Novel Name : I Met the Male Lead in Prison

I Met the Male Lead in Prison - Chapter 139

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Chapter 76. Heroine’s older sister (2)
It was worse inside. My mouth opened as I watched the wounds dripping with blood.
“Let me go!”
She was staring at me with hateful eyes. Previously, if it was just a simple wariness, it was no different from looking at Chaser.
Fear and hate.
“…to cut off my arm? Like your brother?”
However, in the end, maybe it was because I couldn’t let go of her hand. Francia bit my hand with all her might and pinched it.
“Come on, wait a minute. I’m not like that.”
At that moment, Francia kicked her leg up. Whoa! The basin, which is not too heavy, rises into the air in an instant and overturns.
Drop, drop.
Water dripped from my chin. I slowly wiped my chin with the back of my hand, soaking wet.
Tied up, Francia couldn’t get away. Her eyes were full of fear now as she stared. It was probably not her intention to turn the water upside down like this.
“It’s okay.”
Although the water is a bit dirty. That’s enough. I can wipe it off.
“I’m sorry to startle you.”
-Human! Are you okay!
Shaking my hair, Pudding ran in surprise and I patted Pudding on the head. Like it’s okay.
Complex emotions flashed across her trembling eyes. Fear, alertness, impatience, embarrassment….
“You don’t have to be sorry. It’s my fault.”
Apparently, Francia’s personality was not very different.
“…I, I.”
“Yes. I’m sorry for forcing you, I was surprised too. It doesn’t mean it’s okay though.”
The basin was flipped back up. The water filled up as if it had been.
“It’s said that water can disinfect as well. I want to heal the wounds.”
I washed my hands in clean water.
“You saw this. Water, it’s not dangerous isn’t it? Because I’m covered all over with it.”
I patted her cheek and smiled. Then I slowly wiped away the smile.
“You want to get out of here?”
I said frankly.
“I’ll let you run away.”
I continued quickly.
“But not now.”
For a moment, the silver and green eyes that had passed with anticipation quickly cooled.
“Wait for the right moment.”
She didn’t swear anymore. There was no swearing, no shouting, no attacks.
“Because I’m going to get you out.”
I saw the question blossoming in her eyes filled with fear.
The girl, who looked so much younger than her age, blinked the different colored eyes. She was said to be a saintess, and only her eyes were mysterious enough to be sacred.
“…the Domulit’s younger sister who captured me.”
Oh, you knew who Chaser was. Isn’t it strange if you don’t know? There are crest seals all over the place.
“That’s right, isn’t it?”
It was strange that the people of the Empire did not know about the Black Rose. Because she was also a citizen. Rather, I was the one who wanted to ask. She was supposed to be a beautiful and kind young girl.
“How can I trust you?”
On the other hand, the girl in front of me seemed to wield evil with her whole body. Her bare arms with bloody scars, and even her pale complexion.
Go away, don’t touch my body, it seemed to shout that.
“Trust me.”
After all, trust that is in mere words is worse than a piece of paper. I know it well.
I took her hand. Before Francia could say anything, instead of saying a few words, I lifted my skirt.
“Can you believe me when you see this?”
The moment she saw the chain moving from my ankle, the girl’s eyes widened. It seemed as if the dismay had passed.
The chain that saved my life several times happened to have a great effect this time as well.
Francia’s eyelids trembled. There seemed to be a glimpse of intense trouble in her eyes as it went down.
Finally she put an end to her troubles. How did I know this? Because she was relaxed. I noticed her answer as the hand that I had grasped lost its strength.
“How can you help me?”
I laughed without answering.
“And I don’t know you. Why help?”
“There is someone who comes to mind when I see you.”
The person who wanted to eat well in the cold basement by now, the girl’s eyes were soaked in that person’s color.
The face that came to mind, how are you doing? I erased the desire to ask for his well-being. The face that was still waiting for me might have discouraged my hope.
“I couldn’t get him out of the prison, but I think you’ll be fine.”
Better than a coal mine.
The word friend, and Chaser couldn’t have someone he could attach to me.
Because. When he opened those eyes over the past year or so, there has never been a time when a person did not disappear.
Never once.
“Do you know how a wild beast hunts?”
Eyes of different colors stared at me calmly now.
“I know.”
It reminded me of the feeling of taming Ricdorian, who was in beast mode.
“Wait. Wait until the food arrives.”
“Yes. Wait.”
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I smiled low, holding back the hand that wanted to stroke her.
“Be quiet.”
I looked into her eyes.
“Until the time comes.”
– A month later.
Time passed without a hitch. But the passing of time was not meaningless.
It was still the last season of the year, summer. December is summer, it is the season of greenery, so the surrounding area was filled with the fresh smell of grass.
In Domulit’s garden, untimely roses bloomed all year round. One flower has two colors. Orange and black roses.
The Black Rose is the family pattern. Why are orange roses grown?
Instead of looking at the flowers in the flower garden, I lifted my head.
There was a figure running from afar.
It was Francia.
“I found it, I did!”
A month passed like it was, but the meaning of this time was right here.
Francia smiled broadly. Within a month, she had a face that was noticeably fattened. Even her bare arms have now improved to the point of being able to express them as belonging to an ordinary child.
It was an amazing speed.
More than anything else, what has changed is where the anxiousness goes and broad smiles..
And her calling.
I put my left hand on my chest. Huh, my heart murmured. My heart won’t stay.
Her hair, which reflected the twinkling rays of the sun, was slowly glistening. It’s still slightly odd, but her cheeks have a pale peach color. It was the reward for my hard work.
Is this what it feels like to raise a child? There was a rush of pride.
-Human, I helped too!
-Ahem, as this great body has found it! Nyan!
What is this cat!
“This cat is too noisy.”
“I don’t think it’s a cat.”
Leave it alone. Still I didn’t even know if it was a beast or a cat. Watching Pudding chasing butterflies without knowing for a long time, I was immersed in trouble for a while.
‘Can, can I send her to Ricdorian as it is… .’
… I feel like I’m raising it so brightly. The kid is a little bit innocent.
Is it okay to do this? I walked and pondered. Small steps followed naturally.
I stared intently at Francia.
The moment the wariness is broken, the girl opens her heart in an instant. Even me who stabbed the wall was surprised.
“How are you feeling?”
With those words, Francia quickly looked around.
“It’s okay. There’s no one.”
Aquala and Rattan that sometimes hovered around weren’t even here.
“It’s improved a lot. It’s even recovering now.”
Francia opened her hand secretly. There was an unhealed wound on the back of her hand.
But soon, a slight white light flew over the back of her hand, and surprisingly, the wound healed in an instant.
This was her ability as the successor of the White Rose. Recovery. She was capable of all treatments, including self-healing.
“… I think that’s what comes to mind when you use your powers among the roses.”
In Francia’s left eye, a soft but white rose pattern appeared. It was a rose drawn by lines, in the form of a rose in full bloom.
Come to think of it, I haven’t seen Ricdorian or Chaser when they use their powers. However, Ricdorian had no ability, but had a rose pattern.
A tattoo that falls if he can’t find his companion.
“No. Sister, all roses have roses somewhere in their body.”
Francia’s older sister! I was proud and strange of the time she called.
She was the one I used to call the heroine. Because now it’s the other way around. Well, in the world, there are things like this and that, and good things are good.
“…my brother too?”
I wanted to ask.
The hatred she had for Chaser was not at all great. I thought she hated me so much for no reason, even in the book.
I didn’t know either the heroine or the villain because they didn’t show that they had met each other.
In particular, Francia didn’t show anything at all. Did she lose her memory?
Or, if the events here were terrible and she pretended to forget, it was understandable and unfortunate.
It made sense to think that what Chaser had done to me was done to the heroine. Maybe she
wanted to forget.
“Oh, no. I don’t think I’ve seen it. Pretend I didn’t hear it.”
Although her expression darkened, she didn’t stop.
“…I know where the tattoo is on the man’s body. It’s his left chest. Sister.”
Huft, Francia took a breath.
“I saw it when he was fighting with my father. His clothes were torn.”
I paused. Francia’s father, she would later overturn her father’s sins and go to the cell.
But the eyes of Francia who put her father in her mouth were overflowing with trust.
“I see.”
I hesitated, then changed my words.
“How about this other side’s ability?”
“Oh, that’s it!”
Francia looked around and she smiled brightly. After she confirmed that there was still no one around, she sprinted and stood in front of me.
She said look, and she stretched out her slender arms.
Then I saw the white light on her hands and arms, and she moved and quickly formed a form.
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What appeared was a huge hammer.
“Come out now!”
….This is always surprising.
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