Novel Name : I Met the Male Lead in Prison

I Met the Male Lead in Prison - Chapter 146

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I quickly shut my mouth. But the sound had already leaked out.
No, not all silver hair is Ricdorian. As I thought so, another thought appeared that it might be, so I lifted my head.
…. I’ve seen you grow up already.
I know. How could I not know.
The man reacted promptly and stopped walking.
He slowly shook his head.
And in three years, I saw the blue eyes. It was really Ricdorian.
“Who are you?”
First, the two eyes that I met again were as cold as if they were frozen.
There is no coincidence in everything in the world, but I never thought that we would meet again like this. Not at all.
At the reunion after three years, a suffocating silence passed. I couldn’t choose what to say in a situation completely different from what I had imagined.
When I did not answer, Ricdorian seemed to have come up with an answer of his own.
He looked at me, narrowed his eyes and muttered, ‘maid?’.
I was able to peek on him in the meantime. Except for his height, which was taller than I remembered, his figure had clearly grown.
Maybe it was because I saw him in a dark cell at that time. Seen from a bright place, even more shiny silver hair, a high and long nose, and a graceful jawline.
It’s neat and it adds maturity… It was dangerous.
… You grew up really well.
Hoo. Oh my, I didn’t just drool, didn’t I? I pretended to be holding my breath with the back of my hand.
“What is a maid doing in a place like this?”
I was a little perplexed. Hmmm, he wasn’t the kind of person to ask this coldly. After all, does time change people?
“I’m sorry. The weather is nice.”
I rolled my eyes and opened my mouth. As usual, a calm and indifferent voice came out.
“It’s a good weather for a walk. Wait.”
At that, Ricdorian furrowed his eyebrows slightly. His lips flapped, and he didn’t say a word.
He could go as he is, but surprisingly, he kept looking up this way. Why aren’t you going?
No, I’m in trouble with him.
It’s rather embarrassing to look at him like this.
“Aren’t you coming down?”
Coming down. It was an issue I hadn’t thought of. I was a maid, right. The maid should come down and greet him.
The moment I got the idea, I was embarrassed.
‘I am using Pudding’s power now.’
It was pretty tall. Under non-ordinary circumstances, this amount can be easily jumped. The problem was that it was an unusual move for an ordinary maid.
But I couldn’t think of anything else…Should I crawl down?
Also, while using Pudding’s power, there will be no ordinary movements.
“… Pudding. Put me back the way I was.”
I whispered softly into Pudding’s ear. I felt the power draining from my body.
I just kept moving.
Fortunately, the tree had many twigs here and there, and I could see the bright spot where I came from.
Maybe step on that and go down somehow?
Having tried that, I realized after one step that I had been very wrong.
‘I can’t go down anymore!’
My arms were trembling. Now I couldn’t even borrow Pudding’s power. Ricdorian’s gaze was still fixed behind my back.
Looking back, he was observing with a cold expression on his face.
Let’s just jump.
I thought I would be fine, since I was half way down thanks to all my strength. Just look down and go with your eyes closed
It was when I got down.
I guess it was higher than I thought?
I screamed inside, something hard wrapped around my waist.
I took a deep breath and opened my eyes, and there was a white face. The well-swept nose and lips, as well as delicate eyelashes, flickered.
Ricdorian looked at me coldly and indifferently, and then put me down.
“You’re being careless.”
The cool voice, like crushed ice, made my lips draw a downward curve for no reason.
‘Well, I guess not.’
The realization that he no longer knew who I was great.
Hahaha, it was a shameful thing to be upset here.
Either way, Ricdorian just turned around and left me.
“Wait, wait a minute. Grand Duke!”
I hurriedly ran and stood in front of him. Ricdorian slightly frowns on his beautiful brow.
I asked with an awkward smile at the eyes that were asking me ‘what?’.
Then I took Pudding and put it in his face.
“What are you doing?”
“Excuse me…”
I gulped and said,
“Can you feel anything?”
For some reason, Pudding didn’t even talk to me and cried once. Are you nervous too?
Ricdorian looked at me and Pudding alternately, as if he did not understand.
“…I don’t like cats.”
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That was the only answer. He just left the place.
“Lady, why are you wearing a blanket?”
Inside Marshmel’s room, outside of the blanket, the small warlock’s voice resounded.
I poked my head out of the blanket. Sure enough, there was a face that looked at me pathetically.
It was a gaze that did not understand why I was doing this until this evening, half a day after I was reunited with Ricdorian.
“You should at least tell me why. Why are you like this?”
“..I want to be alone.”
“This is my room.”
I know. Because I didn’t know when the magic on my face would break, so I decided to share a room.
The word is ‘share a room’, but he slept in a separate study room. His manners were unnecessarily good. No one would see a six-year-old warlock as a man with a heart.
‘If you look at it, there’s a big problem with your sexual preferences.’
Marshmel tilted his head.
“Why do you look like you’ve seen a ghost?”
I lay down again.
My mind replayed the moment I met Ricdorian.
I didn’t think of it until I ran into Ricdorian. I just thought of passing Pudding to him.
That’s what I thought about…
‘Come to think of it, once he knows what Pudding is, he will also know who I am.’
The person who took Pudding and sealed it was Chaser. There’s no way he can’t help but think of Chaser.
Aside from finding out that I’m Iana from the prison… I might end up in Ricdorian’s hands.
Even revealing that I am Iana is a problem. It will only be a matter of time before he knows I’m Chaser’s sister.
‘Should I just close my eyes and throw Pudding away?’
And for him to get out of the prison means he lost the restraints around his neck, and to be free… it means he had met his ‘companion’.
I was worried if it would go well. Did the original story flow safely?
Will his future be okay when I release the female lead? I was a little worried though.
How to endure the bitterness that comes in for no reason, and toss Pudding to him without being misunderstood as Chaser’s sister.
And Pudding will only reveal it’s true self only after it is left with Ricdorian.
Even if he doesn’t know who I am until then, I will have already returned to Domulit. It didn’t matter.
‘But, why didn’t Pudding say anything before?”
Pudding was a bit odd. If it was like before, it would hit me with its tail and look pitiable, it would have seen Marshmell often, and it would nag me.
Pudding was lying on its back next to me, just like a cat. I tapped its back with my finger.
– Don’t do it, human, Nyang.
Tak. The tail pounded on the bed twice. That means it was uncomfortable.
“What’s wrong with you? Where does it hurt?”
I then lifted my upper body.
Marshmell moved away from my place.
It was evening and I thought I was going to bed.
– Weird, human. It’s weird, nyang.
I turned my head after checking that Marshmel had closed the door tightly and left.
-Human, is that human the real Heirnim’s successor?
I blinked my eyes. What are you talking about? I heard something so strange that I couldn’t understand it at once.
“Of course?”
Ricdorian was undoubtedly Hernim’s successor.
“What’s the matter?”
– I don’t think he’s the successor.
“What? Why? On what basis?”
Pudding has now turned its body around and digs deep into me. This is what it used to do when it was often scared. The tail wrapped around my hand.
– That man… he was ‘complete’, Nyang.
The awakening.
“That thing you do when you meet your ‘companion’?”
-No. I’m not saying that. I’m talking about what he can do when he meets me. The successor must become one body with me to become ‘complete’. Nyan!
With its ears crumpled, Pudding trembled.
– It’s impossible, Nyang.
A small voice came out as if it could not be heard.
– The successor was complete without me. Complete without me, Nyang!
I couldn’t say anything. I would give some advice in any field I know, but there was nothing I could say.
“You really didn’t feel that Ricdorian was the heir?”
-Actually… I felt it, Nyang. But I felt the awakening and became scared, Nyang.
Pudding seemed terrified by the unknown.
“Can’t you be wrong? And it wouldn’t be okay without you.”
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I slowly remembered the Ricdorian in the prison.
Even then, he looked like an adult. In addition, his physical ability was superior, and he used his strength when running in prison.
How strong was he when he lifted me up…. Hmmhmm.
If awakening was necessary to use his power, it would have been impossible without Pudding.
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