Novel Name : I Met the Male Lead in Prison

I Met the Male Lead in Prison - Chapter 152

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A crying voice came from Ricdorian. He let go of his sword and stretched out his hand.
Chaser’s black light left a scratch on his wrist, but he didn’t care and stretched out his hand.
Crack, crackle…
The forcibly digging hand almost touched me. It was within reach if I stretched out a little.
“Take my hand, Iana!”
His fingertips touched me.
“Come with me… go with me.”
If I hold on to him like this, I could catch Ricdorian.
“…you said we’d meet again.”
He whispered as if crying. I looked at my legs without saying a word and then raised my head. The black light came up to the waist.
“I told you, Grand Duke.”
I knocked out his hand.
“I’m selfish and shameless.”
I’m sorry again. My legs still didn’t move.
“I didn’t mean to keep my promise to you.”
Why is the timing always like this? Thinking about it, I can only come to one conclusion.
….I don’t think we’re meant to be.
I smiled a little.
I muttered a little with the shape of my mouth.
‘I’m glad you’re healthy.’
Did he see it? It didn’t matter if he didn’t see it.
‘Good job.’
I gave a small compliment as I would to him a long time ago, who was rational or to him in the form of a beast.
‘What a good boy.’
I’m glad you’re okay. The fact that he awakened alone and safely climbed to the top as the Grand Duke, I was proud of what he achieved.
‘But this time it’s really good bye.’
But why is your last face shedding tears?
I don’t think I’ll ever forget about it after another three years. I think so.
There was no longer only sadness on his face that passed by for a moment.
“…do what your heart wants?”
Amidst the sorrow, I felt a sense of persistence enough to give me goosebumps.
Finally, his face completely disappeared from my sight.
– Tweet, tweet, tweet
I didn’t like the sound of birds at first. To explain this, we have to go back in time, largely because in the previous world, we woke up to the sound of pigeons every morning.
However, the sound of birds in this world was as clear and cheerful as that of an oriole, unlike the dull and unpleasant sound of pigeons.
&#lt;… I like the sound of birds.&#gt;
So I casually said that.
That’s all. The next day, Chaser rescued the clearest bird on the continent.
I said I didn’t like the birds in the cage, so he made a bird’s nest in the garden.
It’s been 3 years since he made a nest like that.
From one day, the sound of birds became a clear alarm every morning, and it was then that Aquala appeared as a canary-like bird.
Tweet, tweet, tweet.
I rubbed my eyes as I listened to the clear sound. I couldn’t wake up. When I opened my eyes properly, I saw a black canary.
Aquila chirps when she hears me calling her name. She was a guardian deity whose hobby was to come to me as an alarm in the morning.
Outside the window, I could hear the clear sound of birds, like Aquala’s chirping.
It’s like 10 o’clock. Instead of trying to get up, I lifted the blanket.
‘Why am I sleeping here?
Oh, I cried all night and fell asleep.
Pudding stuck to the inside of my thigh and was asleep. Pudding that rolled around my body looked like a cat with white, silvery fur, not gray.
I don’t know why, but since it went to Schirmela, it’s always been like a cat.
…. I think it might have noticed that I liked this side more.
Animals are quick-witted. Aquila in the form of a canary, too. They seem to act so much that I can’t hate them.
Three days have passed since I met Ricdorian. If I could tell you what changed in three days, I sweated a lot to soothe Pudding that had been crying for three days…
“Good morning, Iana.”
Then it must have been that there was one more crooked beast in my room.
“Did you sleep well?”
Sitting on the couch over there, elegantly cross-legged Chaser, is technically not a beast, but a primate.
If what you are doing is no different from that of an animal, then you are a beast.
“…Did you stay up all night in my room today?”
Chaser smiled silently. It would mean an affirmation.
It wasn’t embarrassing. No, it wasn’t embarrassing anymore and it was a familiar thing.
It’s already been 3 days since this guy became this. To be precise, it was after returning from Schrimela where I met Ricdorian.
We shared the same room, but mine was too spacious. It would actually be nice that the villain gave it to his dear sister, whom he cherishes.
Even though we were in the same room, it was almost no different from any other space. He’s so far away.
Perhaps he fell asleep on the sofa near the end of the room. He looks really messy, but because that guy did it, it became picturesque too.
On the first day, I thought it was some kind of sofa pictorial.
‘I thought I was crazy. No, I’m already crazy.’
Of course, as I said, talking about sofa pictorials on the first day, and even I couldn’t help but be surprised at this time.
In fact, if I go back to that day and recall, when I just came back to the mansion, I was completely frozen.
Because it was a situation where I couldn’t help but be nervous.
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I’m assuming the worst case will be being imprisoned more deeply here.
…. Ankle shackles and chain sets, what’s next? My whole body is tied tight. Or maybe even like Rapunzel. While thinking so,
&#lt;You worked hard, Iana.&#gt;
However, contrary to expectations, Chaser said that, he also tapped my shoulder.
&#lt;Relax, my sister.&#gt;
The face talking looked very pleasant.
It was incomprehensible.
&#lt;But today I am also very tired. I don’t think I can walk anymore.&#gt;
The next moment, even when he fell on the sofa in my room and looked up at me from an elegant angle.
&#lt;Can I go take a break?&#gt;
When he asked that, I wondered what this man was thinking. What kind of nonsense is this? But with that thought, as the saying goes, this man overcame the awkwardness of his words with a bright face.
It was a temptation as if he had said something of ‘Would you like to eat ramen?’ Of course, I looked at this man with eyes wondering if he was crazy.
On the one hand, it was strange.
After that, he spent the night in my room, and he didn’t say anything.
Why is it more frightening if the person doesn’t say anything in a situation where he’s supposed to get angry? It was just that.
He’s not temperamental, and he doesn’t even mention Ricdorian.
It was a strange outcome for me to have even thought of being locked up in a tower. At first, I decided to think that good things are good, but… I couldn’t help but feel a little uncomfortable.
I wasn’t the only one feeling this way.
It must have been the second day after returning to Domulit, Marshmell said, running back and forth.
It was a face tired of contemplation.
&#lt;It’s because of the Lady!&#gt;
He said this, but I was relieved.
I was worried that I might not be able to see this person because he might have been found helping me.
I checked all ten of his limbs, especially his fingers and toes, to make sure he was okay, and Marshmel got angry when I asked if I would check it again.
It was our own way of reconciliation.
Anyway, Chaser didn’t show his temper even to Marshmel who took me.
This made me and the little warlock even more terrified.
Ah. Correct. The fear of the little warlock, not me was truly terrifying. I was more concerned with anxiety rather than fear.
… I wonder if I can see this person for a long time.
&#lt;So, don’t worry about it like that! When the lady says it, it’s like a real deal!&#gt;
In any case, such a day of fear has passed and it is now.
Even this morning, I naturally took my gaze away from the man who was wandering around my room.
‘Isn’t there a sign of messiness even when someone wakes up from sleep?’
Aren’t normal people a bit ugly when they wake up? The main characters in the book were the main characters, so there was no way they were ugly.
Even Ricdorian….
&#lt;Don’t go.&#gt;
I thought about it and then stopped.
I clapped my lips.
Immediately, I shook my head.
‘Let’s not think about it.’
A low breath could be heard nearby. When I lifted my head, there was Chaser standing quietly within walking distance of me.
Why are you staring at people? If you have something to say, you don’t say it.
Chaser smoothed his ear for a moment and slowly blurred his words.
Water dripped from the tip of his head. I wondered where he went, did he wash his face?
Contrary to what I thought a while ago that there was no disheveled appearance, the black hair I saw up close was a little…
It was disheveled.
But even this is digested in a different way.
Are you sleeping without unbuttoning?
That’s uncomfortable. Even today, his buttons were tied to the point of suffocation, creating a stoic atmosphere.
“…so you weren’t angry?”
In response to Chaser’s following question, I put on an expression that wanted to say something else.
Angry? Why me? Rather, isn’t it supposed to be you.
“That’s what I want to ask.”
I tilted my head. I was about to speak, but Chaser’s hands were faster than that.
Chaser took my hand that was holding my chin gently and spread my palm out.
Then he bowed his head, and naturally placed my hand on top of his head.
“Pat me.”
“…why are you doing this all of a sudden?”
“But, you.”
Chaser looked up at me, tilted his back for a while.
“You like this, don’t you?”
Chaser narrowed his eyes conspicuously.
I held my breath, looking at the dripping hair and his face alternately.
And without hesitation, I pulled his hair out.
“Ouch, it hurts. It hurts.”
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“Don’t talk nonsense.”
I said no. We had a strange misunderstanding before. If I forget, he would bring a dog collar and related tools in the future. On the day he brought the whip, I could not bear it and threw it away.
Still, this human said I liked it and he smiled.
“You really like it, don’t you?”
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