Novel Name : I Met the Male Lead in Prison

I Met the Male Lead in Prison - Chapter 138

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Chapter 75. Heroine’s older sister (1)
No. Let’s be calm. Think calmly.
In this book, Chaser did not fall in love at first sight with the heroine. It wasn’t exactly love at first sight.
In the book, Chaser shed some strange nuances about her. He was portrayed and acted as if he had known the heroine before.
Anyway, I didn’t think much of the probability because it was a tragic romance in a Rated-19 novel.
One day, suddenly, I am the saintess of the Great Shrine! I thought it was like a very random setting of the female protagonist who shouts that.
‘… But was this setting hidden?’
It’s kind of weird. As expected, the villain seems to have met the heroine before.
To guess with my missing head, ‘Iana’ may originally have died of a heart attack before I woke up from this body.
If that was the case, this scene would have been the moment before the original story and the heroine meeting the villain alone.
The more I thought about it, the more twisted it felt. I understood the situation, but it was suffocating.
The heroine is staring at the older sister. She’s really staring!
Strictly speaking, she’s one year older than me, so I’m not an older sister. But everyone said the pretty one is the older sister. So I’m the beautiful older sister.
I barely returned to reality and murmured.
“…why did brother find the heir of the white rose?”
Obviously, the heroine I knew was a beautiful, kind young girl and an innocent and curious person.
It was only 3 years ago, and I couldn’t help but wonder why she was like that, no matter how indifferent the country was.
“Did you really bring her for me?”
Chaser’s eyes drew a semicircle. With a sweet smile, he taps my shoulder and pulls me off.
“Really. I’m not lying to you. I told you so, Iana.”
I was not fooled.
“Okay, so let’s say that the number one intention is that, what’s next?”
He was a man who could hide the truth without telling me lies. Sure enough, he frowned and smiled as if he was in trouble.
“Hmm, it’s no big deal. That girl’s father committed a great crime.”
“I was looking for the disappeared daughter’s whereabouts. Plus, she’s perfect as my sister’s friend.”
With this, her place in the residence was decided. Because he just said she’s locked up here.
I smirked.
“My brother really likes confinement.”
“Don’t get me wrong. You’re the only one who wants to be here.”
“You speak very well.”
“Don’t you think it’s prettier if I speak well?”
Chaser said so and left a wink. He then leans his body deeply on the sofa with his arms crossed.
“Everyone has a decent handmaiden at your age, my Iana.”
A handmaiden, a young girl of high rank, or the one who sits next to the royal family and the imperial family as a member of the fellowship. After brooding over common sense, he laughed. It was a laugh.
What is this crazy bastard saying now?
What kind of human works comfortably as a handmaiden in the place where she was kidnapped?
I raised my lips carelessly.
‘Is that even a gift?’
It wasn’t the bloody girl from a while ago, but the heroine’s older sister that just opened her mouth.
“Die, you bastard.”
It was the first time she spoke, but it was a cool and heavy blow.
I turned my head away. Chaser smiled brightly.
“It’s a gift, my sister.”
…I wonder where he figures it’s a gift?
“Let, let her go!”
“Well, do you need education?”
Even as the heroine’s older sister ran wild, Chaser crossed his arms and stared calmly. His smileless eyes seemed to measure something.
And I decided.
“No, just give it to me.”
“I’ll keep it.”
I’ll have to get the heroine out of here. And.
Obviously, when Chaser does those eyes, people don’t die….
&#lt;Because my mine needs so many slaves.&#gt;
They disappeared.
“Come out.”
What do you mean by this, it was the first words as a heroine’s older sister after Chaser left.
It’s an honor to talk to her, but she breaks my heart a bit.
She followed this sister’s words, and instead of quietly walking out, she squatted down.
It goes without saying that the face of the heroine’s older sister became even more ferocious.
– Fierce, fierce, nyang.
When the unseen Pudding said something, she heard the cry and stared at it.
-Look, did you see it? Human, she’s staring at me!
“Get away.”
This one, I don’t know which one is the beast.
“You, really man. You are disqualified as a beast.”
You have no more courage than I do. Huh? I tapped the nose of the baby snow leopard hanging from me and lifted my head.
&#lt;Just give it to me. You said she’s a friend?&#gt;
It’s good that Chaser gave up and accepted it completely. Her body was tied tight.
It was something Chaser’s subordinates had done because they couldn’t have her run around and bite. I want to let go of that, but I’m the only one who gets bitten by the momentum.
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A basin full of water was swaying gently in front of me.
“Um, I wonder if you should wash your hands.”
“…well, yes. You don’t want to.”
I just rolled my eyes. She has a lot of scratches on her hands, and I try to wash off the dirt and apply some medicine.
Now I’ll just call you by name.
She just stared at the ceiling in disbelief. I’m sorry, I must have been looking and muttering nonsense.
Of course, that’s not the case. Seeing how young she looked, I was pricked in conscience to say that I was her older sister.
In the book, she’s one year older than Ricdorian, so she’s one year older than me. She was too small to be 18 years of age here.
Even though she was 14, I’d believed it. I’d like to ask if it’s true that she’s really 18, but it seems like the question is only going to increase her wariness.
Hey, even when I say something, her whole body is shouting ‘Get off!’.
I sighed.
She flinched. The eyes, which had been puzzled for a moment, became even more fierce.
Instead of giving attention, I lifted Pudding, which was squatting next to me.
“Hey, Pudding.”
-Human! Don’t lift me up with my front paw!
“Yes, I’m sorry. Just one question. Do you have any abilities like Aquala?”
Aquala could shoot or create fire. Another guardian deity, Rattan, would hide in Chaser’s to protect him or willingly turn into a weapon.
It was, in many ways, a guardian deity that complemented his abilities as a psychic.
If so, maybe Pudding has something it can do?
-Ugh, of course there is. Isn’t it possible that the Great One does not exist in the body?
– There is, Nyang.
– You’ll have very strong powers!
Getting stronger?
I whistled.
“It’s very useless.”
-What? No! No Nyang!
I said that as if I was kidding the baby snow leopard, but my lips were in a big arc.
“Give it to me.”
Aquala sometimes spewed fire even when she wasn’t with Chaser.
The fire was weaker than when it was with Chaser, but I wondered if Pudding would be possible in the same sense, but as if it was possible, Pudding hesitated and put its front paw on me.
– Pick me up, Nyang.
As soon as it said that, Pudding placed its tiny jelly-like feet on my forehead.
Immediately, I felt a cool and refreshing feeling in my body. Feeling like I can do anything?
As a test, I bent a pen nib nearby.
‘Oh, I see.’
And Francia was looking at me as if there was such an absurd sight.
Then she seemed to pay attention to the completely bent pen nib for a moment, but then she quickly turned her head away as if she was bewildered.
I smiled.
She winced again this time, and rolled her eyes fiercely and stared at me. The wariness seems to have gotten stronger. But I didn’t care.
“If I leave your hands alone, I’m afraid it’ll get festered.
“…What doesn’t matter. Let’s call it my fault.”
Why do all the main characters here try to resemble beasts instead of human beings?
Ricdorian’s mind and body. It’s a posture that looks like a four-legged beast is about to jump out.
“I just can’t see an injured person.”
I can’t take responsibility, but I need treatment to release my feelings.
I approached her and sat down.
“So, excuse me?”
“What? Ack!”
Her words were cut.
When the tepid water touched her, she was startled. But it was already after I grabbed her wrist and immersed her in it.
Mrs. Sullivan did that. She said that in the first place to teach Helen Keller it was bumping and fighting, pinching and fighting anyway.
I’m sorry for using a noble name here.
It was similar to what I did. It was to hold on to her struggling and wash away her dirt and grime.
“Let go, let go! You demon!”
Of course, she didn’t stand still. However, Pudding’s ability did not escape and made a good effect.
“Come on, if you don’t wash, the dust will ask you to be friends with them. Yuck, yuck.”
I suddenly thought of Ricdoran in beast mode and calmed her down, then she raised her head involuntarily.
Francia stopped her hand as she was trembling. The only clean face was hot with anger.
“Li, li, little devil!”
Perhaps because her body is small, her language system has not yet developed. The cursing wasn’t as varied.
Ugh, how long haven’t you washed that the water get dirty so quickly? The basin strangely spewed out clean water when it felt dirty.
It was the work of the little warlock. Is it a magic item?
I washed her away. Holding her bare skinny wrist and washing, I felt….
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That her injuries were more serious than I thought.
Some stab wounds. It was also a mess all over the body. All of them were serious enough, to believe that she came out of a room with blades.
There was also a lot of dust and hardened blood in it. I grabbed her sleeve and pulled it up to her forearm.
“…Oh my gosh.”
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