Novel Name : I Met the Male Lead in Prison

I Met the Male Lead in Prison - Chapter 149

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Chaser just walked away.
As soon as Chaser walks away, a fellow maid raises her head and says ‘how are you doing!’ and patted my shoulder.
Her face was bright red.
“The Duke’s voice is so good. Oh my gosh.”
Her mouth didn’t know how to stop the babbling.
“I thought you weren’t interested in this kind of thing… Oh my oh my! Did you hear his voice a while ago? Hey, are you going already?”
“Ouch, ow, it hurts.”
Although it had been less than three hours since we met, she was an overly friendly person. It reminds me of Sally in prison… . It wasn’t bad in many ways either.
My shoulder was a little sore.
“Why! Duke Domulit is famous for not paying attention to women!”
That Chaser. Ironically, he never gave a glance to a woman even though he looked like everyone in the world would be captivated by him.
So many rumors were all about the other’s unrequited love for him. There were even men. It was obvious that he was debauched in the book, but it was a very strange thing.
“What are you going to do? What are you going to do, huh?”
“Even if you ask me what to do…”
Tomorrow I’ll go back to Domulit. He was the man I would come back to.
Even so, the maid asked if there would be a rise in my status.
As what happened, I was about to say no, but I paused.
I felt a warm gaze. When I turned my head…… at the end of the hallway, a figure remained.
Ricdorian was watching this way.
Also with a very scary face.
“Where do you belong?”
I turned my head to the question.
There, in the dark night, a man was seen.
The silver hair fluttering in the wind was perfect for this night. Even the silver stars were like decorations for him.
I paused my answer for a moment and looked around.
It was a quiet garden with the sound of grasshoppers. How did time pass so quickly?
Oh right. After bringing the napkins, the maid’s job was over and I came back. Refusing the maids to have a drink with them off-duty.
And time passed quickly.
The time that Ricdorian asked to meet was quickly approaching. And the time he suggested was….
“Excuse me, is it okay if you don’t go to the party?”
It was time for the party to be in full swing.
Ricdorian glanced at me and spat out with a cold face.
“I think I asked first.”
For some reason, he felt colder than yesterday. He’s been cold the whole time since we reunited….
“Ah, sorry.”
“Your clothes were different between the two days.”
I don’t know why he made an appointment at this time, but as if he was planning to go to the party, he was dressed in nice clothing.
Huh, he’s really grown up.
I couldn’t hide my happy feeling as I looked at the shoulder line.
I hugged Pudding tightly in my arms. Today, Pudding, who looked like a gray cat, didn’t say anything. It was just a meaningless nyan.
“I am not affiliated with Schirmela. Today, my colleague accidentally spilled water, so I was lent clothes.”
I waved my sleeves.
Apparently, he was not the type to memorize maid clothes for each mansion like Chaser.
Even in the book, the two male protagonists are polar opposites.
If Chaser was good and focused on all kinds of dark tactics such as conspiracies, schemes, and power making, then this is the male protagonist, Ricdorian.
With his overwhelming and mighty strength, everything was pushed away like a bulldozer.
He actually had that much power.
Just by looking at the blow flying out of the blue today, I thought that he had become very similar to the book.
… So, have all the happy and ambiguous scenes in the prison passed?
I just had a weird idea. No. No. I quickly shook my head to erase the red imagination.
“So, where do you belong to?”
It was something I didn’t know why he was so obsessed with my affiliation from before. It’s hard to tell, but….
“…and what does it have to do with Chaser Louve Domulit?”
It’s because of the cold glare in his eyes… I think he’ll be able to understand.
What’s the relationship?
“I saw him for the first time today…”
It’s a brother and sister relationship, a relationship that is publicly known. The thought of trying to be honest is gone, and I don’t think I should not be dishonest.
And I wasn’t lying. At least it’s the first time he’s seen this face.
I responded blatantly.
“And it’s not difficult to tell the affiliation…”
I can’t tell you because I’m afraid your eyes will turn around if you find out.
“Didn’t I tell you that I was a maid of another family, and that we would never meet again?”
As it happened today, I realized that the conflict between Chaser and Ricdorian was more than I expected. I didn’t know if it was a joke.
Of course, it’s not that I didn’t know, but actually seeing it was a different feeling.
There is a hole in the wall and people are bleeding, just by looking at each other’s fiercely glaring eyes.
In particular, Chaser was not associated with the female protagonist. Unlike the original, he did not go to prison.
Even though the two were not related to the female protagonists, they were enemies. It’s a pretty deep grudge too.
“Since it was so, wouldn’t it be useless to tell you about my affiliation?”
Originally, Chaser would have gone to prison at least once for what Francia had caused. Maybe this is my fault for releasing Francia early.
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Still, I’m really glad that Ricdorian was able to release the restraints.
But I’m so sorry for him.
Because it was only later that I realized the possibility that I might have changed his fate for the worse.
It would have been impossible if Francia and Ricdorian hadn’t met at all. I regretted it later.
Then, even if I sent Pudding, he would have died. This was also the reason why I came here with all sorts of effort.
I didn’t want you to die. Even if this bothers Marshmel now.
When found out, even my freedom that was otherwise small would disappear altogether.
The night when the grass bugs buzz was romantic. However, when I was standing here, he and I did not talk about romance.
He would have realized the world as much as the sharpened lines. It was a pity that I couldn’t see him in the prison at that time.
“Just ask me a question, that’s it.”
Tsk, Ricdorian laughed coldly. It was so beautiful that I couldn’t take my eyes off it, but I knew it in the flickering light.
That his eyes are getting colder.
“How is it even like this?”
He shook his head lightly.
“Yeah. It’s so similar, I guess I can stop now.”
Ricdorian took a step back, narrowing it down.
“Did you ask why I didn’t go to the party a while ago?”
He continued without giving me a chance to answer.
“First, there will be my subordinates who will keep the mess even if I don’t go. Second, I still have to keep my place… but I’m desperately curious.”
The garden we were in was on the outskirts of the garden, so there was hardly any light. All we had was the bright light of the mansion behind him.
It was also possible to recognize the degree of his expression.
“I want an answer so desperately that I want to hold on to it even if it’s only a thread.”
His face, with his longing expression in his mouth, was shining as cold as ice. Excessively elegant appearance was poison to such a gentle atmosphere.
Because I couldn’t take my eyes off him.
“Then will you answer me?”
“…what kind of question?”
I asked calmly so as not to panic. His eyebrows twitched.
It seemed like he was hesitant to put it in his mouth.
“…if you broke your promise. What was the reason you didn’t keep your promise?”
“If it were you.”
Ricdorian bit his lip and pulled it off.
“If it’s you, what do people like you think when they don’t keep their promises?”
Thud. I gripped my trembling heart. It seemed that the distance that was already close seemed too distant.
“Answer me. What did you think when you didn’t keep your promise?”
I hesitated and asked one thing.
“Well, by the way, can I ask you a question?”
“Say it.”
Is it okay for the maid to say something like this now?
“You said it was a question left by one person… I knew what kind of question it was. Who left it? Since I was asked to think about it.”
I licked my lips.
How do you think I can know the answer? I was standing close to the door just like when I was standing over the bars.
“For an honest answer.”
To grab the doorknob or not.
“…a woman.”
A woman? Is that all? I couldn’t judge based on that alone.
“A little more.”
“It’s someone I knew a while ago.”
A hint of hesitation crossed Ricdorian’s face.
“Memories, it’s bittersweet. I want to ….. See her in many ways.”
I replied with a long thought.
“Is this your first love?”
It’s a person of the opposite sex, you met for a while, but you haven’t forgotten her for a long time, it’s bittersweet to remember, but you remember it nevertheless and want to see her.
Is it not?
Ricdorian’s gaze flickered for a moment. He briefly covered his face with his hands as if to cover the shaking.
The light that fell on his head flickered to and fro. Because he shook his head left and right once.
A moment later, when his hand fell, a certain emotion resurfaced on the small face that had disappeared between the large hands.
I opened my eyes wide.
Because the fever gradually rose as I saw the face.
“…you’re talking nonsense.”
He turned his head slightly, with his ears flushed.
He muttered a little.
“It’s not like that.”
As if repeating to himself.
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His voice was as cold as ice. It’s different from the blushing face
“…I hate her.”
This chapter was a rollercoaster of emotions! At first it was ‘aww Ricdorian’ and then it goes ‘whaaat Ricdorian!!’ ._.
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