Novel Name : I Met the Male Lead in Prison

I Met the Male Lead in Prison - Chapter 154

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Children are particularly sensitive to the emotions of adults. Because an adult is a child’s whole world.
I wondered if this would apply to Pudding as well. The baby guardian deity who is separated from the body like a newborn in the world.
The first person it met… And if it’s me who’s trying to force it away.
I bit my lips tightly.
‘How is it so similar?’
Obviously I was talking about Pudding, but why does my heart hurt? WIthout the fluttering grown-up silver hair.
“I’m sorry.”
I was quick to admit and agree. When I apologized sincerely, Pudding sneaked up to me and rubbed it’s head. Then it licked my hand with its tongue.
-… that’s good to know. Cherish this body… a little more. Nyang.
Pudding digs into me and whispers softly.
– I might disappear soon.
I tried to bring it out in a hurry because it said something that could not be overlooked, but I missed the timing because Marshmel suddenly interrupted me.
“Then the black magic is for that guardian deity?”
“Yes? Oh, yes… I have something to ask you, and it’s like that.”
After answering that, he quickly turned his head. Then I whipped up Pudding and went to a corner of the room.
“What do you mean you might disappear?”
I whispered almost audibly only to Pudding. I glanced at Marshmel who looked at the paper again as if he was not interested.
It was an attitude that I was used to.
– Literally, Nyang….
Pudding held its feet together like a child scolded and hesitated.
“What, you. You definitely promised me? You said nothing would be wrong.”
The white cat flinched.
“When if you say that and get sick, I won’t forgive you.”
The beast’s blue eyes wandered aimlessly through the air, not knowing what to do.
– This, human. Are you mad, Nyang… ? The heir of the red rose will be safe, Nyang. It seemed like he didn’t need this body anymore…. Really Nyang!
“I didn’t just say that for Ricdorian.”
I said firmly.
“I need you to be safe, too. Pudding.”
Waaong waaongg waonng!
Pudding suddenly cried. However, I could not ask the reason for the crying.
Bugh. Because this beast suddenly jumped in head first and I got a strong shock from it.
Cough.… this cat.
– Human, human, human!
“Cough, why?”
-As expected, this great body is not wrong when it comes to human eyes, Nyang!
“Yeah… are you scolding me right now?”
It was not enough to hit my body, so it laughed out loud, this was ridiculous.
… Cats are all monsters.
“…the master or the beast.”
– What, Nyan?
“It’s nothing. What are you going to do? You bastard.”
I grabbed the hair and shook it wildly. Cute is still cute.
– That’s… nyang. This body thought hard, Nyan.
“Huh, did you think of a solution and made an accident?”
-Ahem, this body sees far ahead!
“It looks dark.”
As I glanced down, Pudding quickly straightened its posture. It’s the attitude of pushing its stomach out and asking me to touch it.
– Hey, pet me first and calm down, human! Pet! Nyang!
…..I decided to pat it first and think.
Peace of mind came quickly.
After some time, I asked, “What’s the method?”
-Human, let’s make a contract with this body, Nyang!
I removed my stroking hand. It wasn’t something I immediately understood.
“What are you talking about?”
You say you are the guardian of the red rose?
When we talked with this meaning in mind, Pudding jumped to its feet.
– No one can do it, Nyang.
“I suppose so.”
-But human, I think you can do it.
Me? It sounded like an absurdly nonsensical story. Ricdorian was the successor of the red rose, and Pudding was a guardian deity for him. That common sense still didn’t make sense.
– Don’t you think you can do it, Nyan?
“Aside from the rebuttal… is there any evidence?”
Pudding seemed to contemplate for a moment with its mouth shut.
-Human, you have a strange soul. Nyang.
Pudding said it did not know why, it said it was its sense.
– So I think we can do it. Nyang.
I don’t think there’s anything wrong with the sense of a beast.
‘Ah, is it because of the possession?’
This body was not originally mine. When Pudding says this, it makes sense… I mean, there’s room for it anyway.
I counted quickly. The reason didn’t matter. The most important thing is…
“I don’t know what you mean… If you say that ‘contract’ or what, you won’t disappear?”
I lowered my voice and whispered.
– Yes, Nyang.
I thought it must have some reason for it’s confident voice.
If so, I’m glad….
I’m a little hesitant. Is it right for me to keep taking Pudding like this?
If we sign a contract, we’ll be together.
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&#lt;… You said we’d meet again.&#gt;
The hand that was trying to stroke Pudding stopped involuntarily. My head was screaming that it’s not good to accept, but….
Then this little guardian deity will disappear from the world.
I laughed a little.
It’s so sad. I don’t think I can erase your traces forever.
I closed my eyes and opened it again.
“Yeah, let’s do it.”
Pudding stuck out its head at me and rubbed my hands. Surprisingly, that was the whole process of the contract.
Is it important to keep our mind tied?
-Human, now you can talk with me in your head, Nyang!
Really? Can you hear me?
– I hear you, Nyang!
It was real. It felt strange to talk with my head.
So, does Chaser communicate like this?
– It looks like so, Nyang!
Reading everything in my head, it’s a bit like… Come to think of it, I didn’t even think about it.
– Ah, human. And there must have been a rose print somewhere on your body! It’s proof that you signed a contract with this body, Nyang!
Don’t tell me the color….
– It’s a red rose, Nyang!
I hurriedly looked at my hands and arms.
I lifted my skirt and looked at my legs. But it was nowhere to be seen.
No, there is Marshmel over there, so I wanted to see it separately.
I took a short breath, huh, and slapped the cat’s head.
“Tell me this quickly.”
It wasn’t painful, but somehow, Pudding was dazed and cried.
That’s why there is a saying that when you sign a contract, you should look at the contract and look again. It was my fault for not listening to the term beforehand, but… I hope I am not in the wrong place.
What would have happened if Chaser caught me without knowing it.
I decided to check it thoroughly while taking a shower.
I put Pudding down on the table and lay it out on the soft sofa. Marshmel looked at me, clicked his tongue and waved his hand.
The black light seemed to flutter around, and the blanket flew out of its own accord and covered the legs.
“What happened, Lady? It looks like you just lost your temper.”
“This cat touched my temper.”
“Do you have a temper to touch? The young lady has a high critical point, no, that’s not it.”
Why are you treating people as Buddhas?
How can people not be angry?
We have to live efficiently.
Even if I get angry, I’m the only one who’s tired of things for no use.
“I don’t have any temperament, it’s been screaming and nailing me.”
“It was rummaging around my body earlier, and my skirt was lifted.”
Then Marshmel looked at Pudding a little pathetically. The guardian deity, who suddenly became a cat that played a prank, became angry.
– It’s unfair, Nyang!
Be quiet. Deceitful guardian. If I had known that I would get tattoos on my body, I would have been more careful.
Well. I would have done it eventually.
“Well, anyway, Sir Marshmel, can you teach me black magic?”
I was very upset that the contract was possible. What if it suddenly comes off?
I protested in my head that Pudding is not like that, but people always have to be prepared.
I tossed around the theory of guardian deity in my head, and to find a way to raise this guardian deity well.
“It’s not difficult to learn.”
Marshmel tilted his head.
“But, lady, Do you have time to learn?”
“Yes? Why?”
Marshmel said with his eyes wide open, as if he didn’t know.
“Because it’s the imperial banquet soon.”
“Oh, that.”
I closed my eyes and recalled the words I remember.
What was it, ah.
According to the laws of this country, Lords and Ladies over the age of 20 must attend at least one banquet held by the imperial family. And unconditionally, they have to participate in the debut party banquet for the first time….
Having thought of that, I quickly frowned.
“Can I go there?”
Before, I thought I was going to go, but now it’s unknown.
It must be so, didn’t I go to Shirmela and get into a big accident? From Chaser’s point of view.
He didn’t say anything, but I thought leaving could be going to be another thing.
“I think it would be difficult to make such an accident like that.”
“You can go.”
The following afternoon, the answer Chaser returned to me was that. It was a surprising answer.
I turned my back after taking measurements. The man who had just wrapped the tape measure backed away quietly.
“Am I really going?”
Chaser was sitting cross-legged on a sofa not far away. He was comofrtably wearing furry clothing on his shoulder, but it was a silhouette that was getting worse today.
It’s really good for eye candy.
Thinking again I concentrated on Chaser’s words.
“His Majesty’s has ordered the participation of the former nobles. There is nothing we can do about it.”
Chaser revealed a tone that was rarely difficult. He was genuinely in trouble, not exaggerating as usual.
“Especially because he pointed out our family.”
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As if to ask a similar question, I calmly asked a question.
“What did he say?”
“When will you bring out the precious jewel in your house?”
His Majesty the Emperor did?
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