Novel Name : I Met the Male Lead in Prison

I Met the Male Lead in Prison - Chapter 142

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After a few moments, he nodded his head. So easy? Without asking who it is or why?
He answered easily, I didn’t believe it. This man was a man who was sure to keep his word.
“I’ll listen.”
He said so and held out his hand once more. More outstretched than before.
“You go out too.”
What? It was an unexpected word.
“She goes out and you go too. It’s not difficult for me.”
… It’s not difficult. You’re going to lose Chaser for sending me out. There was no way this man didn’t know what I knew.
“Where do you want to go?”
My lips were burning. There were definitely words about to come out. But I kept my mouth shut.
“I’ll think about it.”
I took his hand and only held his fingertips, but Lenag slightly lowered his head. Avoiding eye contact.
“Can’t you answer me after we take this kid?”
Whether I’m going out of here or not, it’s a waste of time. First of all, let’s start with the female lead. If Chaser left, it was something that had to be resolved quickly.
Francia grabbed the hem of my robe.
I gave a gaze towards her.
“Francia, remember? If you wait for an opportunity.”
“…come out when you have the chance.”
Although Francia was still young and confused, she replied bluntly.
“Yes, that’s it. Here’s your chance.”
She and I promised. No, it means that she responded in advance to the sudden separation.
So even at this moment, we didn’t panic.
“This is the successor of the White Rose.”
“Of the white rose? Oh…”
Lenag shook his head. A cold gaze passed over Francia over his glasses.
“Okay. I understand the situation.”
He seems to know about the happenings with the White Rose, the Rosenia family, and Chaser. Because he was a collaborator.
I consulted with Lenag and decided to send Francia out right now.
He expected Chaser not to be away for very long, and I agreed.
“Francia, be careful and you must not be caught again.”
“Don’t worry. I’m better now.”
Francia smiled brightly. She then burst into tears. She hesitated, then smiled broadly again.
“Sister, I will never forget this grace.”
She grabbed my hand and held back tears.
“I… I know you saved my life.”
The female lead, although she was young in her physical age ahead of the awakening, she was not like that.
“If I wake up, I won’t be able to move much even if I see His Majesty’s eyes. My dad said that.”
The female lead touched my heart.
“I will become a stronger white rose than anyone else.”
Considering the weapon she used, it didn’t seem like an easy thing. Although it seems to be getting further away from the R-rating.
“I want to be a wonderful person like my sister.”
….Me? She pricked my conscience.
In the meantime, a gentle breeze blew and shook her brightly colored hair.
“Sister, I will awaken and become a wonderful woman. Even then.”
Francia grabbed my hand tightly.
“I’ll do it like my sister.”
I smiled and answered ‘yes.’.
The shape layered behind the long, swaying hair was a familiar face. Had I really helped Francia only with a pure heart? I wasn’t thinking of anyone, but the looks overlapped?
I was thinking of that at this moment too.
Ricdorian, if we had met a little longer.
Did I hold your hand and smile at the last moment? Will we meet again, I wonder if we made a promise.
“See you again, definitely!”
Francia left the mansion with a brief goodbye. I don’t know what’s going to happen now that she’s out of my hands….
As long as Lenag is out, things won’t turn out badly.
I had such a belief.
&#lt;I will come back as soon as possible.&#gt;
Three days have passed since Lenag left his last goodbye and the two of them left.
Lenag had not contacted yet. Although he agreed to contact me as soon as he returned. I wasn’t sad about it because I thought it wasn’t easy.
Isn’t no news good news?
I went out to the garden and stared blankly at the flowers. The orange roses in Chaser’s garden were in full bloom today.
‘Soon it’s the end of the year.’
I fell into thought.
When Chaser went out on a regular basis, it usually lasted about a week. So, now that 3 days have passed, there are still 4 days left to come back.
“The date ….”
There are two days left until the day with Rcdorian.
I’ve asked Chaser. How long does it take to get to the prison from here? He answered. If it’s official, it’ll take 4 days.
It was in line with what Lenag said.
&#lt;But it’s different if you’re riding a horse alone.&#gt;
Chaser smiled, and insignificantly informed me that there was a shortcut.
He didn’t seem to think that I was going to go back to the prison.
&#lt;“Chechen, it takes two days to get across there. Iana.&#gt;
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The city, half a day away from here, was more of a lawless zone than a city. All kinds of crime and gambling, and pleasure intersects.
Can I go there alone?
No, if I ask Lenag….
-Human, why do you look like that, Nyan?
The snow leopard, who was in my arms, tilted its head. Yes, I have to return this snow leopard as well.
Maybe the reason is enough.
I shut my eyes softly.
‘I didn’t want to keep my promise.’
I opened my eyes slowly.
“There should be plenty of excuses.”
I had no intention of hiding my desire to go. No, I wanted to go. The prison wasn’t good. It was comfortable, but I didn’t like the overall gloom.
Even if I live in such a prison again.
Because I don’t want that man to cry because of disappointment.
-Human? Human? Where are you going? Nyan! I’m going to fall, Nyan!
I didn’t need to turn around in a hurry, so I walked faster. I ran.
Clink, clink
The sound of heavy chains followed my footsteps. How do I get this off? I already know that there was a way.
The little warlock knows how to take it off. Because he made it.
Occasionally, if my ankle was hurt or if I whined that it was wet, he would let it go with a sigh.
Chaser didn’t even say anything about it. Now, over a year later, it was such a light thing for us.
So, there is a way.
It’s not like you don’t even know the way. Now, if only Lenag comes back….
My feet stopped at the entrance to the garden. No, it would be more that I stopped automatically.
Unbelievably, there was Chaser in front of me.
Unlike the other days, my voice was full of embarrassment. It’s bound to be. That’s probably because Chaser’s look was a mess.
Torn clothes and messy hair.
Wherever the scabbard had been thrown away, blood dried up on the tip of the long sword, and the undried blood fell to the floor.
A black dagger was floating around Chaser. It was a weapon transformed from his guardian deity, Rattan.
And they all disappeared the moment he stumbled.
He was walking. Following his steps, blood runs down his fingertips and leaves traces.
It’s not weird.
It was not uncommon for Chaser to come dripping with blood. He was also covered in blood.
But today, he felt strange. His fingertips were trembling and his heart felt like it was beating in my ears.
The sound gradually grew louder as Chaser approached.
Why? Because this is the first time Chaser was in such a mess? Because his hair was messy and his clothes were torn?
No, no.
The closer he got, the more I realized. The blood dripping from his fingertips, that was Chaser’s blood.
He finally came closer and bowed his head. I flinched at the look of his face that reached up to my lips.
However, his face brushed against mine and fell onto my shoulder.
“A moment…..”
He, who would normally have stretched out his hand first, said without a budge of his hand. He just put his forehead on my shoulder.
“Iana, please stay like this for a moment. Please.”
I couldn’t move at the sound of his weak voice. Compassion and boundaries were entangled in waves.
Kyaaaah! Hyaaaa!
For some reason, Pudding in my arms jumped down and raised its head towards Chaser. It was the first time I saw it’s tail raised threateningly and it’s fangs exposed, as fierce as a beast.
Even when asked with a mouth shape, Pudding did not look at this side. Chaser didn’t care either.
Chaser raised his head. The moment I looked into his eyes, my heart sank.
Excited? No. Because unfamiliar anxiety took over my heart.
“I finally killed him.”
The red lips gave a deep smile. As if in ecstasy, as if rejoicing.
“I killed Grand Duke Hernim.”
A terrifyingly beautiful voice pierced my chest like a thorn. I didn’t know why it was so painful.
I regretted giving this man my shoulder. I regretted the pity.
I closed my eyes slowly.
It felt as if something had disappeared from my chest and a black curtain was cast over it. I couldn’t catch anything that scatters like smoke.
I realized it myself. The reason I wanted to leave to keep my promise was that I wanted to spend a peaceful life with him.
I really liked that time.
Now it was impossible for me to spend a peaceful life with him. Because if my identity is revealed at any time, I won’t be perfect.
&#lt;Promise, keep it.&#gt;
The promise with Ricdorian was only two days away.
Three days later, Lenag visited the mansion. Although he was bewildered by Chaser’s presence, he saw a chance and whispered to me.
Would you like to leave?
I looked down at him who suggested that, and smiled brightly.
What was this man thinking at the moment when our eyes crossed? Now that Chaser appeared, I couldn’t leave anymore.
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I am well aware of the meaning his father had for Ricdorian. After his father disappeared, he also harbored a hatred for Chaser.
He will be forged like a sword in his cell with hatred.
&#lt;Will you keep your promise, Iana?&#gt;
And there was no reason to leave. Because the promised day has passed.
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