Novel Name : I Met the Male Lead in Prison

I Met the Male Lead in Prison - Chapter 147

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Still, he looked like he had grown up.
‘Maybe it had something to do with it?’
Rather, after hearing Pudding’s story, I became concerned. Even then he… He became very ill after growing up or after exerting his strength.
There were times when I was worried that he might be out of breath looking at him with a fever.
If he now takes off his restraints and awakens without Pudding, he would be suffering side effects.
At least, it may be a side effect that doesn’t end with just suffering from a fever.
Maybe it’s a big threat to life?
I whispered urgently.
“No, Ricdorian needs you.”
I thought of the three roses I had seen. In common, everyone did not keep their guardian deity apart for a long time.
“I guarantee it.”
Chaser’s guardian deities always stayed by his side, except for occasional visits to me.
It wouldn’t be any different than Ricdorian.
At least that’s the natural relationship.
“Let’s check again.”
The Schirmela Conference will be held over a total of three days. And at the end of the 3rd day, a small banquet is held, and they separate and disperse again.
After today, there were two days left. At least for Ricdorian, how to hand over Pudding completely without immediately showing that Pudding is his guardian deity.
So what should the first word be?
“Don’t you want to raise the cat?”
When I said that, Ricdorian had an absurd look.
Yes, it must be embarrassing for a maid to say something like this in the first place.
Of course, I was also embarrassed. Because I didn’t expect to see him right away.
I talked to Pudding and thought it was time to hand it over. But come to think of it, there is no way we can meet.
Marshmell thinks I’m here to get some air.
I’m a maid, so it’s good to be inconspicuous, but instead there’s restrictions on a maid’s behavior.
After much deliberation, the next day, just in case, I went to the same place yesterday at the same time, and he was there.
Isn’t that a miraculous coincidence?
If the Grand Duke liked this path, I would be very grateful.
“…I think I said I don’t like cats.”
He replied sullenly.
What kind of maid asks this, I’m glad he didn’t ask that. What I have to say has become more difficult.
“Then you don’t like animals?”
Pudding can be transformed, so I guess we just need to know the symbol.
“I don’t like it. But why is the maid asking this?”
Even if I change my position, he might be curious. The maid he met for the first time asked him if he wanted to raise a cat.
“Is it your master’s question? Whose maid are you from?”
Oh my. The tricky question is back. I blamed my mouth for thoughtlessly trying to say Domulit.
“It’s a secret.”
Instead, I thought I was screwed for a moment while babbling nonsense.
“I was personally curious about cats.”
What maid dares to treat the Grand Duke like this? This was the first time I was attacked headfirst… This is the level of female lead rudeness.
That’s why people shouldn’t do things they’ve never done before.
I had time for self-reflection as I felt Ricdorian’s gaze rapidly cooled.
To be honest, I am also a victim, but am I not taking some kind of solidarity responsibility? That’s what Chaser did.
I can’t just let Ricdorian die, can I?
Pudding says Ricdorian has awakened alone, but I don’t know if he had escaped from the rule that if he doesn’t take Pudding back in three years, he might die.
Probably, I thought he wouldn’t get away with it.
The so-called reality hit me and I let out a slow sigh without realizing it.
“I’m sorry for being rude, Grand Duke.”
I bowed my back. Anyway, I have to fix it.
“Actually, there is a small gathering among the maids that followed the Grand Duke”
I remembered one of Uncle Paradis’ old-fashioned advice. Most of them were advice about cheating.
“I am one of them, and I was so curious that I dared to forget my identity and be rude. Please forgive me.”
Uncle said, people should hide among people.
In other words, don’t make the other person feel weird by making my thoughts not mine but the thoughts of a lot of people. That’s what I mean by this.
Actually, there is nothing wrong with that.
The term is a ‘follower’ but it’s actually a fan club. To be honest, I also like Ricdorian.
I especially liked his face, especially the crying face.
“…raise your head.”
As I listened with my head down, I thought that his voice had become very low.
I lifted my head and now I felt a very elevated gaze.
His legs are so long.
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“What are you curious about?”
Instead of being immersed in emotion, I asked back in a bewildered way.
Seeing Ricdorian frowned, I hurriedly straightened my expression.
“Uh, sorry. Maybe I’m wrong.”
“I didn’t hear it.”
Ricdorian said, narrowing his eyes.
“Normally, I don’t have time to hang out with idle chatter, so just cut it short. I also have a question for you.”
“…for me?”
What does he mean he has a question for me. Even though I thought it would not be at that moment, my back shivered. I hope I wasn’t caught.
When I glanced down at Pudding, it didn’t even look at Ricdorian as it had decided to turn away from him.
“Are you a maid from another family?”
“Yes? Yes… that’s right.”
He looked lost in thought for some reason. The coolness. The most unsuitable thing for the former Ricdorian was hanging there.
After the innocent look disappeared, there was nothing but frosty cold. I didn’t feel it before, but the colors seemed to accentuate this atmosphere even more.
“And I don’t think we will ever meet again.”
The hesitation that had crossed his face was completely gone. Ricdorian tilted his head and swept his lips.
“Then… you do one.”
“…Yes? I’m sorry. I couldn’t hear you.”
I couldn’t hear it because it got too small in the middle. What did he say?
“…I said that if you give me one consultation, I will grant your request.”
His words were cut short. It doesn’t matter. Request? Is he talking about me?
“Are you talking about my request?”
“Yes, I think you have something you want from me.”
That was it.
“Yes, there is.”
“Yes, then let’s exchange.”
I accepted his offer, even though I thought it was strange. Because it was on my side that was in a hurry and he had nothing to lose.
By the way, what kind of advice would a Grand Duke ask of an unknown maid?
Maybe he was trying to kill secretly that even the rats and birds won’t know. A misguided imagination ran wild next to Chaser.
“…But, what kind of consultation do I have to do? May I ask?”
If I’m curious, it’s better to ask honestly. Was it too direct? However, Ricdorian was not in a bad mood.
Nodding his head slightly, he was silent for a moment. He seemed hesitant even though he suggested it.
“There is a person I know…. They left a question for me. I hope you can answer this question.”
Well? I felt a sense of deja vu.
“I thought about it for years, but I couldn’t come up with an answer.”
“Why would I…”
“Because I feel the same way about you.”
At that moment, Ricdorian’s eyes changed. Sharpened and ferocious like a beast, his gaze quickly passed.
Before I could step back in surprise, his face was in front of me . Ricdorian put his head between my shoulder and neck without getting too close.
“…you definitely smell different, but why?”
Then he muttered languidly.
“Do you feel that way?”
Gulp. My throat fell. I didn’t know what to say.
Did you notice? No. No. There was no sign of recognition in his eyes and face.
Angry, surprised, or embarrassed. Because I didn’t feel that way at all.
‘Your face has changed completely.”
So what did you mean by saying this?
“Why aren’t you talking?”
Oh. I shrugged my shoulders.
I could see Ricdorian returning to his spot. That wouldn’t be a bad thing. As I said this, he had an insignificant look.
“Oh, yes, yes. Good.”
As he said, it wasn’t bad for me.
I was just wondering. It’s an honor, I added.
“Then I’ll see you here tomorrow evening.”
Ricdorian nodded vaguely as he spoke of the place and time.
We’re not talking right now? As if he knew my thoughts.
Ricdorian added indifferently.
“It’s time for the meeting.”
Oh. Come to think of it, Marshmel was also talking about the meeting time.
Chaser will also be in the conference room at this time, so… I can go around at this hour
There was the little warlock who took good care of this and that, while pretending not to.
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Thinking of Marshmel, I clasped my hands and raised my gaze with a smile.
Then I should go to Ricdorian as well.
I don’t know why you keep staring at me.
The magic is working right now, right? Can you see my face, huh?
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