Novel Name : I Met the Male Lead in Prison

I Met the Male Lead in Prison - Chapter 145

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“Why are you so happy?”
I got a glimpse of Chaser’s face, but he seems to be in a very good mood today. I think it’s from eating.
While sweeping his face, Chaser knocked on the door outside.
“I’ll be back, Iana.”
Stay safe for me, my sister. A friendly voice was heard one after another, followed by the sound of footsteps.
I waited for the footsteps to completely disappear, then opened the door when I couldn’t hear it anymore.
“Pudding, are you ready?”
Waong, Pudding’s cries were heard in the small pocket. Okay, it went well
I left the room and moved quickly. Originally, there were no people in the hallway where my room was, and I couldn’t even see them downstairs because of today’s schedule.
Even so, I put on the cloak all the way to my head, just in case, and finally took off the cloak when I got there.
There was a Marshmel with a sulky expression.
“I don’t know if this is a good thing or not, really.”
“Sure, it’s a good thing.”
I quickly received what the little warlock gave me. After a while, I changed into a maid’s uniform and appeared from behind the partition.
“Do you get it? This is a secret that only you and I need to know!”
“Yes, of course, of course.”
Marshmel will also come along to the Schirmela bound trip today. And I decided to go with him as a maid.
Apparently, with his body like this, whenever he goes out, he always has one person at a time.
“Take my hand.”
The little black warlock grabbed my sleeve and muttered something, and a magic circle appeared under his feet, and a black light burst out.
And when I opened my eyes, I looked in the mirror, and I saw a face with brown hair and freckles.
A face with a gentle expression was looking at me.
Whoa, this works really well.
I moved quickly at his words that we had to move when there’s no one.
I was worried that Marshmel was going with Chaser, but it was nothing.
There were more than ten carriages going to Schirmela, and instead of riding with Chaser, he rode a distant carriage.
“Master hates the hustle bustle.”
Inside the carriage, I heard the little warlock’s nagging, but I listened to it through one ear.
The carriage departed, and I gave my eyes to the scenery outside the window.
‘I’m really going out.’
It was easy. I thought about it, but I erased it. It’s not that I didn’t want to go out, but it was too much of a burden.
I thought it would be a little different if Chaser became the duke, but the threat only got severe, it did not disappear.
“Because the fight was fierce.”
The funeral of the predecessor Duke Domulit, which took place recently, I know the reality of this funeral.
The previous duke suffered from an illness for some reason, and Chaser extended the duration of this illness.
It means that he has forced a strange person to live, as if he was about to die.
Only in order for him to inherit the dukeship at a satisfactory time.
Thus, he ascended the throne after removing all his father’s loyal vassals, his men.
Watching that bloody fight from the side, I thought that his resentment was piling up this much but… I couldn’t say it because in this fight, Chaser would be eaten if he didn’t win in the first place
Of course, Chaser not only had the guardian deities’ abilities, but also had many talented subordinates around him. Didn’t this little warlock in front of me always disguise himself on Chaser’s outings and follow him, despite his shortcomings in appearance.
‘What was his identity? A child of a distant relative.’
As I was thinking, the carriage stopped. And the little warlock’s nagging, which had been pouring for two hours in a row, finally stopped.
“It’s a castle.”
A large castle could be seen through the window.
And it was the place where Ricdorian would be.
When I arrived at Schirmela’s castle, the lord and many people greeted Chaser.
I sneaked out and got caught among the maids carrying the luggage. No matter how disguised his identity, Marshmel was in the entourage following Chaser, and he would move separately because he was not on a good look that stood out.
However, when we moved, the distance with Chaser was too close if I went with him, so I decided to move separately.
Buried among these countless maids.
&#lt;Don’t do anything stupid, come quickly. Miss!&#gt;
Marshmel’s voice filled with concern passed through my ears, but he had nothing to worry about.
Because I had no intention of escaping.
Comfortable confinement is better than life-threatening freedom.
Why don’t they believe me?
“Hey, can you move that?”
I mimicked a sweet voice and moved my luggage diligently. Occasionally, another maid looked at my pocket and asked what it was, but I muttered and said it was my personal belongings.
Pudding, be patient.
It was two hours after I got out in the midst of the maids.
“Oh, my waist. Honey, you worked hard too. Would you like to go and drink some water?”
At the kind advice of the maid I was working with, I finally got out of the pile of luggage. I would have done my best.
I was going to go find the little warlock.
“Can I take a look around before that?”
It’s been a long time since I got out. Still, it was not that there was no nostalgia outside, but I moved my steps toward the garden.
I know Marshmel’s room anyway, so it’ll be okay for a little bit. Taking a walk at this moment, thinking that I’m a little carefree.
Unlike Domulit, Schirmela’s garden was mostly made up of wonderful garden trees.
I wandered around the greenery to my heart’s content, avoiding major roads that nobles go.
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Even if I run into someone, a maid’s suit will be a proper identification.
As I whispered softly into my pocket, waongg, the wailing sound returned.
I thought it must have been very stuffy, so I looked around and quickly untied the cloth.
“Are you okay?”
– It’s not okay at all, Nyan….
Pudding’s face looked tired. I smiled at the face and sat down by the tree.
“Would you like to come out for a second? Oh, but…”
Pudding is the problem. The appearance of a snow leopard was very noticeable. It had a unique color and shape that would not be forgotten if caught by chance.
Come to think of it, Aquala has completely changed her appearance.
“Hey, can’t you change your look? Like an ordinary cat.”
Pudding’s ears perked up.
– I can do it, Nyan.
“That’s right, even if you can’t… what?”
You can? You can? It was weird.
“Are you kidding me? Then why didn’t you tell me until now?”
– You didn’t ask, Nyan!
Pudding was imposing. I quickly pinched the bastard’s cheek. Hwaaak, I pinched its cheek while it kept hitting at me.
– It hurts! It hurts!
“Cry for what you did. Huh?”
-Human, your hands hurt! Nyan!
“Just change quickly.”
Soon after, Pudding moved and changed its shape. It can’t change the color of its hair, just plain gray, but it was a cat
‘It’s a cat after all.’
This was enough to make it seem inconspicuous even if I ran into someone. Pudding, which became a cat, hugged me and cried.
-By the way, human, it is a little weird. Obviously it didn’t work at first… It was possible at some point, Nyan.
“Are you talking about the transformation?”
– Yes, Nyan.
Does that have anything to do with Ricdorian’s condition?
The only thing that changed during the three years was Ricdorian’s situation. Pudding was happy to be able to feel the outside air now, and the sound of crying was charming.
‘Shall we go back now?’
While getting up from my seat, I suddenly raised my head.
Wow. The tree I was leaning on a while ago was bigger than I thought. Like a few hundred years, to exaggerate, a thousand years. It was like a mountain tree, so thick and large and tall.
It reminded me of when I was a child, climbing a tree in the yard. At other times, I thought I wouldn’t have done it at all if I had been in a mansion.
“Pudding, give me some of that. That made me stronger.”
Pudding went nyan? It asked back about it, but it gave me strength. Soon my body felt lighter and more energetic.
– Don’t do anything stupid, Nyan.
After 3 years of using it for various things, I was good at using it.
“What’s wrong with you?”
I smiled and climbed the tree.
My body was very light, so I climbed up and sat on the nearest branch.
Wow. I knew it.
The view of the garden from the height of 2-3 floors was very beautiful.
It’s a good thing I got up. Looking towards the building, I could see people busily moving through the cleaned glass windows.
I wiggled my knees.
The gentle breeze felt good. I feel fortunate to have done something I hadn’t done before.
As I was contemplating the garden like that, I stopped at some point.
I blinked my eyes wide.
“…why is there a red rose over there?”
It’s there, right?
In the middle of Schirmela’s garden, a place right from the center was full of red roses. No, it is filled only with red roses. I hardened my expression.
It was spring, so it wasn’t strange that there were roses, but…
In this empire, there is a law against growing roses arbitrarily. Especially the color.
It symbolizes power among the nobility.
“…..Obviously this was a neutral area.”
It was the meeting place of all the high-ranking nobles. Such a place grows red roses in the garden.
There was only one.
This is the territory of Hernim, Ricdorian.
Schirmela went under Hernim. When?
I’ve heard that it was a neutral area until recently… I swallowed my breath.
My heart was pounding at the fact that Ricdorian had learned at least this way. Rather than excited, the thought that he is really here.
The wind blew. The branches swayed and the shadows of the leaves danced.
I should go down now, but while I was thinking, someone passed under the tree.
A tall, tall man.
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I opened my eyes wide, giving him a glance.
Silver hair, the fluttering hair was silver.
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