Novel Name : I Met the Male Lead in Prison

I Met the Male Lead in Prison - Chapter 140

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As I had already seen through Chaser, the roses seemed to be able to turn the guardian deity into their own weapon.
Chaser would sometimes transform Rattan into his own weapon when he went out on his own. It’s so bloody that I don’t want to remember much, but…
This one was also great.
No, what kind of hammer that violates the laws of matter?
A little lightning at the end, Pi**chu… no, um. It reminded me of Mjolnir in Norse mythology.
Hahaha, since Chaser deals with fire, I think that even if the female protagonist deals with lightning, anything can happen.
… The behind-the-scenes stories don’t feel like a R-19 tragic novel anymore.
What kind of bastard’s non-existent setting kept coming like the bottom of the iceberg? This is too much. For a book, it was almost transcendental.
As it turns out, I was so worried that I sometimes wondered if I had read a fantasy novel. Of course, it still doesn’t seem like the hot three-person scenes are vivid.
Francia squeezed a garden tree to show off some great excitement. Wow, that’s great, but only after she broke it did she contemplate.
“It’s okay. I’ll say I want to see it.”
If I say one word like this, Chaser will let it go at least once. Because he knew the power of the white rose.
The employees know that Francia has recovered from the magic of the small warlock. Not just Chaser.
It was also proof that the boundaries were rising.
While contemplating, Francia put her foot out into sight and she exclaimed ‘ta-da!’.
“This kid is doing well too!”
Waong! Waong!
-Human, tell her not to touch things like that, Nyan!
Pudding reacted before me. It began to fuss while exposing its cute fangs.
Before my eyes, there was a creature with round ears with closed eyes. White fur, thick feet.
The animal next to the white rose I saw that day… It was a baby bear.
Like Francia, the baby bear inherited the pie eye, and had an iris gently mixed with a subtle green color.
Although it was cute like a doll, it was too large with Francia’s small body.
“Isn’t it cute?”
“…I thought it’d be bigger when you’re fully awakened?”
“Yes. It will become a grown-up bear.”
An adult bear. I could not easily imagine. I just laughed at the cute little girl holding the bear.
“Sister, then, I will become an adult just like you. I will grow up.”
At the age of 18, despite the age of majority, the secret of her unusually small body was revealed here. It is characteristic of white roses.
And it wasn’t long before that time.
She looked very different from Ricdorian, so I asked. The awakening conditions are slightly different for each rose. The conditions that shape the guardian deity are also the same.
Pudding had a similar story.
“…But why were you held here?”
Something I hadn’t asked before popped up. It was a word that came out of my mind while I was thinking.
Francia looked at me for a moment with a startled day, but she was not silent.
“I’m going to do Dad a favor.”
She used father and dad interchangeably when she suddenly felt some feelings.
“Dad, so we were always looking for someone.”
Francia wiggled her hand. It looked like she was hesitating.
“Then he got chased, and my father said he might get involved in a crime… he disappeared. It was after he sent me out of a fight with Chaser Domulit.”
Maybe it was an unpleasant memory as Francia’s expression was not good.
“At my father’s request, I wandered around and came across a temple. I hate it though.”
“They keep telling people to look at me and call me a saint. That’s why.”
She said she also ran away from the temple. It was a very different story from the heroine than I remembered.
“While I was running away, I found a clue about what dad asked for. I tried to figure it out, but my body was messed up….”
“Really? Because of what…”
It was a word that came out of a sad heart. So I swear I didn’t mean to get her to say something she didn’t want.
But Francia bit her mouth.
Shaaa. How many times did the gentle wind pass by? Francia opened her mouth.
“I tried to bring the dead back to life.”
She held her hand as if praying.
“I am the white rose of the sublime, chastity and restoration.”
She said a while ago that she hates saints, and she hates temples… She eventually knew her destiny when she became a saint.
“The dead man had a crucial clue.”
Maybe that’s why she looked so holy and noble.
“So I thought I could do it.”
Even the way she murmurs.
“Dad said that. It’s the fate of the roses to find it.”
Even a country that was mostly indifferent to everything couldn’t help but ask.
“What is that?”
Francia’s eyes of different colors turned towards me. Her guardian deity was gone, but there was a soft white light was as if protecting her.
“A blue rose.”
Now it has been cut out from history and the history behind it, and it has disappeared.
After Francia’s words, I recalled the slab from the cell.
A blue rose that was open as if someone had broken it.
“I see.”
I was silent for a while, and by the time I spoke again, we had already passed the entire garden.
I looked at the door getting closer and stopped talking.
“Where are you going when you leave?”
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“I will wander around again… looking for clues. Well, I don’t know for sure. The people of the family are scattered around. Still, I won’t go to the temple.”
As if her bad memories were firmly established, Francia puffed out her cheeks.
“Don’t, saint.”
I clenched my fists slightly and covered my lips. It was to hold back the laughter.
Even if she said that, she would eventually become the saint. Go behind her and say she’s a saint! The speaking scene was very impressive.
Even if I wondered what kind of plausible mix up this was, it was a process that forced her to be a saint.
“I don’t like it, when it comes to saints, they’re caught, tied up. It’s almost like being imprisoned. It’s natural for the Pope to do things his own way. It’s absolutely unfair.”
“Yes. The Pope. Something like the head of a temple.”
I heard that they had similar abilities and a similar position to a saint.
“Then you be the Pope.”
I threw it lightly.
“Sister, it must be born with a great bloodline.”
“Yes. What’s so important? I wonder if there’s any gold in it.”
Did you have the concept of a gold spoon here? I let out a soft laugh.
“So what can I do?”
“What can’t you do?”
Francia now fully puffed her cheeks and looked at me with disapproval. She used to see this when she didn’t understand what I meant.
“What do you mean?”
“Well, right now, you don’t even want to go to the temple, even if you’re a saint, but I’m talking about if you go.”
“If I go?”
She showed a curious face.
“What will sister do?”
I assumed her future and patted her lips.
“If it were me, I would put the Pope into my hands.”
What I saw and heard next to the prisoner was a crime, and the only thing I heard and seen next to the villain was the duke.
“Francia, your name doesn’t really mean much.”
I spread my palm out wide and showed it, then slowly closed it.
“What matters is what kind of power you have.”
There is a saying that if you don’t want to be dominated, you have to be alert, and if you don’t want to be taken advantage of, you have to stand on top.
“From the bottom up, gradually increase the number of people.”
Behind the palm were the fingers of the other hand. It is cleverly covered by the palm of the hand so that it cannot be seen.
“Then you are the real Pope.”
Even with that said, I thought that I would teach this child some really good things. The person who says they are not interested in politics or craftsmanship.
Who cares? Is there a law that only politicians should talk about politics?
“If you’re stronger, then don’t hesitate.”
In fact, even I did not think that Francia would realize it, so it was a possible advice.
Francia tilted her head and looked at my fingers and face alternately.
“…I see.”
She was serious.
“If I’m older, don’t hesitate, like that?”
Umm. The more I questioned, the deeper I got. Does the beautiful and kind young girl only appear after 3 years?
“If I become Pope, will I be able to knock down that devilish bastard in one punch?”
… The child is always the same, she really is like a bear.
After all, I’m that devilish bastard’s sister. I have no intention of taking sides.
I shook my head and told her to forget it. Then we walked out the garden door.
We talked about various things, but a corner of my heart was caught up in one thought all the time.
‘When are you leaving?’
The time of escape kept coming. Unfortunately, I just couldn’t find the right time.
In fact, the right time was approaching.
Chaser would be away for a few days on a regular basis, and that period was coming again this month. That will be in three days. The error is within 2 days.
The warm summer will soon come at the end of the year.
And that time has passed…. The promised day with Ricdorian was well approaching
&#lt;One year later, this, the day I get out of this place.&#gt;
&#lt; … Please meet me.&#gt;
Has time already passed like this?
Ironically, the date of the promise coincided with Chaser’s departure.
The promised day.
It was a day I thought I would be able to forget, pretending to have forgotten it with all the time I spent with Francia.
“Oh, nothing.”
I had to be careful. I must not fail. I’m sure there will never be a next time.
Just once.
This one time I had to succeed unconditionally.
…If Chaser finds out, Francia will….
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She will be taken to the coal mine no matter what.
So a failure was not tolerated.
…Just once. We need factors that can make this one-time absolute success.
I needed a number that would never fail.
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