Novel Name : I Met the Male Lead in Prison

I Met the Male Lead in Prison - Chapter 144

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81. Aim for a moment of carelessness
Since he could not have attended the funeral of the enemy, he must have been a compulsory participant. After all, it’s impossible for someone who is a Grand Duke to miss a meeting.
I knew that Ricdorian had become the Grand Duke.
Hernim was not a family whose title was inherited naturally by the death of its predecessors. Even a successor must have qualifications to bear the name of the Grand Duke.
The fact that Ricdorian’s name is listed here means that he has officially become the Grand Duke.
Don’t nag, the first thing I got tired of was Pudding. Pudding was lying flat in front of me. Without hesitation, it showed me it’s belly and cried.
– Are you really going to do it, nyan?
I squatted and wiped the snow leopard’s belly. It was our style of reconciliation.
“I have to.”
– Weren’t you depressed, nyan?
“I guess so.”
I admitted frankly. Because I was sorry I couldn’t go to see him.
“But three years… it’s been a long time.”
Three years was a time for even my excited heart to disappear. Thinking it was just a passing season.
– Didn’t you say you won’t see him anymore, nyan? Is that okay, nyan?
“That’s because I didn’t keep my promise that day.”
On that day three years ago, Pudding was also there, so it saw and knew. And it knew the promise between me and Ricdorian.
“Because I’ve given up on getting along with him now.”
Even if I was locked up, I could hear news from time to time.
In recent years, Chaser’s forces have been fighting more frequently. Or where the knights rush out.
In the book, the first thing Ricdorian prepared for when he got out of the prison was to take revenge.
“Hey, you have to let go now.”
3 years. The time I was notified of when I first met Pudding was approaching.
It’s time for Pudding to meet Ricdorian. Otherwise, his life would be in danger.
-But why was it three years later, nyan?
Pudding followed me and asked. Instead of answering, I spread my arms out. As if Pudding was waiting, it jumped into my arms.
“Do you know when accidents happen the most?”
– I don’t know, nyan.
I whispered while stroking the fluffy hair.
“When you’re careless.”
The chance to ever connect with him was buried, but I remain obligated to return this lovable guardian spirit to him.
3 years. This time I waited silently, I waited for him to be completed like in the book.
To make him a little stronger.
Every time I tried to return it, Chaser caught my heart. What if Chaser uses a trick when Ricdorian is weak?
-…What are you going to do with that scary black rose, nyan?
He doesn’t need to be killed, I had no choice but to cripple him.
“Ah, Chaser.”
No, is that all? It was also that I didn’t want to face the wounds I had given. I honestly admitted that I was a coward.
And now the moment that can no longer be postponed has arrived.
“It’s okay.”
I looked up at the sky and raised my lips.
“I’m not afraid of the consequences anymore.”
Chaser, a year after meeting that man, I realized the depth of this man’s obsession with me.
Now, 3 years later.
Because I know he’ll forgive me no matter what I did.
“I’m going to meet Ricdorian.”
The Schirmela meeting approached quickly.
Speaking of Schirmela, the metropolis where this conference was held, it was very close to the domain of Domulit, and it was also a neutral area that followed only the imperial family.
In other words, neither the territory of the rising Hernim nor the territory of the Domulit, which already possesses great control.
“This is absurd!”
Marshmel hit the table.
As always, it was a desk that wouldn’t budge with his tiny hands.
But his red fingertips were enough to show his mood.
I stared intently at the young warlock who was Chaser’s closest aide.
“You’re so cute today.”
“Oh, did I say it out loud? I’m sorry.”
Marshmel immediately looked like he was soon going to grab the back of my neck, then I grabbed the cheeks with one hand and released it. It was puffy cheeks.
“No, I don’t agree with this. I’m against it!”
“Um, why? It’s not so difficult. It’s not strange, is it strange that I want to go to the Schirmela meeting?”
I rested my arms on the desk and put my cheeks on it.
“I might want to go out too.”
“Who’s letting anyone go out? It’s a problem that you’re sneaking around! Lady, wake up!”
“I’m up. And I know that Mister Marshmallow will help.”
“Who is Marshmallow!”
It’s been 3 years, but the anger is still there. Now I just have to get used to it.
“What’s wrong with you? I can’t help you.”
He was a loyal servant in the book. But in reality for 3 years, I knew he had a slightly different relationship than I had expected.
Of course he’s loyal… It sounds like there is room.
“Hmm, is it going to look like this? I know this and that, should I tell my brother?”
“What, what?”
“Last time you experimented with the chain, my finger almost flew away, and you forgot one magic while changing the chain and I almost got assassinated…”
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This man admired and followed Chaser, but at the same time was very, very, very afraid.
Well, it’s strange that you’re not afraid when you look at it from the side. He’s such a crazy person.
I smiled.
“What I ask for is not difficult. I just want to take a look at it for a while? But it’s hard if I keep going like this, so I’ll pretend to be a maid and let Mr. Candy covers my face a little.”
“That’s not it. Well, all right. Shall we go to my brother right now?”
The young face in front of me, his plump cheeks turned red, and tears welled up. Although the mind is an adult, the body is inevitably a child, so he was honest with his emotions.
It’s strange that such a person is a genius of black magic.
“Um, there’s still room left in my brother’s coal mine…”
“Got it! I got it!”
Seeing the little warlock pounding on the table and complaining, I smiled indifferently and triumphantly.
-…You’re a vicious human, Nyan….
Seeing that, Pudding quietly murmured.
On the day of the Schirmela meeting, the Domulit moved in time with the meeting.
It was only a two-hour journey from the city, so there was no need to leave a day or a few days early as in other places.
On the morning of the departure for Schirmela, Chaser came to my room.
To be precise, I just woke up from breakfast and thought we were going to eat together.
I stopped watching and sat in front him.
I nodded my head. Like I don’t care.
“The rice you eat alone cools down quickly.”
I muttered indifferently and turned my head. My relationship with Chaser was neither good nor bad. It seemed to stand still like 3 years ago.
He looked at me strangely and lowered his head. He seemed to smile a little. The smile was as usual, yet different.
After eating like that, he decided to take me to my room, and it was now that we arrived together.
He said he had something to show me, too, and he brought out something.
“….What is it?”
I couldn’t hide my bewildered expression when I saw what appeared from his hand.
“Dog collar.”
“No, no. I know it’s a dog collar too.”
Why are you holding it like you’re doing it? I was stunned.
“I heard that you’re bored these days.”
“It’s a rumor.”
“You sighed.”
It must have been a sigh I sighed while thinking about sneaking out.
“…It’s a misunderstanding.”
“I wondered if you needed something stimulating, but I thought I’d have to think about what you like.”
No, is this what you prepared after thinking about it?
“I heard you like this.”
Me? me?
It was unheard of. I now open my mouth slightly, revealing absurdity. It was a story that could not be overlooked.
“Who likes that?”
“Um, isn’t it?”
Chaser tapped the dog collar to his lips and tilted his head.
“…I heard that you played with Hernim’s successor like a dog in the prison.”
At that moment, I held back my breath.
“Wait, the source is Le, no, it’s the Marquis of Valtaize, isn’t it? That Marquis?
Who would talk to him? I don’t know why he said that to Chaser now.
“That’s right. It’s been a while since I’ve heard it.”
Four years or so? Chaser whispered and stretched out his fingers.
I think he heard it when I was in the prison. I didn’t know why he was doing this now.
Chaser smiled bashfully as he brought the collar to his mouth.
“If you like it, I’m willing to match it. I do.”
“No, that’s fine. And I don’t like it.”
“Really? There’s no need to hide it.”
He murmured.
“I heard that you threw wooden sticks and made him bring it back, then bark.”
“…it’s been misunderstood.”
Chaser didn’t really believe it.
The source is the prison general manager, so I thought it would be.
I resented Lenag once again and averted my eyes slightly. Chaser caught my face, following the avoided gaze.
Chaser’s hand grabbed my hand and made it unfold. Then he put his face there.
“…..what are you doing?”
His eyes were half-folded and he gave out a mischievous smile.
“Do I have to bark?”
He licked his lips.
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You must be crazy. I spit out my heart as it was.
“…you must be crazy.”
I couldn’t take the dog collar from Chaser. However, one was eventually kicked out of my room with a dog collar.
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