Novel Name : I Met the Male Lead in Prison

I Met the Male Lead in Prison - Chapter 155

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I don’t know who he was, but I wondered why he said that. He was a character who appeared and disappeared for a while in the book.
He did not have many appearances but instead I remembered that there were long episodes about ‘her and her tiara’.
Maybe Francia, Ricdorian, and Chaser were all intertwined?
“That’s funny.”
Chaser tapped his chin and slowly wiped the smile from his red eyes.
“I can’t believe he compared you to a jewel.”
He turned to me with only his lips raised.
“Even if His Majesty the Emperor, he can’t force me.”
“But you are still listening, right?”
Chaser smiled as he nodded.
It’s not yet time for him to disobey the imperial family, adding stories.
“I’m in trouble if the imperial family raises the hand of the red rose in this matter.”
I flinched at Chaser’s honest reason. The moment I heard the red rose, I had no choice but to react.
“That way, there will be more swords to target Domulit…”
It was me who was in danger.
They will target the weak first.
“Why? Don’t you want to go?”
Chaser stared at me tenaciously. Like someone looking for something. I shook my head.
“I don’t think much about it.”
However, his gaze did not fall. Rather, he smiled sweetly and opened his lips.
“I don’t want to let you go.”
An enchantingly dizzying tone melted in my ears.
“Is there something that bothers you?”
It was a word that gave a lot to think about, no, it did not hide its intentions.
I shook my head again.
It was sincere. It’s not that I didn’t think of Ricdorian, but…. To be honest, I found out that it was just Schirmela’s business.
This side and that side are more polar opposites than I can imagine, they are like water and oil.
In addition, Pudding, which was my only purpose, also returned to me. There was no more chance of bumping with Ricdorian.
… On the surface, it makes sense.
I swept my chest slightly.
Conscious of Chaser’s gaze, I lowered my hand, pretending it was just a meaningless gesture.
Chaser smiled, and said ‘really?’ and didn’t ask any more.
“That’s why you were matching clothes?”
“It’s just a matter of fact.”
I looked at the fabric as if sick of it. Seeing it piled up like a mountain, I sighed. When will I look through all of that?
“…the house is overflowing with clothes.”
Overflow. Really overflowing, It overflows and flows.
Besides, I didn’t even wear a fancy dress. Isn’t it natural when you only live in the mansion, when would you need it?
Thanks to that, the clothes he put together will be rolling around in my closet.
“I won’t bother you for long. You can just measure and go back.”
It was nice to hear that. But I don’t even need the measuring.
“You don’t even have to measure it.”
Even if you just look at it with your own eyes, nothing has changed, but some things will change. However, Chaser showed a negative gesture to this word.
Rather, he walked up to me and, saying he was going to show me, carefully grabbed my wrist.
“You’ve gained a little more weight than before.”
I stared intently at my wrist. … I don’t know?
I asked Pudding, just in case.
‘Am I fat?’
-Human, they say that humans gained weight because people like you, Nyang?
‘No. Has anything changed?”
-…change? This body doesn’t know, Nyang.
It couldn’t see it, but I could feel suspiciousness.
The beast that has stuck with me for three years without missing a single moment said it didn’t even know.
One of the maids took the measurements, and when I heard the measurements that came out, there was a little increase. In other words…..
About 1/3? I heard that it takes at least 2kg to show a change in a person’s body.
I was stunned.
‘No, how did he know this?’
Chaser smirked. Am I right? It seems he wanted to say this.
“How do you know this?”
“I’m attentive.”
Attentiveness that freezes to death. I muttered to myself, thinking that one more madman achievement had been added.
“I wonder if it’s something to be thankful for to His Majesty the Emperor. I’m thinking about it.”
“Why all of a sudden?”
“Didn’t he give me a chance to show you off to the whole world?”
I stared at him with cold eyes. Seriously, if you look at him like this, he only look like a stupid little sister fan.
No, do you know what kind of crazy person there is under the guise of that smirk? Even more absurd.
“Lady, what kind of dress do you like?”
I said I didn’t need to be there, but the maids surrounded me and asked if I needed something of my taste.
Among the faces, the person who asked this question had a familiar face.
‘Was it Veronica?’
She was the maid who spoke to me on the day of a funeral not long ago, and also the one who I borrowed her name from at Schirrmela.
“Something comfortable.”
I answered firmly.
“Then the color is…”
“Something comfortable.”
“…Uh, the shape…”
“Very comfortable.”
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“Any opinions on decorations or lace….”
“Um… is it comfortable?”
Veronica made a troubled face for a moment. sorry. But I really don’t want it to be uncomfortable.
I must have been accustomed to the comfortable life of the mansion. Except for the shackles, it’s a life where you don’t need to lift a hand.
“…can’t I just wear something like brother?”
“Give me a pair of uniform pants.”
“Hmm, that’s not too bad. Uniforms can only be worn by knights, Iana.”
“What can I do to make a suggestion this time? The uniforms of the young ladies….”
“It’s fine.”
Chaser was not a knight, but a duke, a title that included knighthood. So he’s going to be himself.
In the end, I tried to compromise as much as possible.
“Then let’s take it in the form of a chemise like this.”
Perhaps the dress that will come out in the future looks like Juliet’s dress from the movie &#lt;Romeo and Juliet&#gt;. That was what the draft looked like.
Veronica, who served me by my side, showed a polite yet sometimes helpless face.
I glanced at her and turned my head away.
I pointed my finger underneath.
“Please remove the shackles.”
At that moment, a dead silence fell in the room. There were also people who were holding their breath.
Chaser asked slowly.
“It draws attention too much. I want them to stop looking at this.”
Then, for a moment, a strange expression flashed across Chaser’s face. It was a feeling that was difficult for me to describe.
“I’d rather you change it to something else.”
I made a suggestion while tilting my head. I didn’t think Chaser would stop the monitoring.
“We’re going to the imperial banquet anyway.”
Chaser nodded his head after a brief silence.
Chaser looks at me with a friendly yet slightly foreign eye.
“I guess Iana doesn’t like attracting attention, either.”
…. either? It was a big deal. So he doesn’t like attracting attention himself either? Because he looks like that?
I was surprised that the story of the shackles had been accepted with pleasure, but on the other hand it was uncomfortable.
&#lt;… Human, you were lonely.&#gt;
Veronica or Pudding, the gazes I saw. I’m really fine.
Why do they see it that way?
Rather, it was both happy and strange going to the royal banquet.
Why, when I try to move away from you, I feel like I’m getting closer again.
The day of matching the dress like that was over.
That night.
When I returned to my room, I lay down on the bed, exhausted. He said that I could step down, but in the end, time passed by while I was making a choice.
I should be able to turn away from the eyes of the maids who look at me like a chihuahua.
They seemed to be burdened to leave Chaser behind, and whenever Chaser’s gaze could not be felt, they sent an anxious gaze.
After spending so much time, now.
Pudding tapped me with its front paw.
It bothered me so I left it alone, but this time it pressed me firmly.
– This, human, are you dead! Nyang!
“I’m not dead…”
Then, as if relieved, Pudding relaxed its feet, and this time started kneading with both of its front paws.
I laughed bitterly. This cute massage, which doesn’t even look like a massage, then a knock was heard and the door opened.
It was Chaser who brought a lot of luggage.
“What are you doing at this hour?”
I said this, but in fact, it was no wonder that Chaser appeared at any time of the day.
‘What is that?’
He put the luggage down in the corner of the room, and then opened the box. It was like he was trying to show me something. A box that contained something. It looks like a frame, a few pieces of parchment, and what appeared to be a blackboard.
“What is that?”
“…something you used a long time ago.”
Chaser replied softly. I felt incomprehensible. Something I used a long time ago? That’s weird. It must be a long time ago….
“Before I go to Kambrakam?”
“That’s right.”
No, why are you giving it to me now? Is there anything left?
“Why are you giving it to me?”
It was strange that he suddenly appeared and said this. The only thing that came into my head in this spacious room was the things in the box and my doubts.
“…you said it was burnt.”
I muttered a little. I must have told him that in the past, didn’t I?
&#lt;All the previous items were burnt out, so I had to bring new ones.&#gt;
&#lt;Yes. There was a fire in the place where you lived.&#gt;
Why are the things I said so still there? If so, why are you giving it to me now? Chaser made a strange face.
&#lt;Why is there a fire?&#gt;
&#lt;I know.&#gt;
&#lt;“There are too many strange people in the world.&#gt;
Seeing him not answering, my doubts deepened.
He was never one to withhold answers. It was the first time he had ever been so awkwardly silent like this.
He licked his lips.
“I… think I can tell you now?”
What? The air subsided even more as his silence continued again. His expression was dramatic. He had a sad look on his face with a maddening look, and a bitter smile passed by.
-Human, the black rose is strange, Nyang.
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Even the quiet pudding sneaked in and said a word.
“What are you telling me?”
If I had to put it in one word, it would be like a person who has undergone a major change of heart.
“Actually there is…”
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