother, Iana.&#gt;
He said so, but in other words, it was only heard as a voice saying, “Good luck, only if you don’t offend.
After contemplating, I floundered on the chair. There was no solution, but it was overloaded. I do not know.
I just want to live comfortably. Why was it so hard?
Should I just stop thinking. Yes, I’ll wait…’re saying that you’ll stay as my older brother anyway?
He didn’t seem like a bother for me to approach. As long as I stay calm.
He even gave me the cuffs, so I guess I’ll just have to pretend I don’t know about this. It’s like spitting while lying down.
I suddenly felt as bad as I imagined.
…. For some reason, I feel like I’m falling into a pit.
Like laundry that had been thrown on the chair, my mind was all over the place. In fact, I was told not to worry too much about the headaches.
It is said that 80% of human worries are useless.
Well. Things will work out somehow.
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I knew that I was avoiding it rather than finding a solution and ending my worries, but I knew it and ignored it. Thinking of putting it off for a while.
And that day, I realized that I shouldn’t have put off this worry.
“Good day, Iana.”
Suddenly, Chaser, who had sent ‘my little sister’ title somewhere, greeted me in a refreshing way.
I glanced at him, imagining grabbing his heart and throwing it away if it had a shape.
It wasn’t unusual for Chaser to come to my room.
“Where did the word my sister go?”
“If you want. My sister.”
Why is it that when he added it with a kind heart it was so hard to see? I sighed a little.
It’s all because of this guy that I’m letting my worries go away. Whether I worry about it or not, whenever I see the calm smiling face, I want to live without thinking.
But the moment I saw him coming after me, my thoughts flew away.
“…Brother. What is that?”
Should I ask this or not? I felt anxious pulling the tip of my tongue, but I finally asked.
“It’s a present. Iana.”
Chaser raised his lips as if waiting.
I alternately glanced at what Chaser and his men had put down. So the meaning of what this is must have been conveyed directly. Chaser noticed this right away and added.
“There was a story that bothered me.”
“I don’t really want to hear it.”
His eyes were whispering.
You need to hear it.
“Your words that you don’t have friends bother me.”
He gently looked into my arms. I felt Pudding in my arms tremble.
– Human, human! That guy was staring at me! I saw it!
… I know it too, so be quiet. I patted Pudding’s head.
I know very well that you shouldn’t touch that person when he has eyes like that. Every time this happens, I get into trouble.
But this time, I couldn’t help but go.
“…what kind of gift is a ‘person’?”
It was. It was neither an object nor an animal that was dragged behind Chaser.
It was a ‘person’.
How the hell can you come up with such an idea?
“No, my precious little sister doesn’t have any friends…because she’s dependent on a small baby animal.”
“Don’t talk too hard to the kid.”
“You misheard me.”
A friendly voice broke the silence.
“It’s just sad, I can’t help but do something.”
His red eyes glowed dangerously.
“As an older brother.”
I turned my head instead of responding to the words that didn’t require further discussion.
Chaser’s men led in a human, a very small girl.
&#lt;A life without one single friend?&#gt;
&#lt;If you needed a ‘friend’, you should have told me.&#gt;
Then the conversation will come back like this. I couldn’t take this man any more seriously.
I regretted it.
No wonder he left the room suspiciously. At that time, I did not know that the words that came out after defending Pudding would come back like this.
I stared at the girl.
‘By the way, why is she like this?’
She had a skinny body. There, maybe only her face was washed, her body was covered in sticky dust, and her clothes were too big to be hers.
With the long, tangled hair, I could barely recognize it as a girl.
The cheeks were sunken between the sloppy cut hair. I was startled.
Because the girl’s piercing eyes were staring at me like she was going to kill me.
It was a mysterious eye. She had silver eyes mixed with gray and white.
There was only one eye like that, but the other eye was melted in green as if it was a gradation of gray and green.
Pie eye, odd eye.
Even if it was only on one side, rare elements overlapped.
My fingertips were trembling. No words came out.
Because I had goosebumps all over my thighs.
Crazy. No, it’s really crazy.
Only those words came out.
It was obvious.
“The heir of the white rose.”
Because this was the famous original female lead.
“It seems that this level should be suitable for our Iana.”
My head turned at Chaser’s words. It was an awkward move, like a rusty robot.
“…do you think it would fit my lovely little sister?”
The face of the man who whispered so much was that of a mature adult, but at the same time he looked innocent.
Unsurprisingly, the eyes looking at me were as bright as madness. It’s like looking at a clear, bloody lake.
“She was hard to find. She had been hiding for so long.”
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I mean, a girl with long, dirty hair, dirty hands and feet, oversized clothes with holes that look like she had just been pulled and torn, and a girl with the appearance of a young child full of hatred…..
It’s the female lead.
I heard the sound of fantasy shattering inside me.
I wiped my face like a habit.
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