Novel Name : I Met the Male Lead in Prison

I Met the Male Lead in Prison - Chapter 148

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In order to send Ricdorian quickly, I wanted to give him a quick answer.
“All right.”
On the other hand, I wondered if Ricdorian would meet Chaser in the conference room. I heard that everyone had just arrived yesterday and had only a light dinner.
&#lt;The atmosphere was a mess.&#gt;
I also knew from Marshmel’s grumbling that Ricdorian was not present.
If this was Ricdorian’s territory, I thought it would be a bloody meeting in many ways.
Shaaaaa. As the wind blew, I smoothed my lower ears and dropped my head down.
If it’s me, because I just have to go back and do my job.
Meanwhile, Ricdorian’s feet moved slowly. It looked like he was going now.
It was at that moment that the cloak shook, and he paused as he turned around. Why did he look at me again half-turned?
I was still not accustomed to watching the cold face.
“What’s your name?”
I blinked at Ricdorian’s question. Then I bowed my head and responded.
“It’s Veronica.”
Ricdorian looked slightly offended when he heard the name.
Because there was a wrinkle between his forehead.
Why did you look upset? I didn’t have time to ask him, who had disappeared without a trace.
Third day in Schirmela.
The time Ricdorian spoke of came much faster than expected.
&#lt;Lady, are you done with your walk?&#gt;
Marshmel looked at me locked in the room since noon yesterday and was puzzled, but on the other hand, he seemed satisfied.
I must have just gotten tired of it, of this face.
In fact, it happened often while studying with him. I showed interest in what he taught, but I quickly lost it.
In this way, I was no different than my teacher, who was short-spoken. Chaser also allowed it.
It was the first thing I asked for because it was a strange feeling to be called with such respect by a young child.
Anyway, today, I intervened among the maids and helped out. Just staying in the room made me a little sore.
Some people came to ask for help because there was not enough manpower.
“Oh my gosh, your fingertips are pretty good, kid.”
“Yes? Thank you.”
What I felt while working for a short time was that, surprisingly, the household chores were suitable for my aptitude.
Should I change jobs when I return?
With an absurd thought, I followed my colleague and got up from my seat.
We were folding a napkin for today’s party, and I’m going to move this napkin.
Still, it looked like it was going to be peaceful. Just when I thought of that.
Things happened.
Kyaa! One of the maids screamed a little. It was a scream that was cut in half as if she had struggled to endure it.
I widened my eyes at what was happening in front of me. Surprisingly, my heart was pounding.
It was a corridor across each other. From here, you could see the hallway over there.
And at the far end of the hallway I’m standing in, a dusty wind blows. While the wind subsides…
I saw a broken wall.
And beneath it was a man moaning. Upon closer inspection, it looked like a knight wearing silver armor as white as snow on his chest.
The moment I saw the rose carved on the armor, I swallowed a gulp.
It was also because I saw Ricdorian standing still over the dust.
And opposite him stood a man of a stature that could not be compared with him. It was impossible not to recognize the slim silhouette.
It was Chaser.
Chaser, who had been silent until now, smiled slightly.
“Oh my gosh, my mistake.”
He gently patted his black gloved hands. Looking at the face, it looked like so.
“My path is blocked by your subordinates. This was a bad occurrence.”
Not even with his hands, he tapped the heel of his shoe on the floor.
“You are raising a very loyal subordinate. Grand Duke.”
Ricdorian frowned and smiled. It was a chilly day.
“Bad occurrence?”
He shook his head from side to side, showing the momentum to run at any moment.
“Destroying the property of someone else’s mansion and catching a knight is a crude excuse for a bad occurrence.”
Chaser grinned. It wasn’t a friendly smile like for me.
“You’d better keep the knights in check.”
His red eyes sank low as if relaxed.
“I’ll hear it from my knight.”
Ricdorian smiled wryly with a face like a saint at first glance, and then moved on with his steps.
It was that moment.
Ricdorian, who disappeared in an instant, appeared next to Chaser.
“Your knight is looking with disrespectful eyes, Duke. They must be educated.”
Ricdorian looks to the side, but then, “Paak.” A harsh sound was heard. At the same time, a man fell out.
The knight was like a bear.
Such a person flew away with one light flick of Ricdorian’s sword.
Ricdorian lowered his posture slightly and smiled.
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“At the same time, dust is sitting on your shoulder. I thought it was an unnecessary shoulder, so I wouldn’t have tried to remove it.”
Ricdorian’s eyes looking at Chaser were like cold fire.
“It’s like an arm that only does useless things, so let me know when you no longer need it.”
Burning blue, but hotter than anything else.
“I’ll take it out of the world.”
Chaser faced each other leisurely in the thin distance that had blocked Ricdorian’s sword.
“I’m just grateful that you took care of my limbs. I almost misunderstood you.”
Even though his entourage had fallen out, Chaser’s voice was tolerant.
“Even a rat wouldn’t do this as a neat surprise attack, is it a rude greeting?.”
In addition, he was friendly as he was to his close friend.
“I have to do things quietly. Like the master of Schirmela who has changed without even a mouse or a bird knowing.”
Ricdorian only returned the ridicule.
“Funny. What’s wrong with showing mine?”
Neither side was going to back down.
‘Woah. It’s brutal.”
It was Chaser who made a sudden move in a tense situation with no retreat.
Chaser turned around, tapping his shoulder with a sly smile.
He turned….. he’s coming this way, right?
I wasn’t far from Chaser. My hurried movements here seemed to make me more noticeable.
‘Marshmel never said I would never stand out.’
If he were my master, I’d say he’s a terrible bastard. It’s a very overrated statement for Chaser, but some agree.
Glancing sideways, my fellow maid clasped her waist deeply.
The same was true of the people around them.
I hurriedly imitated their actions.
Step. Step.
Black shoes came into view.
The steps passing by were graceful and smooth.
Pass, pass, quick, quick.
A cold sweat ran down my back.
Because the black shoes stopped when they finally passed me.
A familiar sound was heard above my head. My palms got wet.
‘I haven’t been able to hand over Pudding yet.’
The reason I was worried about getting caught was because I knew too well what was going on the moment I got caught.
It would be taken by force . And I may not even see Marshmel in the future, but that’s okay, as he can change it over time.
I couldn’t return Pudding, Ricdorian’s guardian deity.
An unfulfilled goal flashed before my eyes.
Meanwhile, Chaser stretched out his hand.
“Would you like to raise your head?”
It was a soft voice. However, the tone was not as friendly as it was to me.
Feeling the possibility here, I raised my head.
Then I stopped when looking at his chest.
Chaser did not let me go.
“Raise it more.”
Finally, I swallowed my breath and lifted my head completely.
His eyes met with a gentle smile. The figure of a beast, hunting to its fullness and stretching contentedly, seemed to flutter behind him.
“Where do you belong?”
Without realizing it, I looked down at my clothes. There was no place who would be happy with this slightly grayish black suit.
&#lt;Oh, what should I do? I’m sorry!&#gt;
An hour ago. The maid, who was carrying a water bowl, made a mistake and got my clothes soaked, so I was borrowing clothes from this place.
That’s how lucky I was.
“As, as you can see…”
I stuttered on purpose, as if trembling. Chaser, it’s not me. Like a protest.
“Ah, belonging to Schirmela.”
Chaser also seemed to recognize at a glance.
From my point of view, the maid clothes worn by each family were similar, but I didn’t know how to recognize them.
“Hmm, that’s weird. It’s nice to see a strange woman.”
Chaser rubbed my chin with his fingertips.
“Do you have a lover?”
I glanced at the outstretched hand. Are you asking for my hand?
With hesitation, I gave my hand, Chaser kissed the back of my hand. It wasn’t the way he left it on my fingertips as seriously as he usually did.
But even so, I had a strange feeling.
“Are you thinking of moving the mansion? Domulit is a good place.”
… Is he flirting with me now?
If I were a real Schirmela’s maid, it wouldn’t have worked.
Because Domulit’s evil deeds were widely spread among the people.
“Oh dear, just kidding.”
Chaser said so and let go of my hand. I was relieved in my freed hand.
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“But if you have any thoughts, tell my knights before the night is over.”
Chaser pulled up his red lips and tilted his head and whispered into my ear.
“It’s okay if you come to my room directly.”
He only bowed his head, but everyone around here would have heard it. Because he didn’t lower his voice at all.
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